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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEADERS

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Externalisation, 330:unity. A letter should be prepared inviting such leaders into a comradeship of mutual friendshipExternalisation, 340:can win the war. It has been necessary for the leaders of the peoples to take valuable time toExternalisation, 364:the most enlightened of men and the spiritual leaders of the race could not judge what line mankindExternalisation, 367:work of the world thinkers, educators and leaders, two things happened which it had been hopedExternalisation, 369:conditions is evidenced by the utterances of leaders, politicians, lecturers and the spirituallyExternalisation, 378:a powerful, though small, group among the world leaders is voicing certain general propositionsExternalisation, 380:which has been set up by some of the world leaders with the man in the street and the woman in theExternalisation, 380:Roosevelt and Churchill. Those given by the Axis leaders are in a totally different category, forExternalisation, 380:and to the man in uniform. Only the lesser leaders in Germany, for instance, talk to the people inExternalisation, 382:the many proposals which are being made by world leaders and thinkers as to the coming worldExternalisation, 384:need. Keep a record of all such groups, their leaders, objectives and programs. It will proveExternalisation, 385:ideas, influence the masses, and aid the world leaders to right and appropriate action. 8. AboveExternalisation, 391:activity of the Hierarchy and of the spiritual leaders of the race upon the outer and the innerExternalisation, 398:will give to the thinkers, idealists, true leaders and disciples working in the world today, thatExternalisation, 404:and His great group of disciples, the spiritual leaders of humanity; the way to Christ, the living,Externalisation, 416:has ever been the teaching of the spiritual leaders of the world, no matter by what name theyExternalisation, 425:Process The Forces of Evil sought for those leaders and groups who are the materialisticExternalisation, 425:materialistic correspondence to the spiritual leaders and those who seek to guide humanity alongExternalisation, 426:Forces of Evil must be defeated now; the evil leaders must be wrenched from their high place, andExternalisation, 430:unhappy lands - Germany and Japan - are ancient leaders who have again sought to bring planetaryExternalisation, 433:nation and which condition the thinking of the leaders of the United Nations; this stream has, forExternalisation, 444:readjustment, the obliteration of the aggressor leaders, protection and restoration of the weak andExternalisation, 455:you what humanity, through its statesmen and leaders, will plan to do at the coming conferences. ItExternalisation, 455:though already widely used by the materialistic leaders of the forces of evil. It is the task ofExternalisation, 457:They are also dangers which the intelligent leaders of the race equally recognize. This recognitionExternalisation, 459:to the new world order litter the desks of world leaders and of those groups and organizations whoExternalisation, 462:as they exist today. Churchmen, statesmen and leaders of important world groups are admitting theExternalisation, 465:the enlightened statesmen, the religious leaders, and the men and women of goodwill, if they canExternalisation, 475:descent of evil into manifestation. Voices of leaders and humanitarians everywhere were proclaimingExternalisation, 476:were taken to aid the Forces of Light; men and leaders were carefully chosen and picked disciplesExternalisation, 476:in positions of power and of authority. The leaders of the United Nations and of their armies areExternalisation, 476:of their armies are not Godless men, as are the leaders of the Axis Powers; they are men ofExternalisation, 477:Their thought to the forces fighting under the leaders of the United Nations and by openly takingExternalisation, 477:- in their place and given circumstances - the leaders of the forces of evil have proved themselvesExternalisation, 478:methods of relief, guiding the minds of army leaders, and arousing public opinion to take thoseExternalisation, 506:Churches - Greek, Roman and Anglican - with the leaders of the Protestant communions, with theExternalisation, 506:command, and His connection with all true church leaders and executives is very close. He actsExternalisation, 564:the Lord of Civilization) - in which the three Leaders have unitedly acted as a Triangle ofExternalisation, 595:culminating for us in the great religious leaders who have come out among us since 700 B.C. andExternalisation, 641:It is the festival in which the two divine Leaders, of the East and of the West, collaborateExternalisation, 645:strenuous wills of certain present world Leaders, will not have as wide or potent an effect orExternalisation, 666:which He will inaugurate. Capitalists and labor leaders, financial experts and thinking workers,Fire, 392:on the planet is between a few Egos (or the leaders of the many races who are necessarily in placeFire, 979:progress. This has ever been realized by all leaders of occult movements. That most occult order ofGlamour, 31:platforms are colored; by their means the world leaders are inspired; and they are responsible atHealing, 232:no mental process whatsoever except among the leaders of the race; there was only rampant,Healing, 565:world: Why do advanced people, spiritual leaders and those oriented to the spiritual life, sufferIntellect, 34:of our intelligentsia and on to the geniuses and leaders in all fields of human expression, whatIntellect, 150:far above the average as to make them spiritual leaders of mankind." - Overstreet, H. A. TheIntellect, 239:who are not more stupid than those chosen by the leaders of the race to participate in theirIntellect, 244:with the training of the advanced thinkers and leaders of humanity, through whom They can work, toMagic, 140:out of the discipline of the individual, and leaders will be found among those who sense the innerMagic, 193:devotees, of credulous followers of leaders, of fanatical unbalanced idealists, and of those warpedMagic, 315:is with this type of sentient response that the leaders of men seek to work, molding the thoughtsMagic, 329:they accord equal devotion to the spiritual leaders of all races, and use each other's Bibles withMagic, 354:more and in them you see the thinkers and leaders of social reform, of humanitarian regenerationMagic, 418:this, acquaint yourselves with the work of the leaders of groups in the various countries of theMagic, 430:humanitarian workers are there; political leaders and economists and scientific workers in theMagic, 461:Analysis of the Three Sentences Aspirants, group leaders and thinkers in all parts of the globe canMagic, 475:timely and appointed end. These creators are the leaders and organizers, the teachers and theMagic, 584:to many guides only to find them "blind leaders of the blind". Nothing is left to him but to becomeMagic, 633:Aquarian vibration register the voices of the leaders of the other two groups, but the voice of theMeditationsteady within its circumference, then the great leaders of the race, - those who emotionally andMeditation, 117:radical bodies that sincerely serve under their leaders (even when misguided and unbalanced) forMeditation, 194:was made possible by the occult knowledge of the leaders of the people who - being versed in theMeditation, 300:politicians and scientists and educational leaders who make their impress on their environment,Problems, 59:of spiritual, cultural and artistic world leaders down the ages will be studied and their livesProblems, 68:and their innate responsibility to act as world leaders. Other races have no such inherentProblems, 74:[74] powerful group of labor unions and their leaders, face each other today. Both groups areProblems, 76:interest. Powerful individuals among the union leaders came to the surface of the movement. Some ofProblems, 77:of the unscrupulous and self-seeking. Labor leaders are now so powerful that many of them haveProblems, 78:fear and force to gain its ends. Many of its leaders are powerful and ambitious men, with a deepProblems, 79:its unions and its growing power, vested in its leaders, become a tyranny? Can labor and capitalProblems, 102:spiritual forces of the world and the spiritual leaders of humanity (both those working on theProblems, 109:handle their own affairs and produce their own leaders that naturally and automatically, withoutProblems, 125:appeals going out should be made to the church leaders and to the ecclesiastics of all faiths andProblems, 134:the emergence of a leader, and there are few leaders anywhere to be seen at this time. TheProblems, 140:Plan, as it is revealed to them by the spiritual leaders of the race, and as it indicates to themProblems, 173:of the rest of the world which makes the Russian leaders keep their peoples in ignorance of theProblems, 174:footsteps of the Christ (though they are not the leaders) and who repudiate the materialism whichProblems, 176:will carry immediate relief. To the spiritual leaders of the race certain lines of action seemProblems, 176:but, at the same time, let this group of world leaders know what is needed. The general public inProblems, 178:so outspoken on the side of human welfare that leaders, statesmen, politicians, businessmen andPsychology1, 105:the work He does in stimulating the minds of the leaders of movements. He works with them on thePsychology1, 173:their instructions were to get the ear of the leaders in various countries, and thus slowly andPsychology1, 231:handicapped by the personality reactions of the leaders of the groups dedicated to esotericism. AllPsychology1, 231:identical truths), and jealousy of other leaders, plus a sincere though foggy and deludedPsychology2, 11:reasons, and the consequent blind following of leaders, will only come to an end through thePsychology2, 88:solar systems, of races and of nations, of world leaders and world rulers, of incarnating humanPsychology2, 138:This can easily be seen today among the leaders of various groups. Psychology2, 159:devotions and of obedience to Masters and leaders, instead of service of, and obedience to, thePsychology2, 206:knowledge and aspiration, politicians, religious leaders, scientists, skilled workers and artisans,Psychology2, 480:urge. They are, in the majority of cases, blind leaders of the blind. We might define the problemPsychology2, 489:are all colored by glamor, and many well-meaning leaders of groups and organizations get theirPsychology2, 565:and personal interview with these advanced leaders. They thus enter into the world of glamor and ofPsychology2, 572:make them separative in their attitudes to other leaders and teachers, refusing to recognize thePsychology2, 577:on the physical plane by a group of six oriental leaders and six occidental leaders; of these thePsychology2, 577:group of six oriental leaders and six occidental leaders; of these the oriental are the mostPsychology2, 615:stage between these two. The leader or leaders of the new groups are usually of as pure a type ofPsychology2, 616:problems, difficulties and deaths of group leaders. I would call this definitely to your attention.
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