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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAYA

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Astrology, 77:science both in astrology and in the science of laya-yoga or the science of the centers. Both thisAstrology, 515:(major and minor) leads to the Science of Laya Yoga or of the force centers. These again, accordingAutobiography, 301:allegiance given to the tidbits of Hatha and Laya Yoga that had found their way into the WesternDiscipleship1, 93:energy and the development of the centers (laya-yoga, as it is technically called) . These fourDiscipleship2, 255:order. Instruction as to the creative process. Laya yoga or the yoga of energy, working throughDiscipleship2, 365:dynamic energy and is the basis of the true Laya-Yoga; this yoga deals ever with the point withinExternalisation, 86:This is the modern form of the ancient Atlantean laya-yoga, or the yoga of the centers. According,Glamour, 114:Maya Astral control; Hatha Yoga: Aspirants; Laya Yoga: Disciples 1st Initiation Inspiration.Healing, 228:practice. This, in time, was superseded by laya-yoga, which brought all the centers in the ethericHealing, 241:then be brought under control by a system of laya-yoga (the science of the centers) which will beHealing, 241:which will be the sublimated form of the laya-yoga of Atlantean days. Then the advanced studentHealing, 557:the Centers, or - literally - a modern form of Laya-Yoga. Healers in the future will undergo yearsMagic, 295:has in it the counterparts of the etheric or laya centers, and through them stream the forces andMagic, 590:reiterated. The underlying objective in all laya yoga work (or [591] work with the centers) isPatanjali, 78:a sublime theory. The science of the centers, or laya yoga; this is the application of the law toPatanjali, 121:its two best known expressions are: Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga. The former has specifically to do withPatanjali, 122:chain or greater cycle) they were all hatha and laya yogins. This resulted in the development andPatanjali, viii:First, the Yoga which is called by the name of Laya Yoga, the Yoga of the centers which produced aPatanjali, viii:emotional or astral body, was incorporated with Laya Yoga and the foundation of that mysticism andPsychology2, 117:of light, of living fire, links the three "laya centers." The symbol is then completed, and thePsychology2, 591:Science of the Breath, which is the science of laya-yoga or the science of the centers, is one ofPsychology2, 593:Meditation will eventually absorb the science of laya-yoga, but only in the highest form of theRays, 557:which lies at the heart of the teaching on Laya Yoga or the Science of the Centers. Telepathy, 181:the key to astrology and also to the science of Laya Yoga. This latter science has (fortunately for
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