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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAWS

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Healing, 688: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied The Sound goes forth.Healing, 690: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied Both soul and formHercules, 5:growth, carried forward under nature's laws, cycle after cycle, until gradually the hidden God canHercules, 8:on our three dimensional knowledge, for the laws of time and space have no hold over the soul."Hercules, 42:been recognized by humanity as the inevitable laws of nature; the imposition [43] of the will ofHercules, 52:rightly used physical body, conformity to the laws of the land in which his destiny is cast, utterHercules, 128:may be intrigue, the winding ways of man-made laws invite it; or there is straightforward conduct,Hercules, 134:the Libran understands. As a matter of fact, the laws of karma may be considered as equilibrisingInitiation, 65:in miniature of the outer world. In learning the laws of his own being, comes comprehension of theInitiation, 65:of the Self, and a realization of the basic laws of the system. Secondly: Instruction is given asInitiation, 65:as to the kingdoms of nature, teaching as to the laws of those kingdoms, and instruction as to theInitiation, 65:and instruction as to the working of those laws in all kingdoms and [66] on all planes is givenInitiation, 86:to manipulate thought matter, and learns the laws of creative thought building. He functions freelyInitiation, 86:and practically, in great measure, the laws of his own nature, hence his ability experimentally toInitiation, 89:and the Manu. He has also to grasp the laws of the three lower planes intellectually, and likewiseInitiation, 128:There is a definite occult reason, under the laws of electricity, behind the known fact that everyInitiation, 147:as to the true nature of energy, as to its laws of manipulation, and a pledge only to use the forceInitiation, 164:and is the enunciation of, one of the seven laws of nature. They therefore concern one or other ofInitiation, 164:scheme. Each scheme embodies one of the laws as its primary law, and all its evolutions tend toInitiation, 177:in the choice of matter, and to understand the laws of vibration and of construction. This entailsInitiation, 177:entails the mastering, in some measure, of the laws that govern the [178] Brahma and VishnuInitiation, 203:meaning of words, of grammar, and of syntax. The laws of vibration and of electricity, and manyInitiation, 203:and the activity of the controlling devas. The laws of the macrocosm will be investigated, and theInitiation, 205:is best for the group as emphasized by the group laws of the land, by his control and hisInitiation, 207:he can be shewn that inmost mystery: first, the laws of that which radiates; the five meanings ofIntellect, 8:function which, in accordance with its own laws, brings given presentations into conceptualIntellect, 11:of life and of beauty, with its own appropriate laws and phenomena? Mystics, seers and thinkers ofIntellect, 14:kingdom in nature. This kingdom has its own laws, its own phenomena and its own intimateIntellect, 29:of God. This only means, in other words, the laws of God's Nature, as revealed to us by the labors,Intellect, 37:clear thinking about life and about the great laws of nature, if carried forward with persistenceIntellect, 68:which are susceptible of repetition under the laws which the knower has learnt. Bertrand RussellIntellect, 70:knowledge. There is an understanding of the laws governing this new realm of being. There isIntellect, 137:of its own nature, prerogatives and laws. Whilst the true spiritual man is thus active in his ownIntellect, 155:of union with Deity and its apprehension of the laws which govern the spiritual realm may,Intellect, 180:We have arrived at an understanding of the laws which govern the natural world, and some of thoseIntellect, 180:some of those which govern the psychical. The laws of the spiritual realm, so-called, remain to beIntellect, 241:It is a form of creative work, and the same laws of emergence into being have governed the entireIntellect, 259:life of the spirit conforms not only to the laws of the spiritual kingdom but to the legalizedMagic, 5:postulates. These are intended to: Teach the laws of spiritual psychology as distinguished fromMagic, 6:is termed mysterious. All is under law, and the laws need elucidation now that man's developmentMagic, 7:the subjective working out of many of the laws. These laws of nature have effects in three distinctMagic, 7:working out of many of the laws. These laws of nature have effects in three distinct realms:Magic, 7:weigh and consider the theories and ideals, the laws and the truths which have guided so many outMagic, 10:and of the forms of any kingdom in nature. 2. Laws. A law presupposes a superior being who, [11]Magic, 11:of the man who is considering these laws, a feeling of being a victim - of being driven forwardMagic, 15:science, the correct interpretations of nature's laws, and the formulations of correct conclusionsMagic, 15:seen. These truths are always present, and these laws are ever active, but only as the mind isMagic, 20:we can arrive at an understanding of some of the laws and principles which direct the activities ofMagic, 20:people whatever that will may be, the formulated laws, and the exoteric administration; inMagic, 27:and to impress upon the soul-consciousness those laws, knowledges, forces and inspirations whichMagic, 62:out as sure and as inevitable as the immutable laws of force. This ebb and flow can be seenMagic, 66:their bodies scientifically, synchronizing the laws of vibration and of rhythm. They are the sameMagic, 77:path, but the systematic working out of the laws involved has made small progress as yet. WhereinMagic, 78:hindrances to the correct apprehension of the laws of occultism and their practical applicationMagic, 80:therefore, the vibrations of the Triad, the laws that deal with macrocosmic evolution, and theMagic, 81:(even though he may, in theory, comprehend the laws that govern the evolution of the Logoic planMagic, 82:change, in human life, is subject to immutable laws, if such a paradoxical statement may beMagic, 82:be permitted. In the attempt to find out those laws, in order to conform to them, the occultistMagic, 82:the astral light. The only method whereby these laws can as yet be apprehended by the many who areMagic, 90:and Body Light In these Rules for Magic, the laws of creative work are embodied and the meansMagic, 121:incentive for a right understanding of the laws of thought, and a correct instruction to be givenMagic, 139:of adaptation that is one of the fundamental laws of species which nature so wonderfullyMagic, 167:advised to train their minds, study the [167] laws governing manifestation, and learn to includeMagic, 205:the neophyte. Assimilation and elimination are laws of the soul life as well as of the physicalMagic, 242:of cycles, we gain knowledge of the underlying laws of evolution and come to a realization of theMagic, 278:Let him use two energies and work with three laws. These are the dynamic energy of purpose,Magic, 278:to the center of endeavor. Let these three laws hold sway, the law of synthetic limitation, ofMagic, 297:of the savage man based on his ignorance of the laws and forces of nature, and on his terror of theMagic, 327:will give way to the understanding of the laws of nature which control the superhuman realm and theMagic, 331:enquirer to find himself. Hence the need for the laws of the soul and for the truth as toMagic, 338:which he has built up in conformity to the laws of nature and which he can learn to use andMagic, 339:receive due and more correct attention, and the laws and nature of that great Being in Whom we liveMagic, 340:will be established as a racial concept, and the laws of the soul will be recognized asMagic, 340:the lesser is ever included in the greater) the laws of man. This in the sense that the law is everMagic, 351:As you go on and, as aspirants, study the hidden laws of nature, you will realize the need for theMagic, 351:and tries various methods of studying the laws and in process of time arrives at results that areMagic, 354:in the churches. These, knowing not the laws of occultism, and only sensing the inner truth, workMagic, 379:of physical stimulation were employed and the laws of energy as they work through the variousMagic, 391:energies, but will concern ourselves with the laws of practical spiritual living. I seek but toMagic, 424:upset? It has, we know, its own life and its laws. Again what are the activities of the soul whenMagic, 428:the intensification of vibration and the laws of the universe will be taught, and the right use ofMagic, 463:Being, and this Law demonstrates to us as the laws of nature. The ideas of ordered activity and ofMagic, 482:groups are beginning to think and to employ the laws of thought. It is with the use of thought byMagic, 498:There is an intelligent understanding of the laws of abstraction and this enables the one who isMagic, 523:- The Prisoners of the Planet I talk to you of laws, and I seek to formulate them intelligently butMagic, 523:which emanate from a cosmic Creator and become laws as they produce effects in the matter of space,Magic, 524:we look forward to seeing established as the laws of the new era, and which will then supersede orMagic, 524:will then supersede or coalesce with the present laws of the universe. Together they will bring inMagic, 553:Ageless Wisdom are universally recognized. The laws of thought are the laws of creation, and theMagic, 553:recognized. The laws of thought are the laws of creation, and the entire creative work is carriedMagic, 595:should be grasped technically, and when the laws of their unfoldment should be widely known. ButMagic, 637:the astral body and a right understanding of its laws. Only mental control, plus true spiritualMeditation, 12:of the law, via the mental body. These laws are those governing the true occult meditation. BehindMeditation, 37:systemic psychology and the knowledge of the laws of fire. [38] Meditation, 68:are definitely and scientifically working on the laws of the rays, and studying color and sound,Meditation, 86:meditation is done in the heart and under occult laws, with the correct intoning of the Word, theMeditation, 133:on The powers of the Dark Brotherhood. Certain laws that govern their actions, [134] certainMeditation, 148:of God within himself and by the study of the laws of his own being, the mystic becomes proficientMeditation, 148:own being, the mystic becomes proficient in the laws which govern the universe of which he is aMeditation, 148:whole, and therefore governed by the same laws. The mystic works as a general rule under the
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