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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEADER

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Astrology, 138:by the Uranian influences and he develops into a leader. He brings about desired changes andAstrology, 309:out by astrologers) both an electric, dynamic leader, a pioneer in new fields of endeavor and alsoAstrology, 663:perpetual companion of the Sun of Wisdom. The leader and evocator of souls. One with the Sun."Autobiography, 13:smiling "professional" Grouper was present as leader and there were a lot of people eager toAutobiography, 13:have a wonderful testimony to make," said the leader. "No," replied the lady, "no, the battle isAutobiography, 146:the glory which is France and which made her a leader in the middle ages must again be restored forAutobiography, 255:simply because the policies of an organizational leader are, or are not, upheld. They are not theAutobiography, 269:intention and purpose, as indicated by the group leader (suggested by him and not presented as aAutobiography, 271:Humility is the keynote of the true esoteric leader, because humility indicates vision and a senseAutobiography, 272:realization of this that has led the mediocre leader to attempt to push his work and attractAutobiography, 272:determine issues. Just in so far as the disciple-leader is consciously and humbly in touch with theAutobiography, 272:or the shifting of responsibility from the leader to the Master. The disciple makes his ownAutobiography, 273:schools, teaching exclusive adherence to the leader and loyalty to that leader's interpretation ofAutobiography, 273:adherence to the leader and loyalty to that leader's interpretation of truth. They do useful workAutobiography, 273:and are much smaller numerically, because the leader adheres more closely to the occult rules andBethlehem, 27:to have reached this status because some occult leader or some psychic seer has told them that itBethlehem, 232:in the Holy Land, had ended and collapsed. Their Leader was discredited. Then something happened toBethlehem, 284:of our family, of those we love, of some leader, some cause, some school of politics or religion.Discipleship1, 45:their potency by permitting no individual leader to be found at the group center upon the outerDiscipleship1, 264:You will contact those who need you not as a leader or teacher. They will be those whom you knowDiscipleship1, 613:if you could but recognize it - as a guide and leader of other disciples on the Way. You did thisDiscipleship1, 740:(so prevalent among occult groups) that the leader or some senior working disciple must stageDiscipleship1, 788:simply because the policies of an organizational leader are, or are not, upheld. They are not theDiscipleship2, 107:and, frequently, in obedience to some leader or person of more powerful mentality than that of theDiscipleship2, 108:of any group; they seek ever the position of leader. This is true of spiritual aspirants just asDiscipleship2, 511:Of these mysteries you, the teacher and leader, may be aware but the pupil remains unmoved whenDiscipleship2, 513:distracting spiritual ambition which in a group leader - such as you are - would be a detriment toDiscipleship2, 704:enable you to walk humbly on the Way. No true leader can be anything but humble, for he realizesDiscipleship2, 707:to you your reaction when - because you are the leader - you have to shoulder all the blame for anyDiscipleship2, 709:antagonistic; but more than this is needed in a leader upon the second ray line of teaching. YouDiscipleship2, 728:nor the clear vision to enable you to be a leader, an organizer or a drawer of blueprints for theEducation, 65:and the entire Hierarchy with its great Leader, the Christ (the present world Symbol), might beExternalisation, 30:God's general plan, and he then became a group leader or a ruler, with the assistance of those whoExternalisation, 53:Kingship of the Lord of the World. Rule by the leader of some democratic country, who is usuallyExternalisation, 84:country, group loyalty, group adherence to the leader, and group methods. Success depends upon theExternalisation, 245:the vision and arrests right action. The great Leader of this Christian era has warned us not to beExternalisation, 292:divine energy, to some Avatar or some inspired Leader. Externalisation, 380:mass mind, either bending it to the will of some leader, such as Hitler, or educating it in thoseExternalisation, 421:in the sight of Shamballa as the God-Man, the Leader of His people and "the Eldest in a greatExternalisation, 433:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The leader of the conflict against evil in high placesExternalisation, 446:- is swinging into action. The Christ, as the Leader of the Forces of Light, has empowered theExternalisation, 449:spiritual direction as much as any religious leader and this will increasingly be recognized.Externalisation, 454:and that Christ - as the symbol of peace and the Leader of the Forces of Light - is not aExternalisation, 459:they are at this time under the direction of the Leader of the Forces of Light, the Christ, areExternalisation, 476:the Hierarchy, Christ became automatically the Leader of these Forces. His work has been greatlyExternalisation, 487:the direction of that great divine yet human Leader, the Christ. The Christ has passed through allExternalisation, 506:in the churches. He is distinctively a great leader, an organizer, and a wise general executive. AExternalisation, 518:Brotherhood, of which the Christ is the divine Leader, and of which the Masters, the initiates,Externalisation, 599:of the spiritual Hierarchy and as the Leader of the new group of world servers, and in His PersonExternalisation, 600:the Festival of the Christ, when He - as Leader of the new group of world servers - employs the newExternalisation, 600:the throne of God; of the Buddha, the spiritual leader of the East, and the Christ, the spiritualExternalisation, 600:of the East, and the Christ, the spiritual leader of the West, which I bring at this climaxing timeGlamour, 228:will make the rest of the work possible. The leader of the group (chosen in rotation so that allGlamour, 229:work to be done. At the end of that time, the leader names the glamor with which the group is to beGlamour, 230:the group says in unison, at a signal from the leader: [231] "The light is one and in that lightGlamour, 238:lights with soul light. On a signal from the leader, the group says together: "The light is one andHercules, 68:the Dog Star, called in many old books "the leader of the entire heavenly host", for it is ten orHercules, 205:limited minds. Dr. Rufus Jones, the great Quaker leader, calls attention to this fact in wordsInitiation, 57:the theologians. He is distinctively the Great Leader, the General, and the wise Executive, and inMagic, 419:with them. The ideas of any one person or leader as to how the units in his particular sphere ofMeditation, 195:they will stand until, at a given word from the leader, each unit in the group will deliberatelyMeditation, 195:key will be ascertained by the clairvoyant group leader reviewing rapidly the auras gathered beforeMeditation, 340:in a fog, and a man in a fog is but a blind leader of the blind. The ability to still the mentalProblems, 18:Nations will be to find the strong and good leader who can enforce that regimentation in a spiritProblems, 134:creed or party. Others demand the emergence of a leader, and there are few leaders anywhere to beProblems, 164:stood before the Hierarchy as the God-man, the leader of His people and "the Eldest in a greatPsychology1, 161:and of intuitional development, you then have a leader of men, a teacher from the gods, and aPsychology1, 201:be at the head of his profession. He is the born leader in any and every public career, one toPsychology1, 202:heaven "by violence." We have seen that the born leader belongs to this ray, wholly or in part. ItPsychology1, 206:as a hero. It is the ray of the dashing cavalry leader, reckless of risks to himself or hisPsychology2, 146:no idea of personal ambition or any wish to be a leader. Where the desire to be a leader exists,Psychology2, 146:wish to be a leader. Where the desire to be a leader exists, that disciple is automatically (thoughPsychology2, 171:The Follower found no words, no indication Leader, no formulas of truth, no forms or ceremonies. HePsychology2, 171:no forms or ceremonies. He found himself a leader, and drew others to the light, - the light thatPsychology2, 171:Savior.' To this great task the Follower, now a leader, bent his energies. He still pursues thisPsychology2, 224:all realms of human thought. Every great world leader is necessarily a "suffering Savior." 7. ThePsychology2, 455:of cultures and is primarily applicable to the leader type of man and to the man who is independentPsychology2, 601:(of Heaven, of God, of Christ, of any spiritual leader - or of any millennium) is based in thePsychology2, 615:are in a transition stage between these two. The leader or leaders of the new groups are usually ofPsychology2, 616:group, as a rule, either to understand the [616] leader or to cooperate with the new ideals as isPsychology2, 616:cooperate with the new ideals as is desired. The leader is a pioneer in a new field of thought andPsychology2, 616:the angle of the one most affected by them - the leader or focal point of the group. These samePsychology2, 616:the three or four people who, with the group leader and in collaboration with him, direct the groupPsychology2, 617:those in the immediate circle of the leader or leaders, is prone to sit in judgment. ThePsychology2, 617:and disruption of the physical body of the leader or leaders. This may be a new thought to some andPsychology2, 618:breath of death and it can not only kill the leader through accumulated poison and distress but itPsychology2, 618:and in every group there streams in on the group leader directed criticism, poisonous thoughts,Psychology2, 618:desires for prominence or for recognition by the leader or leaders, their desires to see the leaderPsychology2, 618:the leader or leaders, their desires to see the leader superseded by themselves or by someone elsePsychology2, 618:produce results in the physical bodies of the leader or leaders and often in the emotional bodies.Psychology2, 618:individuals. The more highly evolved the group leader, the greater the pain and suffering. FirstPsychology2, 619:friends. You might here ask. What can a leader or a group of leaders do in these unfortunatelyPsychology2, 619:group leaders. In this reverse situation, the leader is overcome and (if I might use such a phrase)Psychology2, 619:at this time a group drains the life of its leader or leaders. The [620] umbilical cord (speakingPsychology2, 620:symbolically) is seldom cut between the leader and the group. That was the major mistake of thePsychology2, 620:age. Always they remained attached to the leader or - when aroused to hate or dislike - theyPsychology2, 620:suffering to the group as well as to the leader. In the New Age the cord will be cut early in thePsychology2, 620:be cut early in the life of the group but the leader or group of leaders will remain for a longPsychology2, 620:its life as a self-directing agent even when the leader passes over to the other side or there is aPsychology2, 634:other party. They love to recognize and choose a leader, and are ready to die for a cause, and to
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