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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEAD

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Healing, 545:the effects of bad health, when rightly handled, lead to a sweetening of the disposition and aHealing, 561:where fundamental emotions are concerned can lead to serious liver trouble, to constant gastricHealing, 561:furiously when things do not go as desired, may lead to [562] disastrous explosions which can beHealing, 562:difficulties and temporary insanities; they may lead to constant headaches which undermine theHealing, 562:inner unrecorded subject of thought) will lead: To a condition of great devitalization with aHealing, 570:of the fact that mental and emotional conditions lead to disease. The activity of the soul and theHealing, 642:not that of those energies which represent and lead to the expression of soul quality. It is lifeHealing, 668:relations; the Law of Rebirth will eventually lead them on the way to good. Those men are trulyHealing, 670:all activity is goodwill. That motive might lead to positive and sometimes disagreeable action orHealing, 681:who see. A realization of the difference would lead to basic changes in technique. In the one case,Hercules, 38:on his task to seek and find the bull, and lead it to the Holy Place where dwell the one-eyed men.Hercules, 49:in the one case we have practices taught which lead eventually to sexual orgies. These have beenHercules, Known:that he could show him the way, that he could lead him out into the light, and that he was theHercules, 67:and many teachers will arise everywhere to help lead the race into a new state of spiritualHercules, 71:deem it wise. Many well-meaning occultists would lead one to believe that the Masters of the WisdomHercules, 111:even his trusty club, refused symbolically to lead any longer a personal, selfish life, that heHercules, 135:of our institutions, that the lives men lead may reflect the divine image that is indeliblyHercules, 168:to bring harmony into our lives, trying to lead the "altar" life, seeking to contact the serpent ofHercules, 207:or an intellectual nature but they serve to lead the subjective life of the race into a new andHercules, 207:formulas and rules of the road which will lead man to the next stage in his spiritual development.Initiation, 66:reaches his own periphery he is met by those who lead him on to encyclopedic knowledge. When he hasInitiation, 80:and can be used by those who know how, to lead men on to further illumination. All these steps haveInitiation, 81:synthesis. A careful study of the foregoing will lead to the realization that the difficultiesInitiation, 83:of mind within the group concerned which will lead them (whilst taking firm action) to help theInitiation, 110:three departments in tabular form is liable to lead to error. The three Great Lords closelyInitiation, 140:A development of psychic faculty that again may lead to temporary distress, but which eventuallyInitiation, 181:or cells in the body of the Heavenly Man, and lead often to events unforeseen and apparentlyInitiation, 189:pass out of the system altogether. They do not lead to Sirius, as do some of the other Paths. ItIntellect, 9:which he is slowly learning to master, going to lead him? What does the future hold for man?Intellect, 15:educators and of the psychologists. They must lead him up to the door of the mystical world.Intellect, 25:The literal meaning of the word, however, is "to lead out of," or "to draw out," and this is mostIntellect, 25:and potentialities of the child in order to lead him out of one state of consciousness into anotherIntellect, 25:into another and wider one. In this way we lead children, for instance, who are simply conscious ofIntellect, 25:their instinct of self-preservation in order to lead them on along the path of knowledge. Could itIntellect, 25:utilization of their instinctive apparatus to lead them on to the way of the intellect? PerhapsIntellect, 26:of an educational technique which would lead to the development of a faculty of a higher awareness.Intellect, 29:an educational system that does not eventually lead a man out of the world of human affairs intoIntellect, 31:that the real goal of education is to lead humanity out of the fourth or human kingdom into thatIntellect, 36:the similarity of their testimony down the ages lead one to believe in the possibility of thatIntellect, 37:It seems to be unalterably true that all paths lead to God - viewing God as the ultimate goal, theIntellect, 44:The education of the masses of the Orient will lead to the rectifying of their physical planeIntellect, 50:This is the goal of the meditation process - to lead men forth into the Light that is withinIntellect, 70:procedure and to those steps and passwords which lead to the door and procure its opening. It isIntellect, 72:is reoriented to Reality, and, rightly used, can lead a man into another kingdom in nature, intoIntellect, 92:our goal. It is a fluid existence which we lead, being sometimes carried by our high desires to aIntellect, 96:This, in its most practical application, will lead a man for instance, to negate the form aspectIntellect, 97:in the life as working rules of conduct. They lead to detachment, a quality which is emphasizedIntellect, 99:of service. These five stages, when followed, lead to union with the soul and direct knowledge ofIntellect, 166:and carry nothing new, or any message which will lead man on another step into the New Age, orIntellect, 194:in the final stages of feeling and emotion) all lead to the same point. From the standpoint ofIntellect, 219:The trouble with such postures is that they lead to two rather undesirable reactions; they lead aIntellect, 219:lead to two rather undesirable reactions; they lead a man to concentrate the mind upon theIntellect, 219:upon the goal, and, secondly, they frequently lead to a delightful sense of superiority, that hasIntellect, 237:exercise for the beginner and will eventually lead him - if he possesses persistence - to theIntellect, 242:disrupting; it can do more harm than good and lead a man towards catastrophe if he enters upon theIntellect, 242:of what he is doing and where it will lead him. At the same time, it can be, indeed, the "work ofIntellect, 242:it can be, indeed, the "work of salvation" and lead a man out of all his difficulties; it can beIntellect, 251:it will carry the impress of Divine Wisdom and lead the race on a little further. As to itsIntellect, 255:soon disappear, but if they are ignored they may lead to serious trouble. The earnest andIntellect, 258:and people who would regard it as wrong to lead an abnormal sex life, or to practice perversions,Intellect, 258:the way out for many who would otherwise lead an unduly active mental life where sex is concerned.Intellect, 265:carry forward our political programs; they will lead the young along the paths of right education;Magic, 103:divorced from sentiment and expediency. It will lead to that silence of the tongue which grows outMagic, 115:if founded on love leading to activity, would lead to a divine urge in all its members, drivingMagic, 152:Rightly understood and rightly studied it would lead each aspirant out of the phenomenal world intoMagic, 152:soul. Its instructions, if carried out, would lead the soul back again into the phenomenal world asMagic, 158:esoteric suggestions which, when followed, will lead the aspirant on to experiment and toMagic, 171:in that line. These qualities delude him and lead him astray, forcing [172] him onto a pedestalMagic, 182:flattering our pupils but disciplining them. We lead them on, not forcing them forward by feedingMagic, 190:coordination and a motivated activity which will lead to true esoteric endeavor and to creativeMagic, 205:of the personality by the soul. This will lead to the consequent and subsequent [206] guidedMagic, 223:his way, finding the clue or thread which will lead him out of the maze, and holding fast to eachMagic, 268:knowing that right thought and right orientation lead to correct functioning and the sure avoidanceMagic, 276:presentation is that information which will lead disciples to realization, and which will put themMagic, 277:a close interplay be brought about. This will lead to such potent action that there will be aMagic, 290:its implications are many and varied; but all lead back to the idea of unity, and of the Oneness ofMagic, 309:common among the rank and file of humanity and lead to reactions of fatigue. Magic, 313:in the schemes of those who were endeavoring to lead animal man into human consciousness - not intoMagic, 344:purity of life and regulation of thought will lead to the sphere of achievement. Remember too thatMagic, 344:the Master, nothing comes to pass but what can lead to increased knowledge and development, andMagic, 359:and this consciousness, when followed, will lead the individual into the Council Chamber whereinMagic, 361:lines of force from these three lower aspects lead back (if one may use so inadequate anMagic, 361:to the third plane, as the astral lines of force lead back to the second or monadic plane, thoughMagic, 361:as man's consciousness is concerned they only lead back to the buddhic or intuitional plane. It isMagic, 362:to rotate, then - and only then - can the Master lead him into the Presence of the Hierophant. TheMagic, 367:a long time. But the struggle to apprehend will lead to results, and little by little the idea willMagic, 370:and in bringing about those conditions which lead to the better expression of the souls of those weMagic, 381:again be opened. That the path of mysticism must lead eventually to the occult path, and that plansMagic, 382:emotional nature and desire body will no longer lead astray nor will the mind shut out that whichMagic, 395:but which (divorced from their eternal context) lead to the over-emphasis of certain divineMagic, 405:and racial pride. The result of this would lead inevitably to wide cleavages and the erection ofMagic, 409:war and bloodshed, penury and vice may lead the unthinking into the depths of pessimism. But thoseMagic, 434:permutations of these three groups of energies lead to the infinite complication which we find inMagic, 453:Rules carry certain potent instructions and will lead him to an understanding of the process of theMagic, 469:again the playground of the Lord and this time lead the games." The way upon the second [470] tierMagic, 474:a prison, poison all the springs of life, lead to disease, and cause disaster and delay. Therefore,Magic, 502:and a training given during life which will lead up to the utilization of that technique. AsMagic, 533:the Temple. The uses of pain are many, and they lead the human soul out of darkness into light, outMagic, 534:they produce the environing forms, and they lead the imprisoned lives on into ever more educationalMagic, 535:of intelligence. Illumination - what does that lead to? Straight to the summit of achievement, to
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