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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEADING

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Intellect, 69:and analysis, which are regarded as blind guides leading to the morass of illusion. CloselyIntellect, 84:has been overcome, enlightenment takes place, leading up to full illumination." "The mind thenIntellect, 98:process is divided into five parts, one part leading sequentially to another. We will take theseIntellect, 139:has been described, as a psychic gateway, leading from one state of consciousness to another.Intellect, 151:has been overcome, enlightenment takes place, leading up to full illumination." "The knowledge (orIntellect, 185:These are the four progressive mental states, leading to complete concentration of mind, producingIntellect, 256:brain cells which become [256] over-stimulated, leading to headaches, to sleeplessness, to a senseIntellect, 260:type evading marriage and as he frequently does leading a purely celibate life, may be aMagic, 58:humanity who have trodden ahead of him the path, leading from darkness to light, from the unreal toMagic, 68:plane relations of business and of finance, leading up to a consideration of the highest good forMagic, 103:energies which seem to vitalize the personality, leading consequently to right action. Magic, 111:physical intent of a life. Status in evolution, leading to the diversities seen among men.Magic, 115:of the lesser organizations, if founded on love leading to activity, would lead to a divine urge inMagic, 182:of power, but giving them information and leading them to use it in their work, knowing that rightMagic, 193:prematurely developing the higher faculties and leading the aspirant (if I might express it inMagic, 197:is however going on simultaneously, leading - as one might [198] naturally suppose - to a good dealMagic, 230:for right choice through right discrimination leading to right action, and made possible throughMagic, 294:and of sentient reaction, is but a pathway leading him to wider and ever widening contacts andMagic, 571:of their thought, the forces of nature and so leading the whole creative body forward along theMagic, 590:the centers and much erroneous teaching, [590] leading many astray and causing a great deal ofMagic, 613:duality is only a stage on the evolutionary arc, leading eventually to the realization of unity.Magic, 626:quality of the planetary life, - fear reactions, leading to activity of some kind. As you know theMagic, 628:production of ancestor and hero-worship. It is leading, however, to the assertion of the Self, ofMeditation, 159:a general debilitating effect on the system, leading to loss of vitality, to sluggish action of theMeditation, 308:Grades Advanced School Greece or Syria leading to Egypt Middle West, USA California, USA SouthernMeditation, 360:2. The practice of Meditation, as a means of leading to spiritual liberation. Patanjali, 90:is the same - perfectly concentrated meditation, leading to perfected power over the mind. The mindPatanjali, 91:the human standpoint) incomprehensible order leading to ultimate perfection is seen in the other.Patanjali, 108:of them is consequently false, [108] leading to wrong identification and an erroneous set ofPatanjali, 112:2 - The Steps to Union 1. The Yoga of action, leading to union with the soul is fiery aspiration,Patanjali, 112:has been overcome, enlightenment takes place, leading up to full illumination. 29. The eight meansPatanjali, 112:2 - The Steps to Union 1. The yoga of action, leading to union with the soul is fiery aspiration,Patanjali, 141:the Ceasing of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Way leading to the Ceasing of Ill. But, brethren, whenPatanjali, 178:has been overcome, enlightenment takes place leading up to full illumination. We now come to thePatanjali, 190:must be found in all three bodies. leading to the constant disciplining of the physical vehicle,Patanjali, 190:group of some adept or spiritual teacher, and leading him also into devoted service to Ishvara orPatanjali, 190:aspect as we know it in the three worlds, and leading to union (yoga or at-one-ment) with the soul,Patanjali, 414:of detached parts, remote from each other and leading (as the idea is carried forward to a logicalPatanjali, xi:unfolded for us a graded system of development, leading a man from the stage of average good man,Problems, 5:as, one by one, the necessary steps are taken, leading to the readjustment of human values and theProblems, 75:and spiritual development of the human family, leading to civilized and cultural living and to fairProblems, 77:unions was, in fact, a great spiritual movement, leading to the uprising anew of the divine spiritProblems, 88:is offered a new opportunity for right action, leading to right human relations. From the angle ofProblems, 110:the British peoples are now following a program leading to the release of Africa into the hands ofProblems, 168:ambitious planning of so many of the world's leading men can be found in the fact that spirituallyPsychology1, 10:so that we shall tread the path of selflessness, leading to group awareness, and not the path ofPsychology1, 10:awareness, and not the path of individualism, leading eventually and inevitably (as the mind aspectPsychology1, 13:rays) can be roughly divided into three parts, leading to a fourth: 1. A lower realization of aPsychology1, 20:began its process of becoming, - a process leading to an eventual being. This idea is ancient andPsychology1, 34:indicates a developing sensitivity. This is leading to a growth of interest in the Knower and to aPsychology1, 105:and as justifiable as any views presented by our leading scientists in their various fields ofPsychology1, 178:and this growth is being speeded up, leading to an easier recognition of that which is on the way.Psychology1, 179:and cooperation, and by new mental powers, leading to a reorientation of the mind so that it canPsychology1, 181:be made available, to play their part in leading the race towards its destiny, towards those deeperPsychology1, 198:factor here, and to man is committed the task of leading the animal kingdom towards liberation - aPsychology1, 224:transmutation of forms by fire in that kingdom, leading to an ultimate radiation. The best knownPsychology1, 225:three stages of the life cycle of every mineral leading from the static mineral stage, such asPsychology1, 234:which lures to it the higher forms of life, leading the animal forms to consume it for food, andPsychology1, 248:in the five stages of the initiatory process, leading to eventual transfiguration and liberation.Psychology1, 283:have at this time a worldwide interest in sex, leading as a natural consequence to two things:Psychology1, 317:I have expressed them) in terms of their quality leading to their objective, as follows: The firstPsychology1, 337:form; it is love between the pairs of opposites, leading to an eventual synthesis or marriage; itPsychology1, 340:been brought about by the process of experiment, leading to experience; by experience, leading to aPsychology1, 340:leading to experience; by experience, leading to a wiser use of the powers of the personality; by aPsychology1, 353:three statements: A widespread interest in, leading finally to a recognition of, the soul as aPsychology1, 355:elucidated. The secondary influence which is leading the Aryan race forward is that of the fifthPsychology1, 379:of the rays which govern and influence the leading nations of the world, the student should bear inPsychology1, 380:things to that of the more purely psychic, leading in time to the spiritual. It should bePsychology1, 386:of an enforced ceremonial of ordered rhythms, leading to an idealized order and community ofPsychology1, 387:great race, whilst Brazil will function as the leading division of the great sixth race. ThesePsychology2, 10:career which is expressed through selfishness, leading finally to an ultimate unselfishness. ThePsychology2, 38:of the Lord, and found the many ways there be, leading to the center of the web eternal. The formsPsychology2, 40:to dominate, Expressed strength and self-will, leading to: A dynamic use of energy for thePsychology2, 40:subordination of all soul powers to this end, leading to: Building wisely, in relation to the Plan;Psychology2, 41:Submergence in illusion, glamor, and maya, [41] leading to: The manipulation of energy in order toPsychology2, 41:is the Not-Self, Constant points of crisis, leading to: Unity and harmony; The evocation of thePsychology2, 42:devotion to form and form activity Theology, leading to: A knowledge of reality; The realization ofPsychology2, 43:to be personal and emphasize personalities, leading to: Directed, inclusive idealism; Steadiness ofPsychology2, 43:magic. The selfish perversion of soul powers, leading to: White magic, the use of soul powers forPsychology2, 50:major crises in the life of the soul, - one leading to physical incarnation and one producing thePsychology2, 53:relationship between the soul and its vehicles, leading to another crisis between the fifty-sixthPsychology2, 56:the Transfiguration of the initiate takes place, leading to that final crisis wherein the two arePsychology2, 69:second stage of the way has then to be trodden, leading to a second union of still greaterPsychology2, 88:in reality the expression of a divine impulse, leading to a defined activity, with its consequentPsychology2, 101:producing harmony. Knowledge or science, leading to radiance. Idealism, establishing the divinePsychology2, 134:force of the soul, which is the major factor leading to demonstrated service, is to integrate thePsychology2, 143:history. They are, knowingly and unknowingly, leading men into the world of meaning, and theirPsychology2, 153:lies a great mystery. These seventeen degrees, leading to the first great step, (taken by the risenPsychology2, 224:side, this has worked out as material desire, leading eventually to cruelty and frequently to anPsychology2, 239:- Intuition - Illumination: All of them leading up to Insight. In these words, sequentiallyPsychology2, 289:seven in number. The technique of fusion, leading to the emergence of the ray of the personality.Psychology2, 292:with the impulse, or the instinct, to reproduce, leading consequently to the sex relation; or itPsychology2, 315:this time, primarily focused in the astral body, leading to over-sensitivity of the solar plexusPsychology2, 323:an ever-widening environment becomes possible, leading to successive expansions of consciousnessPsychology2, 327:or of refinement and the development of quality, leading to liberation upon the upward arc. It isPsychology2, 336:emotional response to the environing conditions, leading thus to an intensified "wish-life", aPsychology2, 345:within the lower nature of intelligent humanity, leading inevitably to duality and conflict. ThePsychology2, 346:in terms of consciousness and awareness, leading to an eventual realization. This purpose andPsychology2, 371:rightly handled, then the light streams forth, leading to the revelation of the relationships ofPsychology2, 378:we are to study is the Technique of Fusion, leading, as it inevitably does, to the emergence (into
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