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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEAD

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Magic, 575:and his word will carry [575] truth, and will lead to the helping of others, for they will beMagic, 583:and time, even his entire thought life, and will lead him to efficient expression in hisMagic, 589:the human unit conditions of living which will lead to thought and from thought to soul control;Magic, 628:the assertive and dominant spiritual Self, and lead [629] finally to the manifestation of theMagic, 631:by a spirit of inclusive love; their tongues lead them not astray into the field of ordinaryMagic, 637:life and misses that straight highway which will lead him to his goal." The third danger (and oneMeditation, 33:which - when wisely meditated upon - may lead to illumination: The Ego on its own plane, realizesMeditation, 61:and attention. Slothfulness and laxness lead a man nowhere. The position most suitable for theMeditation, 71:facts have been, and can be, imparted. They will lead to the development of the intuition, andMeditation, 84:certain things which, wisely pondered upon, may lead to illumination. When meditating in the heartMeditation, 88:on his guard against an enthusiasm that may lead him along paths that will hinder development, andMeditation, 93:of zeal, and by a one-pointedness that may lead to an unbalanced development. One-pointedness is aMeditation, 93:without a sense of time in evolution they may lead to a shattering of the physical vehicle thatMeditation, 96:[96] of meditation. If persisted in, it may lead to disaster. All beginners do it more or less, andMeditation, 97:completely under the control of the Ego, and lead to a coordination and an alignment, to aMeditation, 120:attention of those under discussion. This may lead at times to undesirable results. Therefore, IMeditation, 140:things, if duly assimilated and acted upon, will lead to further enlightenment. In the occultMeditation, 155:matter and under definite rules, forms that will lead to specific actions and reactions. TheseMeditation, 159:Therefore, though accidents may occur which lead to unexpected physical disaster and for whichMeditation, 162:such as the invoking of protective angels; they lead to certain effects, either objective orMeditation, 178:can be set up by the use of specific forms that lead to the desired result and obviate the need ofMeditation, 222:lines of thought which, if followed closely, may lead to surprising results. By the study of colorsMeditation, 231:your feeling that even these hints but lead apparently to greater confusion. But by constantMeditation, 231:will gradually appear the thread that will lead the student out of his confusion into the clearMeditation, 234:The three rays absorb the seven and lead eventually to a merging in the synthetic ray. In theMeditation, 234:dominate and absorb the seven, and in time also lead to a merging in the [235] synthetic ray of theMeditation, 270:all that subsists within a man's nature, and may lead (especially at first) to curiousMeditation, 280:up the later stages of the pupil's progress. We lead all on by gradual steps, and as yet evenMeditation, 281:that which (brooded upon in silence) may lead to the student making some discoveries for himself.Meditation, 303:and by the graded steps of its curriculum, which lead a man from one expansion of consciousness toMeditation, 304:are the result of the imparted training; these lead a man on from step to step till he contacts hisMeditation, 305:evolution of the race, the object of all is to lead all to the point of standing before the OneMeditation, 337:- will ere long be a recognized study, and will lead to definite treatments and formulas. As beforeMeditation, 349:inner sense of contact with Those Who guide and lead remains unbroken; he cares not if he seem toPatanjali, 73:the aspirant out of darkness into light and to lead him from the condition of death intoPatanjali, 100:with that which (in any of its aspects) may lead him into realms which are not primarily those ofPatanjali, 101:realization are hinted at - those stages which lead a man out of the world of form into the realmPatanjali, 121:him to the portal of the fifth initiation. Both lead to liberation, for the arhat is released fromPatanjali, 127:they are sons of God. It is these concepts which lead men to identify themselves with that which isPatanjali, 136:to be built and produces those causes which lead to crystallization, destruction and death. It isPatanjali, 186:upon the mental plane. The sin of avarice may lead to any number of physical plane sins and is veryPatanjali, 192:of the thoughts which will tend to yoga and lead a man to a knowledge of his real self andPatanjali, 198:This is the true abstention from theft. It will lead a man perfectly to meet his own obligations,Patanjali, 198:and to fulfil his own duty. It will lead him to refrain from appropriating anything that belongs toPatanjali, 200:The latter are on the black path and do not lead to the portal of initiation. Patanjali, 219:definite effect upon the etheric centers and may lead to disastrous results. It is most necessaryPatanjali, 259:impress of the will upon the mind will naturally lead to the mind assuming the shape that controlsPatanjali, 275:of the sound in all the four kingdoms, will lead him to know himself as Master. Soul knowledge andPatanjali, 331:the true man for so long. The thorny path must lead to the northern path and that in turn to thePatanjali, 331:directed towards the light. Then let the star lead." Liberation from the mire refers to that mixedPatanjali, 337:But all have to be heard correctly and all lead eventually to and form in their totality the AUM,Patanjali, 351:sense when consciously followed and utilized can lead a man in three main directions: To the centerPatanjali, 362:all the processes of nature and its study would lead a man out of the world of objective effectsProblems, 14:the steps which will, in due course of time, lead to world security. This period should be faced byProblems, 20:is to gain the confidence of the world and lead other nations to recognize the existent justice andProblems, 22:and integrate a vast population, and to lead her peoples still further into the light. Russia mustProblems, 33:those methods of thinking and acting which will lead to right human relations - those relationsProblems, 34:barriers between man and man and eventually lead to a powerful and inevitable swing away from allProblems, 46:when properly taught and understood, will lead to the intensive culture of the individual and thenProblems, 52:to add to these that knowledge which will lead him to work constructively in his particular worldProblems, 54:to renewed endeavor. They will thus seek to "lead him out" (the true meaning of the wordProblems, 67:cultivation of the spirit of goodwill. This will lead to a complete revolution of the presentProblems, 94:is another; a study of this other picture will lead to renewed optimism and to constant faith inProblems, 110:people. At the same time, a sane patience should lead the African peoples to concentrate onProblems, 136:what means will the spiritual Guides of the race lead men forward into greater light and theProblems, 136:faces towards the Way of Resurrection. Who shall lead him on that Way? Problems, 138:great Oriental religions are taking an active lead in producing a new and better world. And stillProblems, 145:This change in the doctrinal presentation will lead to a very different humanity to that whichProblems, 153:of the most ancient prayer in the world., "Lead us from darkness to Light", has seen fulfilment toProblems, 153:of seeing the answer to the second clause: "Lead us from the unreal to the Real". This may well beProblems, 163:are concentrated in three consecutive months and lead, therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritualProblems, 169:and permitted the selfish and the undesirable to lead. The word "spiritual" does not belong to theProblems, 171:compassionate and understanding steps which will lead to the establishing of right human relations,Problems, 176:waits hopelessly for a decision which will lead to peace - a peace based on security and rightPsychology1, xvii:likewise increase their mental competency, and lead to that stabilization of the emotional bodyPsychology1, xx:book was intended for the average aspirant, to lead him on from where he was to a vision of anPsychology1, 11:preparation should be undergone which would lead to a liberation from the form life. The idea thatPsychology1, 65:forth unto thine own. Quality - solitariness. Lead thine own forth but learn to know thine own.Psychology1, 66:the word of wisdom. Send forth that word, and lead the sons of men from off the path of knowledgePsychology1, 67:mind of the Kumaras of Love, and thus let him lead the Agnishvattvas, waiting within the place ofPsychology1, 69:God, and set the shining one upon his way. Then lead him to the central point where all is lostPsychology1, 72:at present a prototypal cosmic process, and will lead eventually to an understanding of the part anPsychology1, 84:with welcoming hand and understanding heart, to lead the pilgrims to the east where the true lightPsychology1, 103:a study of the symbolism of the Pyramid, lead students to believe that the immediate future willPsychology1, 110:the forces in his own nature which will lead to specific action when brought into touch with thePsychology1, 153:and initiates under training), can and does lead them into a measured sequence of expansions ofPsychology1, 180:facility upset the balance of the community and lead a body of unthinking adherents to a transientPsychology1, 199:of the initiating factors which wait to lead him to [200] liberation. These factors are the firePsychology1, 203:to the best course to pursue, and he would never lead his men into danger through rashness. HePsychology1, 206:his followers. It is the ray of the man who will lead a forlorn hope, for in moments of excitementPsychology1, 227:repulsive consciousness of a piece of iron or lead, you would see revealed the complete story ofPsychology1, 232:the thoughts and the ideas which should lead them on in the realization of truth; and those of usPsychology1, 241:unbreakable, and that link or binding chain will lead them through the door to the scene of theirPsychology1, 251:with the animals is potent in results, and will lead eventually to a reopening of the door into thePsychology1, 252:the animal, of the psychological factors which lead to the process of individualization. It is aPsychology1, 270:should become a universal practice. This would lead to the consequent dominance of the animal worldPsychology1, 272:to find the golden thread of light which will lead him to his solution in due time. Psychology1, 280:bodies of the undeveloped and the over-psychic, lead to a morbid tendency towards unions,Psychology1, 281:[281] with matter, and will thus eventually lead to the revelation of spirit and of the hiddenPsychology1, 284:growth and that true education which will lead to emotional unfoldment along sound lines, and a
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