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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAWS

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Fire, 1212:knowledge of the planetary Logos regarding the laws governing all bodies, and masses. Our planetaryFire, 1214:a true exponent of cosmic processes. The same laws govern the relationship of these three factorsFire, 1215:we have basic group relations, fundamental group laws which produce group interrelations, and bringFire, 1215:of: The three atomic relations. The seven laws of group work. The twenty-two methods of interplay.Fire, 1216:part of a cosmic whole. 2. The Seven Laws of Group Work These can only be expressed largely throughFire, 1217:guides its activities through a knowledge of the laws of its own being. This law is not the same asFire, 1217:forms which have relation to the material. The laws we are now considering have relation to theFire, 1217:psyche, or to the Vishnu aspect. One group of laws concern energies emanating from the physicalFire, 1218:by saying that through the dominance of these laws of the Soul, the logoic physical body willFire, 1218:of His self-realized purpose. The final two laws concerning group activity can only be very brieflyFire, 1219:more units than on the physical plane. The laws we are touching upon concern the relation of theFire, 1219:part of the mental body of the group. These two laws are termed: 6. The Law of Expansive Response.Fire, 1219:Response. 7. The Law of the Lower Four. These laws only become operative in units on the physicalFire, 1219:group workers who are discarnate. All these laws, from the point of view of a disciple, need onlyFire, 1219:will be found on all planes. These seven laws are those which are ascertained and consciouslyFire, 1219:F - The Law of Attraction For each of these Laws, there is a definite formula and symbol. At thisFire, 1219:gathered anent group interrelations. It is these laws which the coming cycle of regeneration willFire, 1219:demonstrate upon His appearing, and it is these laws which will gradually be applied to the workingFire, 1220:fraternities and masonic circles. The Laws and Symbols No. Exoteric Name Esoteric Name Symbol RayFire, 1222:has to be dominated by the mental. These seven laws can be worked out along the line ofFire, 1223:that the following factors: 3 Atomic Relations 7 Laws 22 Methods of activity --- 32 make theFire, 1242:to comprehend the differential calculus and the laws of trigonometry. These seven Paths, whenFire, 1251:be apparent that the effects of fire and the laws of fiery energy and vibration are here dealtFire, 1261:the adept who has a clear understanding of the laws of vibration. It leads to the next cosmic planeGlamour, 19:understand the significance of glamor and the laws for its dissipation. Record and note allGlamour, 45:by the imposition of some rule, some set of laws, some authoritative dictum, emanating from stateGlamour, 48:the higher rhythm and give his assent to the laws which control group life and group consciousness.Glamour, 48:work in group rhythm with Them, obeying thus the laws of the spiritual realm, which are theGlamour, 48:of the spiritual realm, which are the subjective laws of God. Glamour, 49:it is ONE LIGHT. But its recognition reveals new laws, new responsibilities, new duties andGlamour, 136:the divine purpose; through the intuition, the laws of the spiritual life, which are the lawsGlamour, 136:the laws of the spiritual life, which are the laws governing God Himself, conditioning Shamballa,Glamour, 139:to the astral plane and conditioned by its laws. This particular utilization of soul light takesHealinggeneration is it at last possible to impart the laws of magnetic healing, and to indicate theHealing, 4:I shall seek to follow as I instruct you in the laws of healing, those laws which guide theHealing, 4:as I instruct you in the laws of healing, those laws which guide the initiates and must graduallyHealing, 7:and this will involve the impartation by me of laws, of techniques and methods. Secondly, we willHealing, 15:our work and will enable us to lay down those laws and principles which will indicate the wayHealing, 20:potent and vital that we fail to see these basic laws in their true significance. The Law of KarmaHealing, 21:modern thought surmises, but is related to the Laws of Thought far more closely than has beenHealing, 21:anxious to have you set out on this study of the Laws of Healing with a free and open mind as farHealing, 21:be, realizing that your understanding of these laws is limited by: Old theologies, with theirHealing, 21:real thought. Men interpret these dimly sensed laws in terms of finality and from their littleHealing, 22:of attempting to state that you understand these laws towards which you are groping and which youHealing, 22:the darkness greater than in connection with the laws concerning disease and death. It isHealing, 24:of such diseases, and to indicate the general laws with which the healer must work and the sixHealing, 29:I seek today to give you another of the Laws of Healing, as well as one of the Rules for theHealing, 30:ken. Man has some day to learn that all the laws of nature have their higher, spiritualHealing, 30:and of these we shall shortly be in search. Our laws today are but secondary laws. They are theHealing, 30:be in search. Our laws today are but secondary laws. They are the laws of group life and theyHealing, 30:laws today are but secondary laws. They are the laws of group life and they govern the kingdoms ofHealing, 30:present short treatise to elucidate the primary laws. I but state them, and at a future timeHealing, 30:part of it is stated to deal with the basic laws of Healing. These deal not with the Laws referredHealing, 30:basic laws of Healing. These deal not with the Laws referred to above, but with the practicalHealing, 54:in this connection, to give you the third of the Laws which govern the sacred art of healing. LawHealing, 54:discomfort, disease or death. In the three laws which I have given you and which you now haveHealing, 89:by the failure to follow those fundamental laws which govern the Mind of God. One interestingHealing, 89:one of the major causes of disease; and as these laws are given form on the mental plane, one mightHealing, 89:a widespread infringement of these mental laws, particularly of the Law of Cycles, which determinesHealing, 97:to think clearly and definitely, and as the laws of thought begin to control the racialHealing, 105:The Psychological Causes of Disease Three Major Laws of Health There are three major laws of healthHealing, 105:Three Major Laws of Health There are three major laws of health and seven minor laws. These workHealing, 105:are three major laws of health and seven minor laws. These work out in the three worlds, which isHealing, 105:that is the next step forward. The three major laws are: [106] The law controlling the will toHealing, 106:aspect. These three governing factors or laws manifest themselves through the three major divisionsHealing, 108:not yet comprehended. By a comprehension of the laws of vitality - and in this phrase areHealing, 108:- and in this phrase are comprehended the laws governing prana, radiation and magnetism - will comeHealing, 109:result in the [109] prolongation of life. The laws of electrical energy will also be betterHealing, 114:and if you will reread and reflect upon the four Laws and the four Rules you will possess theHealing, 133:next point, try to grasp somewhat more fully the Laws of Healing and the Rules given thus far andHealing, 136:to the four already communicated. The previous Laws have been in the nature of abstractHealing, 138:different caliber and quality, and the Rules and Laws of Health no longer apply. The objectiveHealing, 219:a flourishing infant. An understanding of the laws of vitality will be regarded as of primeHealing, 223:of Nature itself working (under certain divine laws) to offset the loss of life and the casualtiesHealing, 235:humanity, for in all, the breaking of certain laws will bring about these diseases. If I cared toHealing, 253:inoculation, frequent inspection, pure food laws, legal requirements and better housing conditionsHealing, 295:give you Law IX, and thus complete a group of laws which, when followed, will be found essential toHealing, 318:tied up with the past, and until the laws which govern rebirth are given to the world it isHealing, 350:possible to "interfere with karma"? The great Laws can be transcended and frequently have been inHealing, 352:hold you to wide generalizations, and to basic laws and propositions, and not to cloud the issuesHealing, 353:health and a more correct comprehension of the laws of health, all who stand in the world asHealing, 370:I am not considering in this short treatise the laws of healing as they are wielded by a Master ofHealing, 377:the other side have no more understanding of the laws of electricity than they probably had in theHealing, 381:the coming revelation of new, yet most simple, laws of health, and the blending which willHealing, 404:requirements which an earlier breaking of the laws governing right human relations have [405]Healing, 426:has its own expression, is governed by its own laws, and seeks its own objectives. But - in timeHealing, 439:The great Lives come under the rule of these laws of the soul during the period of manifestation,Healing, 439:They are not governed or controlled by the laws of the natural world, as we call it. TheirHealing, 439:time that we come under the rule of the higher laws. By the occult "death" of these great Lives,Healing, 499:of Part Three where we take up the Fundamental Laws of Healing. These Laws and Rules, I haveHealing, 499:take up the Fundamental Laws of Healing. These Laws and Rules, I have already given you, but I seekHealing, 504:practical ways of planetary living and to the laws governing the fourth kingdom in nature, theHealing, 521: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing Part Three The Fundamental LawsHealing, 521:Laws of Healing Part Three The Fundamental Laws of Healing We have now completed two sections ofHealing, 521:purpose. We now reach the section in which the Laws of Healing and the Rules which should conditionHealing, 521:considered. We have found that there are ten laws and six rules. The tenth law will be found tooHealing, 522:dominate and eventually render futile the lesser laws of the form nature, those which today areHealing, 522:form nature, those which today are called the laws of nature. Equally essentially, however, theHealing, 522:own integral life is conditioned by the higher laws which are the laws of its own being; these itHealing, 522:is conditioned by the higher laws which are the laws of its own being; these it freely obeys and
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