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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEADERS

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Psychology2, 617:those in the immediate circle of the leader or leaders, is prone to sit in judgment. ThePsychology2, 617:disruption of the physical body of the leader or leaders. This may be a new thought to some andPsychology2, 618:arrest their [618] thoughts and so release their leaders from the disastrous impact of theirPsychology2, 618:prominence or for recognition by the leader or leaders, their desires to see the leader supersededPsychology2, 618:results in the physical bodies of the leader or leaders and often in the emotional bodies. ThePsychology2, 619:might here ask. What can a leader or a group of leaders do in these unfortunately normal and usualPsychology2, 619:of the problems with which all group leaders are faced in these difficult and individualistic days.Psychology2, 619:problem and one that must be faced by many group leaders. In this reverse situation, the leader isPsychology2, 619:devotion of certain of the group members. Group leaders can be almost annihilated by thePsychology2, 619:time a group drains the life of its leader or leaders. The [620] umbilical cord (speakingPsychology2, 620:the life of the group but the leader or group of leaders will remain for a long time (as does thePsychology2, 621:speech, idle talk and gossip, the effects of the leaders' words - all these will have a subjectivePsychology2, 632:world peace, as voiced by the great political leaders and as worked for by the churches everywhere.Psychology2, 633:and swept into a collective activity by leaders of any school of thought which is clever enough andPsychology2, 633:naturally. It is not the idealism of the leaders and demagogues which impresses them and impelsPsychology2, 634:upon the ideas presented to them by their chosen leaders. I am not differentiating the so-calledPsychology2, 635:is the most fruitful field from which the new leaders and organizers are being drawn. TheyPsychology2, 635:interpreted to them rightly or wrongly by their leaders). Because of their intelligence, due to thePsychology2, 635:world in each nation, and it is to them that the leaders make their appeal, and it is their backingPsychology2, 640:which hitherto seemed to offer a refuge. Leaders - both national and religious - are everywherePsychology2, 641:the long struggle, are today recognized by the leaders everywhere. There is a demand for a new way,Psychology2, 658:them. Under this group could be placed the leaders and dictators of the world at this time, noPsychology2, 662:of ideas, upon their peoples. This seems to the leaders, no matter how enlightened they may be, toPsychology2, 662:good of the people as a whole is felt by the leaders far to outweigh any temporary happenings toPsychology2, 664:inner center has always existed and the great leaders of the race, in every field, have beenPsychology2, 670:measures seem right and good to the self-imposed leaders, but they are often, in the last analysis,Psychology2, 671:regimented into compliance. The argument of the leaders is that the masses have not the longPsychology2, 671:to that state and form of civilization which the leaders and their associates believe (often quitePsychology2, 671:into the greater whole of humanity - of this the leaders seem, as yet, to have but little vision.Psychology2, 726:owing to the selfish ambitions of group leaders, and the separative instincts of the senior workersPsychology2, 727:and continents. This refers to all those group leaders who are sensitive to what we might call thePsychology2, 728:"push" or organized activity, to reach the leaders of groups everywhere. It would be well toPsychology2, 728:to discuss the ways and means to swing these leaders into a joint activity without interfering withPsychology2, 728:into an allied and paralleling activity. The leaders of the peace organizations could be approachedPsychology2, 729:compromise on both sides, ours and the leaders of such groups, but where there is sincerity ofPsychology2, 730:like a heavy millstone around the neck of the leaders of the race, and who are kept down eitherPsychology2, 732:clearly sounded from the inner side, and by the leaders and workers in the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 733:of us are called who now are present workers or leaders in the New Group of World Servers, or whoPsychology2, 738:to get the point of view of the spiritual leaders of the race, of the planetary Hierarchy, ofPsychology2, 747:women of good will, the Hierarchy of spiritual Leaders have laid down the following rules: ThatRays, 16:the so-called Ascended Masters, put out by the leaders of the "I AM" movement, thus prostitutingRays, 112:so many people. Many groups, under self-seeking leaders, will react to this experiment and willRays, 500:emphasizes the brotherhood of man, or the leaders against evil head the fight for the new worldRays, 606:between good and evil. In Atlantean days, the leaders of men, under the influence of this paramountRays, 624:it. The German race is very old, and the German leaders during the past one hundred years haveRays, 624:and nations are basically objective. Their leaders have permitted the ideal of power (which is aRays, 626:is that the conflict is largely between party leaders and their immediate convinced followers, withRays, 627:are not of major importance to the present party leaders. This internal conflict is slowly,Rays, 628:selfishness; this is more prevalent among the leaders in the municipalities and in politics than itRays, 628:sound though easily misled by their so-called leaders; the southern states are, however, almostRays, 679:and also through the Zionist movement. The leaders of the U.S.S.R. are working intelligently andRays, 680:view are against the position of the spiritual leaders of humanity, and therefore the leaders ofRays, 680:spiritual leaders of humanity, and therefore the leaders of the Zionist movement, and the group ofRays, 680:from the spiritual angle, they are doomed. The leaders of the Russian enterprise against theRays, 681:the rulers of the communistic regime forget. The leaders of the Zionist movement of aggressionRays, 681:of these two countries because through the leaders of these groups of aggressive men the forces ofReappearance, 17:in the vicious grasp of the Jewish religious leaders, and the Pharisees and the Sadducees were toReappearance, 22:people, the enlightened statesmen, the religious leaders and the men and women whose hearts areReappearance, 32:a prayer for the enlightenment of all rulers and leaders in all groups who are handling worldReappearance, 41:culminating for us in the great religious leaders who have come out among us since 700 B.C. andReappearance, 76:masses (when informed), far more than of their leaders. Reappearance, 138:of humanity? Why have the so-called spiritual leaders of the religious world proved themselvesReappearance, 141:humanity for spiritual guidance be met when the leaders of the churches are occupied with temporalTelepathy, 32:groups. The Hierarchy, through its great Leaders, to the various Ashrams of the Masters. [33] The
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