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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAWS

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Reappearance, 147:conduct and all human aspiration. These two laws no man can evade. They condition him at all timesSoul, 52:eventually [52] be possible to ascertain the laws and methods by which perfect bodies may beSoul, 60:determination and [60] demonstration of the laws by which this electric and elastic spiritSoul, 63:other than physical, superseding the ordinary laws which regulate the movements of inanimateSoul, 63:which would not result from the action of those laws uninterfered with; and therefore implying, onSoul, 64:as sound is to matter... Subject to all the laws of [65] time and space, fully amenable to the lawsSoul, 65:of [65] time and space, fully amenable to the laws of energy, largely the source of terrestrialSoul, 78:Gradually the form aspect of nature and the laws governing natural phenomena engrossed attention,Soul, 133:Growing out of all this will come a study of the laws of mind, and thus the relationship betweenSoul, 135:and poise. He is not permitted knowledge of the laws governing energy until such time as he hasSoul, 145:to his readers with the following words: 'The laws of Nature are merely hypotheses devised toSoul, 150:[150] mocked is a fact explicable by scientific laws. 'The miracle can be accepted by the mostSoul, 150:soon as they recognize the fact that the basic laws of relativistic mechanics and of electricitySoul, 150:may be that Christ's freedom from the accepted laws of gravitation, which would have forced Him toSoul, 151:Once we realize that the knowledge of higher laws can overcome the resistance of lower laws, thenSoul, 151:higher laws can overcome the resistance of lower laws, then we shall enter our true spiritualTelepathy, 5:objective manifestation. Let us voice these laws in the simplest manner possible. When [6] eachTelepathy, 6:process of communication, governed by these two laws, has always been in operation among theTelepathy, 33:race for which preparation must be made, and the laws, techniques and process of telepathicTelepathy, 109:people, it is still scarcely recognized, its laws and modes of expression are as yet unknown, and
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