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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEAD

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Discipleship1, 232:the inner side, have always to face is how to lead our chelas to the recognition of the temporaryDiscipleship1, 238:personal truth and integrity. This decision may lead you to continue to form part of my group ofDiscipleship1, 238:been interrupted the past few months - or it may lead you to work in conjunction with the groupDiscipleship1, 240:our soul quality. Neither criticism of those who lead my group and with whom you have beenDiscipleship1, 240:have been affiliated, nor criticism of those who lead the group upon the astral plane which hasDiscipleship1, 240:Do not let the words or the influence of anyone lead you. May the light of your own soul lead youDiscipleship1, 240:anyone lead you. May the light of your own soul lead you from strength to strength and reveal toDiscipleship1, 246:a subsequent rebound away from you. Do you lead them now to lose sight of you in the vision ofDiscipleship1, 255:sixth ray - expressed in your personality - can lead to the fanatical following of the idealDiscipleship1, 271:of these wrong attitudes. These wrong attitudes lead to [272] the disastrous economic conditionsDiscipleship1, 307:and curtailed understanding. When grasped, they lead to increased happiness [308] and to power inDiscipleship1, 312:so the many acts of spiritual detachment lead eventually to the severing of that final thread whichDiscipleship1, 322:teaching - a teaching which, if followed, will lead to realization. I have today but little to add.Discipleship1, 324:Presence entered into your consciousness. They lead towards the time when the technique isDiscipleship1, 342:your progress. Your extreme cautiousness may lead (if over-accentuated) to a spirit of isolationDiscipleship1, 343:the light may indeed shine upon your way, and lead you to increased usefulness is the wish of yourDiscipleship1, 349:you believe that a man's karma must inevitably lead always towards physical healing in thisDiscipleship1, 361:being wasted and causing conditions which will lead to eventual astral trouble. You do endeavor toDiscipleship1, 376:divine intelligent Will govern my heart, and lead me in the Way of Love. In this Way I will to go.Discipleship1, 414:receive more of this energy and this would lead to a balancing of the endocrine system and greaterDiscipleship1, 424:you have absorbed the implications they will lead to the higher understanding. So little doDiscipleship1, 452:must eventually find the instruction which will lead to right action, based on right understandingDiscipleship1, 462:[462] Your love and knowledge should begin to lead you more and more into the way of the divineDiscipleship1, 468:upon a world distressed." Your ray combinations lead to a quick reaction to the existent formsDiscipleship1, 494:find out the truth of what I have indicated and lead you to take the needed steps. Having reasonedDiscipleship1, 511:cite to you the conditions in daily life which lead to a state of glamor. Then you can make yourDiscipleship1, 519:of souls and, when you mount the steps which lead there, you will find yourself in the realm ofDiscipleship1, 522:to your garden of beauty. First of all, I had to lead you to create it; later I taught you toDiscipleship1, 528:this place. The stepping-stones over the stream lead to a path which wanders towards a pagoda ofDiscipleship1, 555:this not. 4th month - Each life crisis can lead to extended vision or to a separating wall. 5thDiscipleship1, 555:dark. 6th month - Let the radiance of the heart lead thee to peace. Desire earnestly the loving,Discipleship1, 558:of these three have much to give to you, and can lead you with them along the Way. I mention notDiscipleship1, 560:polarization upon the mental plane. This will lead to two things: A firmer grasp upon the lowerDiscipleship1, 571:to readjust your own preconceived ideal, will lead you into that lighted realm where the path ofDiscipleship1, 574:your life; this will aid your soul growth, and lead to perseverance unto the end. Discipleship1, 576:a group of disciples such as this) is how to lead them on to the next step when much that he canDiscipleship1, 578:Let not the beauty of that which might be done, lead you to forget that which has been begun;Discipleship1, 583:day, thrown upon the Path by those who know and lead. Naught [584] can then be hidden, and at eachDiscipleship1, 599:that lie behind let the light of your soul lead you where it will. Be, as I have told another of myDiscipleship1, 604:are still imperative needs of yours. They will lead to right activity, truthful thought and rightDiscipleship1, 610:forgetfulness of self and my own word and place, lead others towards the light." I have notDiscipleship1, 611:prone. The opportunity to service. To relax and lead a normal life. You will note that none ofDiscipleship1, 624:be one of your objectives in meditation. It will lead [625] to inclusiveness and the power to "seeDiscipleship1, 676:again the playground of the Lord and this time lead the games." The way upon the second tier ofDiscipleship1, 677:the Temple. The uses of pain are many, and they lead the human soul out of darkness into light, outDiscipleship1, 694:word "Ashram" quite definitely in my effort to lead you to discriminate between a group and anDiscipleship1, 699:physical man into those activities which will lead to the satisfaction of desire. This is aDiscipleship1, 706:humanity and whose responsibility it is to lead humanity out of slavery into freedom. Aid them withDiscipleship1, 715:relate him to a more advanced disciple who will lead him gradually onward and give him the help heDiscipleship1, 721:goodwill, soothe the hearts of the people and lead mankind into realms of beauty and of happiness.Discipleship1, 734:to the asking of those questions which will lead to revelation. A Master has always two things toDiscipleship1, 738:in order and where personality adjustments could lead to greater freedom and, therefore, to moreDiscipleship1, 745:by ashramic force and this focus in form will lead to trouble both to the individual aspirant andDiscipleship1, 749:which make the higher positive to the lower and lead, therefore, to the steady ascending of the WayDiscipleship1, 753:of human experience to those recognitions which lead a man into the sphere of influence of a MasterDiscipleship1, 765:the permanent atoms and of the spirillae would lead to an intensification of [766] the form lifeDiscipleship1, 766:interesting and possible, but would not lead to increased spiritual development but to personalityDiscipleship2, 7:in consciousness with the soul. This will lead the group as a whole to function correctly, becauseDiscipleship2, 27:Invocation. Endeavor consciously to follow my lead as we say the words, and listen with care, usingDiscipleship2, 52:which will eventually obviate surprise and lead to a conscious recognition of achievement. ThisDiscipleship2, 77:attention for the remainder of your lives and lead you into a closer with the Ashram.Discipleship2, 87:party, provided they remember that all paths lead to God and that "the One Humanity" governs allDiscipleship2, 95:of the inevitability of these necessities will lead you eventually to a careful scrutiny of yourDiscipleship2, 129:not warrant this. Perhaps a better alignment may lead to a more constant application and a moreDiscipleship2, 142:stages of recognition and consideration) would lead him to a realization of the need for theDiscipleship2, 164:world affairs and who engineer those steps which lead mankind onward towards its destined goal,Discipleship2, 179:meditations and demonstrate to you how they can lead the aspirant on, step by step, from knowledgeDiscipleship2, 191:the years to come, you will find that they will lead to an extension of your service, which (as farDiscipleship2, 197:that which will later condition his life and lead to a betterment of his daily life in a materialDiscipleship2, 212:produce success in the three worlds, and which lead [213] eventually to an integrated personality,Discipleship2, 246:group in relation to me - the Master chosen to lead you forward. Yet (though you remember it not)Discipleship2, 283:but it will produce more creative results and lead the neophyte along a safer road, with fewerDiscipleship2, 305:conditions are inevitable: [305] Formula I - Lead us from darkness to Light. Formula II - Lead usDiscipleship2, 305:I - Lead us from darkness to Light. Formula II - Lead us from the unreal to the Real. Formula III -Discipleship2, 305:us from the unreal to the Real. Formula III - Lead us from death to Immortality. This brings us toDiscipleship2, 305:and a consideration of its meaning: Formula IV - Lead us from chaos to Beauty. This formula isDiscipleship2, 318:the effort to understand and to interpret should lead you far on your way towards "occultDiscipleship2, 321:four formulas, the keynote of this one would be: Lead us from the individual to the Universal. Discipleship2, 353:by deluded disciples, is terribly wrong and will lead to disaster. This disaster the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 412:bring the soul and the personality together and lead to soul fusion with its instrument. But, asDiscipleship2, 416:The hint upon which he is working will lead inevitably to revelation or into the light which willDiscipleship2, 430:demands, and to look for that which will lead you to exert all that you have of intuition andDiscipleship2, 448:of tension which will, in its turn, inevitably lead to a point of crisis. When these - focus,Discipleship2, 469:be centralized in the head center. This will lead to a happening of such esoteric significance thatDiscipleship2, 471:bring about a life of inner tension which can lead inevitably to the next point of revelation.Discipleship2, 481:which confront a Master as he seeks to lead his disciples along the Way of Service. The discipleDiscipleship2, 493:with those of J.W.K-P. and C.A.C., and should lead to a satisfactory understanding between you.Discipleship2, 513:are concentrated in the lower nature. This could lead (in the case of a pledged disciple) to aDiscipleship2, 531:effects. Ideals, as usually held, feed pride, lead to stubbornness, and engender a separateDiscipleship2, 537:and more crucial it) their general trend; they lead, when made, to more eventful results. With aDiscipleship2, 537:would have me go? Will such or such a ?decision lead to the fulfilment of my personality trends andDiscipleship2, 560:filled with this kind of [560] service; it will lead to the establishing of lines of relationship;Discipleship2, 583:in the consciousness of all disciples; it will lead to a more deeply conscious and intelligent useDiscipleship2, 627:And thus it is with all the storms of life. They lead to peace if you are not a leaf. Hold to yourDiscipleship2, 641:difficulties, if successfully surmounted, will lead to greatly minimizing other risks later in yourDiscipleship2, 648:you again sound the OM and say: "From darkness lead us to light. I tread the way of life and lightDiscipleship2, 665:in my Ashram, who are still probationers, and lead them on. Prepare them for the transition whichDiscipleship2, 683:It is a positive protection, but does not lead to a negative attitude of being cared for on theDiscipleship2, 683:whom I serve as Master and Teacher. This will lead you wisely to protect yourself from glamor,Discipleship2, 688:These self-initiated decisions can and do lead to [689] basic inner unsettlements (is there such a
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