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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAYING

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Astrology, 150:longer than the succeeding ones as I have been laying the foundation of what I have to say underAutobiography, 217:time with us there, talking over many things, laying her various ideas before us, finding out whatAutobiography, 265:of occult values and will be mental in nature, laying the emphasis upon knowing God, and not justBethlehem, 18:demonstrating to man his duality, and thus laying the foundation for his effort to achieve unity orDestiny, 56:full of grandeur, interest in law and in laying the emphasis upon race and empire. But they areDiscipleship1, 4:work on different aspects of the Plan, and also laying the ground for group work which will greatlyDiscipleship1, 260:may not be that upon which you are at this time laying the emphasis. I would remind you also thatDiscipleship1, 354:subject in the doctrine of the Church as to the "laying on of hands" and also in the orientalDiscipleship1, 395:that no one achieves anything of reality by the laying down of any assumed responsibility. AnotherDiscipleship1, 442:in this life and which are instrumental in laying the foundation for your next life. You will thenDiscipleship1, 535:therefore, the following. Do it with regularity, laying your major emphasis, however, upon the workDiscipleship1, 590:their immediate need. It is not done by the laying of vast plans which fail of accomplishmentDiscipleship1, 699:lower nature, developing the instincts and thus laying the foundation of a physical vehicle as theDiscipleship1, 718:of the present; the Hierarchy is working and laying plans for the future; Shamballa is engrossedDiscipleship2, 22:and alignment processes, as well as with laying the foundation for what could be given out whenDiscipleship2, 50:I seek now to make it all clearer to you, thus laying the foundation for the work to be done duringDiscipleship2, 54:early stages in the attempt to contact me, I was laying the ground for two eventualities: yourDiscipleship2, 235:that plan useful and effective is meditation; laying oneself open to spiritual impression and thusDiscipleship2, 354:of prime importance, and the reason why I am laying much emphasis upon this little-understood themeDiscipleship2, 604:would have you use this meditation twice a day, laying the emphasis upon the exercise angle orDiscipleship2, 674:future years, build up its structure yourself, laying emphasis upon three points: the Christ, theDiscipleship2, 677:F.B. and A.A.B. have already realized and are laying plans in line with the above. All over theEducation, 14:transitional periods at this time. We are laying the foundation for the emergence of a new speciesEducation, 42:reaction - normal, right and developing - man is laying a superstructure in which the emphasis isEducation, 58:will accomplish the following things, thus laying the ground for the future unfoldment of theExternalisation, 218:humanity is faced. Hence the emphasis which I am laying upon the need to face the problem, to thinkExternalisation, 309:This is the problem. Are they capable of laying aside their own pet theories and trifling idealsExternalisation, 328:in the occupied lands, are already laying the foundations of freedom, more surely and soundly thanExternalisation, 441:Buddha is the experienced Custodian, and also by laying down those plans whereby the Christ may -Externalisation, 504:active, and the Master in America is laying His plans toward an active participation in the work.Externalisation, 571:the task of the disciple who is charged with laying the foundation for the New Age methods and withExternalisation, 653:and willing aspirants; these disciples are laying their emphasis upon intelligence and spiritualExternalisation, 663:to raise the entire human family nearer to God, laying Himself open to certain powerful inflowingFire, 33:to recapitulate and in so doing to enlarge, thus laying down a broad foundation upon which theFire, 443:worked out for a Heavenly Man and a human being, laying the emphasis always upon the development ofFire, 520:study the life or force manifestation on each, laying the emphasis upon the lower four, and not soFire, 597:dogmatizing about these matters, and the risk of laying down hard and fast rules. Much must remainFire, 1251:and an intense power to visualize are laying a groundwork upon which this later knowledge may beGlamour, 197:purpose. The proposition, therefore, which I am laying before you (who are the aspirants and theGlamour, 203:by means of the creative imagination, thus laying the foundation for the recognition - intelligentHealing, 43:incentives, and projections, thus laying the basis for much of the truth of the teachings of modernHealing, 44:are not at this time concerned. I am here simply laying down the structure of fact upon which weHealing, 92:accomplished in bringing about improvement and laying the ground for better functioning in anotherHealing, 250:be upon the specific and the individual. I am laying a foundation also for a discussion of our nextHealing, 281:discover and to know. Let me reiterate that I am laying the foundation for an approach to theHealing, 436:revelation is on its way, and for that I am laying the foundation. I am anxious for you to graspHealing, 543:this into entirely untechnical terms [543] and laying myself open to expert criticism, but I amHealing, 546:in the higher schools of learning, thereby laying a sound foundation for the esoteric schools whichHealing, 645:and the centers in the etheric body, as the laying on of hands and the establishing of relationsHealing, 649:his hands, and two methods which he employs: The laying on of hands. This method is employed whenHealing, 650:to the disease. In the first case, through the laying on of hands, of silent hands, of quiet hands,Healing, 650:and fifth rays use more generally the mode of laying on of hands or magnetic healing. This termHealing, 650:healing. This term applies to the direct act of laying on of hands upon the patient's physicalHealing, 651:diseased area, and then finally use a definite laying on of hands. At the close of the healingHercules, 27:beside his friend and with him faced the task. Laying all plans with care, these two followed theInitiation, 166:details accurately upon their memory they are laying the foundation for that acute instantaneousIntellect, 223:to large groups, as is frequently done, is laying up trouble for himself and his followers. It isMagic, 191:lower ones. This has to be done also without laying the emphasis upon the form aspect as is theMagic, 229:of the soul with the soul in all forms, and laying no emphasis upon the ambitions of the personalMagic, 337:in the field of psychology. The mechanistic, laying the emphasis upon structure, ascribing theMagic, 422:higher aspects of the disciples engaged thus in laying the foundations of the new age civilization.Magic, 427:in purely physical plane arrangements, nor in laying the emphasis upon their own personal growth.Magic, 428:separateness on the physical plane, and the laying of a true emphasis upon the fundamentals of theMagic, 576:become transmitters of spiritual energy. The "laying on of hands" is no idle phrase nor confinedMagic, 576:of the episcopate of any faith. The occult laying on of hands can be studied in four aspects: InMeditation, 49:will some day be recognized, but the period of laying a foundation is not yet over, and for longMeditation, 121:each division and deal with it carefully, first laying the foundation of knowledge by pointing outMeditation, 325:the development of lower [325] mind, with the laying of the foundations upon which to build thePatanjali, 300:all things within the solar system. "By them no laying down of foundations for a dwelling is made,"Patanjali, 351:He studies then the quality of the senses, laying the emphasis not so much upon the particularProblems, 41:have felt the full brunt of occupation, are laying their own plans. They know what they want; theyPsychology1, xxii:the subject in terms of psychological values, laying the foundation for that new psychology whichPsychology1, 29:demonstrating to man his duality and so laying the foundation for future unity. This is a mostPsychology1, 374:he now does on the physical plane. We are today laying the emphasis upon the vital aspect of man;Psychology1, 389:the faults of the feminine aspect, such as the laying of too much emphasis upon the material aspectPsychology1, 389:full of grandeur, interested in law and in laying the emphasis upon race and empire. But they arePsychology2, 333:forward and the plan of Deity worked out. Laying the ground, as we are now proposing to do, for thePsychology2, 566:the number of symbols on a playing card which is laying face downwards upon the table. Psychology2, 637:time, outlining to them a definite program, and laying down a platform upon which all men of goodPsychology2, 642:dealing with the problem are occupied with laying the blame on others and seeking scapegoats; theyPsychology2, 648:government or church can object. Danger lies in laying down rules and in making forecasts. ThesePsychology2, 662:without any coercion, mental or physical. The laying of right foundations and the promulgation ofPsychology2, 693:time during the preceding eighteen hours, thus laying the foundation for and aiding in the workPsychology2, 706:This is the difficult and painful process of laying down the lines of demarcation between the soulPsychology2, 713:It was the preparation for the future and the laying of those plans which will cover the comingPsychology2, 723:so the full moon of May, 1937, witnessed the laying down of certain lines of activity which, ifPsychology2, 750:taken during the coming twelve months, and the laying of careful plans so that they may indeedRays, 223:the vision, just as the individual must; I am laying the foundation for the phase of group livingRays, 595:on to higher levels of consciousness, thus laying the foundation for that time when humanity on aRays, 596:clamoring for the new. Everywhere men are laying the foundation for the new order, the coming ofRays, 632:are being brought into manifestation, thus laying the foundation for the new world order. All threeRays, 650:himself up for the promised revelation, thus laying himself open to an entirely new inflow ofRays, 670:license and perversions, damaging themselves and laying up the basis for trouble for manyReappearance, 64:and realize the ever-present yet divine Person, laying His plans for the future helping ofReappearance, 99:mainly prophetic and His work primarily that of laying the foundation for the activities which willSoul, 21:with the general sciences as a discipline laying bare the general traits of mind, where mind isTelepathy, 58:rapidly developing, hence the necessity for my laying the foundations of further knowledge whichTelepathy, 169:some of these [169] ideas we will now deal, thus laying the foundation for future investigation,
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