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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEAD

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Fire, 106:etheric conditions will be found; the life they lead is more normal (from the animal standpoint)Fire, 109:be pointed out that etheric congestion may lead to many forms of disease and of mentalFire, 109:resultants, idiocy and mental unbalance. It may lead to abnormal fleshy development, to theFire, 109:portion of the etheric body being congested may lead to the entire physical condition being upset,Fire, 109:in diverse complaints. Destruction of tissue may lead to insanity of many kinds, especially thoseFire, 126:see these results perfected, [126] and lead to the fourth, where the intensity of the united firesFire, 198:about those expansions of consciousness which lead to liberation; these are taken in the causalFire, 209:A development of psychic faculty that again may lead to temporary distress, but which eventuallyFire, 295:to do with the Spirit aspect. These two concepts lead necessarily to a third, that of theFire, 380:interaction with their polar opposites. It will lead the student into regions of logicalFire, 410:The realization of this in future years will lead to the study of the different polarities of theFire, 419:the future development, and whereto it will lead mankind. Man now knows himself as a separated unitFire, 440:or obscuration of a Ray will eventually lead to a working with the Law, and to an intelligentFire, 467:and the energy of the Heavenly Man will lead to the destruction of form, preparatory to theFire, 483:develop powers. - S. D., I, 518. II, 85. We must lead the life of Brotherhood. S. D., I, 190. WeFire, 493:the lamb"; his comment "a little child shall lead them" is largely the esoteric enunciation of theFire, 495:three main kingdoms: The baser metals, such as lead and iron, with all allied minerals. TheFire, 496:for instance, of coal into diamonds, of lead into silver, or of certain metals into gold, will holdFire, 544:various lines of study. These, if followed, will lead the student to much of practical value andFire, 547:place in the thought of students, and this will lead to more intelligent cooperation, to a moreFire, 549:the agency of an unready personality would lead to dire disaster. But the time will come, and inFire, 577:things, and indicate lines of thought that may lead, if pursued, to illumination. Ray Two and LawFire, 622:along the path of self-conscious evolution, and lead eventually to a loss of the egoic principle,Fire, 640:and hence the free manufacture of gold will not lead to disaster, and [641] when scientists workFire, 656:of this Logos; the deductions from this would lead men into dangerous realms, and put power intoFire, 674:be somewhat studied by the initiate. This will lead eventually to a scientific consideration of theFire, 718:bring about conscious group activity, which will lead to interaction between the planets, andFire, 750:that, while the hand of the Master might lead the neophyte through the dangers of the stage where,Fire, 750:kindness all his life, is a Muni, even though he lead a domestic life." - The Theosophist, Vol.Fire, 810:upon the plane of mind. This, if true, must lead to the tendency to develop within the physicalFire, 810:the present physical plane disorder. It must lead to the education of the public as to the natureFire, 867:and can be used by Those Who know how, to lead men on to further illumination. All these stagesFire, 972:it receives that final impulse which will lead to what may be called its "actuating," or itsFire, 972:reception of that motivating impulse which will lead to its dissociation from its originator, andFire, 1070:of the moon in our own planetary life. This will lead to a close investigation of polar conditionsFire, 1098:a responsiveness to causal impression. This will lead to the transmission of egoic instruction toFire, 1125:is the line of the black magician; it will lead him eventually out of the stream of fivefold energyFire, 1218:to the stage of self-realization. Then He will lead them on to the point of sacrificing thatGlamour, 8:your mind. This study, rightly undertaken, would lead to the unfoldment of the intuition, with itsGlamour, 10:to the symbol and see where such reactions lead you, remembering always that they are notGlamour, 10:attentive mind to bear upon it. This will lead you into the realm of concepts. Glamour, 14:them and to see the direction in which they lead you and where, within the Eternal Plan, they fit.Glamour, 50:day, thrown upon the Path by Those Who know and lead. Naught can then be hidden, and at each turn,Glamour, 60:to the self-assertion of the little self. These lead a man to appropriate an idea as his own, toGlamour, 69:to develop that discrimination which will lead to right choice of life themes. In this instructionGlamour, 82:Path. Insulation and isolation of the right kind lead to the right relationships and the correctGlamour, 83:directly with glamor may (and frequently does) lead to an intensification of the difficulty. TheGlamour, 90:their equivalents in all the kingdoms and lead up to: The unfoldment of the divine consciousness.Glamour, 108:awakening soul or self, the Master who was to lead him out of the purely physical consciousnessGlamour, 114:experience is gained. This experience will lead eventually to the soul assuming control of theGlamour, 129:in them the power to condition the future and lead the modern generation out of darkness intoGlamour, 137:to all who see clearly what should be done to lead humanity out of darkness into light, beginningGlamour, 156:three signs - Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn - lead finally to the fusion of the Dweller and theGlamour, 174:universals, are concerned with the whole, and lead to a developed appreciation of the oneness ofGlamour, 198:follows (Brihadaranyaki Upanishad 1, 3, 28) : "Lead us, 0 Lord, from darkness to light; from theGlamour, 198:unreal to the real; from death to immortality." "Lead us from darkness to light" refers to the mindGlamour, 198:world of some aspects of the Great Illusion. "Lead us from the unreal to the Real" has specificGlamour, 200:humanity and which provide the enticements which lead the man along towards high personalGlamour, 207:which render some people completely futile or lead eventually to suicide. Their own personalGlamour, 225:so that a rhythm can be set up which will lead to a steady rhythmic impact of the light upon theGlamour, 248:apparatus, and his emotional nature. This will lead [249] necessarily to another period ofGlamour, 272:fact of the PRESENCE may be sensed by you and lead you to greater activity - once the burningHealing, 18:death, or produce in him those conditions which lead to a steady weakening [19] of his hold onHealing, 19:constitute a form of dangerous appetite, which lead to undesirable habits, a letting down of theHealing, 67:a basic cure, as its protagonists would lead us to believe. Irritation is a basic psychologicalHealing, 80:system which - if not correctly regulated - can lead to a great deal of distress. It is to thisHealing, 81:it is only the limitations of the observer which lead him to ascribe the causes of bodily ills toHealing, 87:and emotional imbalance and, in some cases, lead to insanity. I have elaborated this matterHealing, 91:their incentive in these mental conditions. They lead, for instance, to furious activity andHealing, 101:may not only produce nervous tension, but may lead to an increase in the power of the disease andHealing, 125:that they can do about it but wait for time to lead the other person forward into clearHealing, 132:in of that vibratory activity which will lead to unity, to harmony and to right relations, and toHealing, 154:of the two energies, thus brought about, will lead to some type of creative activity. This is theHealing, 162:far as it sets forces in motion which eventually lead to difficulty. The stage of reaction toHealing, 173:the esoteric angle; rightly appreciated, it will lead to an understanding [174] of the healing art.Healing, 175:center by the focusing of these energies may lead to disastrous psychological problems. [176] A manHealing, 192:and disharmony. This dis-harmony and dis-ease lead to much necessary trouble and consequentHealing, 212:the heavenly Son of Man Who is the Son of God to lead the heavenly life when far from the heavenlyHealing, 242:to give even a slight indication which could lead, at present, to any process of verification. WhatHealing, 259:a sequence of experiences which are intended to lead to one, clear, definite goal - the goal ofHealing, 262:and for this reason the Christ can now lead His forces and aid human beings to liberate mankind.Healing, 277:it will produce a basic simplification; it will lead to more correct methods of healing,Healing, 281:with the etheric body. This should eventually lead to an accumulation of knowledge anent energy,Healing, 297:Clear vision as to the outcome. This may lead to preparation for a more useful physical plane lifeHealing, 297:stanzas which I now propose to give you will lead eventually to the isolation of the sevenHealing, 299:atoms and to bring about those conditions which lead to what has been called (esoterically) "theHealing, 301:summoned, both in group form and as individuals, lead - until understood and used as a means toHealing, 303:those steps - some right and some wrong - which lead to satisfaction. The results cover a wideHealing, 303:on physical desire and to those conditions which lead to the many forms of sexual disease. A clueHealing, 304:be pondered upon, and deep reflection will lead to understanding. All disease and ill health areHealing, 345:represented for instance in a group) may itself lead to a subtle separative attitude. There is noHealing, 366:throw obstructions in their way in order to lead them into the light. Those mystically inclinedHealing, 376:rays which will make their presence felt and lead to possibilities beyond the dreams ofHealing, 381:changes in the approach to disease.. These will lead to the eradication of many of the dreadedHealing, 407:earlier referred; these cover three periods and lead, eventually, to other processes under the LawHealing, 434:in the great life cycle of an incarnating soul lead to the final synthesis of spirit and soul,Healing, 481:be negated and those habits avoided which today lead inevitably to ill health, definitelyHealing, 510:law. All these steps upon the way of integration lead to that culminating stage wherein theHealing, 544:for right action. This right action will lead either to full payment of the penalty through theHealing, 544:health. In the case of the healer, it will lead to a recognition of potent forces working through
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