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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEADING

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Externalisation, 425:of the expression of love and of understanding, leading to right human relations. These spiritualExternalisation, 442:then at the May Full Moon, the great task of leading humanity into the light of a new day can beExternalisation, 445:your help in His task - climaxing this year - of leading humanity into the light of a new day. Externalisation, 465:and implemented by the world intelligentsia, by leading "lovers of humanity," working in theExternalisation, 481:fighting and all organized resistance, leading to a period of relative tranquility. Standing in HisExternalisation, 494:of those seeking to destroy the world of men, leading to a form of mental paralysis. Those seekingExternalisation, 513:called, and in Masonry you have the three paths leading to initiation. As yet they are not used,Externalisation, 513:and the three paths to the Master are trodden, leading all three to the same portal and the sameExternalisation, 545:human invocativeness. The second activity is one leading towards a much closer relation between theExternalisation, 548:for which all religions are responsible - leading human beings closer to the God of Love. 4. TheExternalisation, 548:ostensibly over and the work of restoration, leading to resurrection, being slowly implemented, theExternalisation, 549:made by the angels at His Birth: Goodwill, leading to right human relations, leading to Peace onExternalisation, 549:Goodwill, leading to right human relations, leading to Peace on Earth, leading to Glory to God.Externalisation, 549:human relations, leading to Peace on Earth, leading to Glory to God. Analyzed, these words simplyExternalisation, 549:the Hierarchy appearing on earth, and leading to the glory of God, which animates the activity ofExternalisation, 570:recognized physical expression of the Christ, leading to the definite restoration of the Mysteries,Externalisation, 582:- this is regarded as a process of education, leading to an expansion of perception and theExternalisation, 590:varying missions, are to be seen historically leading humanity along the path of divine unfoldmentExternalisation, 621:service of the Hierarchy. Still another alibi leading to inertia is the fear people have ofExternalisation, 660:The preparation of the many combined Ashrams, leading to externalization. The formulation of theFire, 102:periods of apparent relative perfection leading to those which are still greater. The aim for thisFire, 196:are necessary for manas... Manas is thus the leading indriya, of which the senses are powers. -Fire, 208:takes place in the permanent atoms of the Triad, leading to the coordination of the buddhicFire, 463:of their latent mentality will ensue, leading in due course of time to the crisis in the nextFire, 546:permanent atom undergoes a similar process, leading up to the full arousing of the spirillae withinFire, 557:what brings the Destroyer aspect into activity, leading to eventual obscuration, and the physicalFire, 599:and later, another door opened, on to the Path leading from the human kingdom into the spiritual -Fire, 673:sage Sankaracharya who is known to us all as the leading head of the adwaitic movement that was setFire, 716:is ever to bring about a primary destruction leading on to revelation. That which is imprisonedFire, 769:upon the mental level, and as covering the time leading up to the appearance in the fourth round ofFire, 796:unknown. Science recognizes certain effects, leading and tending to the general coherence of theFire, 827:each making nine, and one synthesizing period, leading up to the consummation of one period withinFire, 886:the force streams from the solar Angels, and leading to a situation which will eventually result inFire, 1049:the highest rhythm of all makes itself felt, leading to increased activity upon the highest planes,Fire, 1271:warming their hearts, producing dual fire, and leading all towards the portal of the sun and thenceGlamour, 11:adaptation to a seen and recognized purpose, leading to the subsequent magnetization of the symbolGlamour, 62:is illusion through an initial misapplication, leading to a wrong use or wrong direction of theGlamour, 70:such as yourselves, see before you an open path leading to the clear light of day. You know notGlamour, 118:be: Between the etheric and the physical bodies, leading to a lack of vitality, physical weakness,Glamour, 119:difficulty. [119] In the sentient astral body, leading to a vast number of problems andGlamour, 155:endeavor. Then there is a period of oscillation, leading to a life of equilibrium wherein neitherGlamour, 160:hold of the personality and its little issues, leading it to discriminate rightly and to recognizeGlamour, 164:sweep humanity into an era of comprehension, leading to a focused mental clarification of men'sGlamour, 177:a re-enactment of the ancient drama of the blind leading the blind, to which Christ referred as HeGlamour, 198:them to the prisoners of the astral plane, leading them to mistake them for the Reality. ThisGlamour, 205:Evolution is in fact the path of recognitions, leading to revelation. The whole process ofGlamour, 205:process of evolution is initiatory in character, leading from one expansion of consciousness toGlamour, 241:upon the physical plane, via the etheric plane, leading to inspiration. This is related to theGlamour, 247:physical appetites, or through the solar plexus leading to emotional satisfaction of some kind? IsGlamour, 258:producing the stimulation of the etheric body leading to the strengthening of the physical nature;Healing, 13:with the law of liberation, with right thought, leading to non-resistance. At present, by the powerHealing, 18:and offsets the "fighting powers" of the man, leading to premature death. Heredity. There are, asHealing, 34:which must be considered in studying the factors leading to physical plane actions. I would remindHealing, 39:eating and drinking of that which is desired, leading subsequently to those attacks of biliousnessHealing, 48:realm, we shall see radical and needed changes, leading to simplification and not to a greaterHealing, 68:before there has been enough investigation, leading to definitely formulated conclusions, whichHealing, 113:with the Law of Liberation, with right thought, leading to right attitudes and orientation, andHealing, 119:psychological tendencies, undesirable complexes, leading to erroneous approaches to life. ThisHealing, 126:arise whilst this process is being mastered, leading to psychological cleavages, both deep seatedHealing, 198:upon the nervous system and upon the glands, leading to over-stimulation in some cases, subnormalHealing, 202:activity, a premature awakening of the centers, leading to the over-activity of the atoms and cellsHealing, 249:we shall see a definite minimizing of disease, leading to longevity and increased vitality. TheHealing, 278:problem of the over-population of the planet, leading to the herd life of humanity and theHealing, 291:is attached to karma where there is ignorance, leading to irresponsibility and complete lack ofHealing, 297:energy, prior to a forward moving activity, leading steadily and always towards betterment. TheHealing, 310:the initiating cause. Some psychological factor, leading to a wrong use of energy, sets in motionHealing, 346:bring about the correct distribution of force, leading to harmonious relations, when we seek toHealing, 404:the astral plane; this is the plane upon which leading Theosophical writers and psychics haveHealing, 432:sensitivity of the human response apparatus, leading to a turning inward or to a new orientation ofHealing, 448:rooted in the death or the abstraction process, leading to resurrection and ascension. That whichHealing, 472:the vital body out of the dense physical body, leading eventually to an elimination of all soulHealing, 495:violent reorientation to earth life takes place, leading to what is called "the process of descentHealing, 507:The control by the soul is the final phase, leading to the death and destruction of theHealing, 509:integration of soul and [509] personality, leading to that final integration which brings in theHealing, 595:of interest. The soul is taking control and leading the aspirant from mountain top to mountain top.Healing, 680:of the planet and the kingdoms in nature, leading eventually to the perfect expression of HisHealing, 686:duties of daily life, is a scientific process leading them to higher phases of experience, andHealing, 712:end justifies not the assurance of the healer, leading to frequent deception of the patient. Hercules, 12:Hierarchy of our planet, is now focused upon leading humanity on to the Path of Discipleship, andHercules, 14:Dimly he understood that a crisis was upon him, leading to change of speech, of attitude and plan.Hercules, 44:illumination. In ancient days it was called the leading star of the heavens, and Taurus has alwaysHercules, 48:third constellation, Auriga, is the charioteer, leading forth to new lands and so symbolizing theHercules, Known:what he said. He made great claims for himself, leading Hercules to believe that he could show himHercules, 90:he has been depicted many times as the shepherd leading his sheep. The thought of the sheepfold hasHercules, 201:themselves, but upon whom is laid the burden of leading humanity. They are starting movements thatHercules, 212:Aries and Sagittarius). Quality: Sensitivity leading to individual awareness. Emergence out of theInitiation, 26:are but visionary dreams, and profit not at all, leading us only into darkness, time willInitiation, 32:its destinies, guiding its affairs, and leading all its evolutions on to an ultimate perfection.Initiation, 76:separation. This must be endured and passed, leading to a closer link at a later period with allInitiation, 139:takes place in the permanent atoms of the Triad, leading to a coordination of the buddhic vehicle,Initiation, 181:present stimulation in hierarchical effort is leading up to a lesser initiation. Each great cycleInitiation, 204:the generative organs to the throat center, thus leading to creation upon the mental plane throughInitiation, 225:origin. The practice of Meditation as a means of leading to spiritual liberation. Intellect, 4:hemispheres are realizing that this fusion is leading towards some most significant realization.Intellect, 15:with which we deal in this book. The problem of leading man into his heritage as a human being isIntellect, 15:world. Paradoxical as it may sound, the work of leading him into his spiritual heritage is the workIntellect, 32:which... is the only way that can be shown as leading to a raising of the level of essentialIntellect, 32:these circumstances, there is no direct way leading from one goal to the other. One may knowIntellect, 39:technique becomes a system of mind-control, leading eventually to an inner awareness of a new stateIntellect, 61:is, as we shall see, a strictly mental process, leading to soul knowledge and illumination. It is a
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