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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAYS

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Astrology, 107:for the love of humanity and its service, and lays himself upon the altar of sacrifice. HeAutobiography, 120:of the Gentiles. But the Jewish religion lays no emphasis upon immortality or upon the life afterBethlehem, 188:Initiation - The Crucifixion II. When the Church lays its emphasis upon the living Christ, and whenDestiny, 126:in nature and form as a limitation, and only lays the emphasis upon soul consciousness as of trueDestiny, 142:influences the minds of disciples everywhere and lays the stage for the appearance of a certainDiscipleship1, 59:or contact with your group brothers; this lays the foundation for constructive, united work. 2.Discipleship1, 569:enveloping net of sensuous life - the life which lays its emphasis upon material possessions? YouDiscipleship1, 738:their status or their service. He frequently lays the emphasis (in his few and rare contacts withDiscipleship2, 94:disciple. As long as your state of awareness lays emphasis upon the fact of your individuality, theDiscipleship2, 146:a knowledge of truth and the reception of ideas lays on you the responsibility to be a transmitterDiscipleship2, 577:of the energies which govern the personality lays the foundation of the form nature in the nextDiscipleship2, 598:in the closest cooperation with you and that lays upon you much responsibility. R.S.U. has forDiscipleship2, 693:when he enters the periphery of an Ashram lays an emphatic emphasis upon the need of abstractingExternalisation, 207:develops the Principle of responsibility and lays the foundation of right corporate action. TheseExternalisation, 238:to the reticent but truthful propaganda which lays no [239] emphasis upon that which could stir upGlamour, 227:them the right to serve in this way but it also lays them open to danger, and for this a protectiveHealing, 373:as is the case today, some healer or school lays the entire emphasis upon some patent cure-all andHealing, 400:have not formulated in their own terms. This lays an undue emphasis upon belief and thus stultifiesHealing, 616:the point where the life within the form lays its basic emphasis. For the average human being, thisHealing, 662:Russian position as it wars on capitalism and lays an emphasis upon education. However, itsHealing, 680:the relation of matter and soul, and thus lays the foundation for all the relationships which theHercules, 66:It deals with knowledge, with the sciences, and lays the foundation for wisdom. One educator hasInitiation, 103:all that he does is misinterpreted; he lays his all - time, money, influence, reputation, and allIntellect, 7:and only clouds our insight when it lays claim to being the one and only way of comprehending. ButMagic, 133:discrimination He apportions the work and never lays upon one human being more than he canMagic, 188:as step by step is taken their particular Master lays more and more responsibility upon them. HeMagic, 308:ends. It is his astral polarization which lays a man open to his many emotional reactions and toMeditation, 18:and in sacrifice for that person or ideal lays even his causal body on the flames of the altar. ItMeditation, 81:the processes surmounted in the past, and thus lays the foundation for renewed effort. This slowMeditation, 116:takes, then, that active intelligence of his and lays it at the feet of collective humanity, givingMeditation, 145:embodiment of the ideal higher consciousness. He lays the outline of this form in meditation andMeditation, 176:lives. Therefore he who unwittingly lays [177] himself open to direct contact with any elemental,Patanjali, 203:is commonly understood by psychic development, lays no emphasis on the lower psychic powers andPatanjali, 318:the rational mind formulates a question and lays it before the intuition, which gives a realPatanjali, 386:the varied forms of the many. Here Patanjali lays down a basic formula which serves to explain notProblems, 23:As for the Polish people, a long historical past lays upon them the responsibility of a definitelyProblems, 98:upon racial purity. The young and modern Jew lays no emphasis upon this and has usually noPsychology1, 196:behind all forms; the awakened disciple lays the focus of his attention upon the emerging world ofPsychology1, 279:to produce material reactions, and if man then lays the emphasis of his interest upon that which isPsychology2, 9:wise use of the intelligence. The above preamble lays the ground for the definition of the threePsychology2, 126:form side of service. Activity of the form side lays stress upon personality ambition, veiling themPsychology2, 300:sciences at his disposal and, at the same time, lays the emphasis upon those sciences which dealPsychology2, 367:work (mental, emotional and physical). It also lays the ground for those processes of fusion whichPsychology2, 402:and usefulness lies in the fact that it lays the emphasis upon the relation of the unit to thePsychology2, 684:what I have to say takes on another aspect and lays the responsibility of materializing that PlanPsychology2, 748:and is not at all an easy thing to attain. It lays the foundation for the rapid formation andRays, 224:as it is revealed to the eye of the soul, lays a sound foundation for the final great transference,Rays, 425:the mind and to achieve loving understanding, lays the foundation for right decision at the sixthRays, 730:is only one of its many attributes. Humanity lays emphasis so frequently upon attribute, qualitySoul, 27:It fully admits the form and the structure, but lays the emphasis upon the one who uses the formSoul, 54:which the Occidental regards as hypothetical. He lays the emphasis upon the spiritual nature of
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