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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEADS

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Astrology, 10:and because [10] of the inferences to which it leads. This vaster field, as well as the smaller andAstrology, 79:(between the sacral and the throat centers) and leads eventually to that creative activity which isAstrology, 82:its source and thus reveal the bidden way which leads unto the innermost light, hid by the finalAstrology, 99:and Uranus. Mars embodies sixth ray force which leads to idealism, destructive fanaticismAstrology, 100:plans and make them his own. In every case, Mars leads to the battle ground of Scorpio. Mercury,Astrology, 100:and Mother-Matter. Mercury, therefore, leads Aries to Virgo (again speaking symbolically) where theAstrology, 100:friction, thus producing manifestation. Uranus leads the soul to the burning ground during theAstrology, 104:(as it is expressed in the Bible) [104] which leads to the conflict carried on in the individualAstrology, 107:the ancient books. This process of reorientation leads to a passage around the wheel in which,Astrology, 108:plane of mind, I rule" - The Initiate Experience leads to rulership and in this sign the man who isAstrology, 109:of readjustment or struggle for liberation which leads to the mounting of the Fixed Cross, and theAstrology, 110:At present, the readjustment of your ideas leads to inevitable temporary bewilderment. One of theAstrology, 156:little further, it might be stated that: The Ram leads us into the creative life of Earth and intoAstrology, 157:This is the blue of midnight. [157] The Bull leads into the places of desire in search of "wrathfulAstrology, 157:into the golden light of illumination. The Goat leads us into arid ways in search of food andAstrology, 157:by the Bull. The Goat becomes the Unicorn, and leads to victory. The Crocodile, the Goat and theAstrology, 165:and presents the initiate with a word which leads to the fusion of the greater pairs of opposite.Astrology, 168:between them the "narrow razor-edged path" which leads the man into the kingdom of the soul. As manAstrology, 196:upon the Path, and such guidance (when followed) leads man nearer to the Hierarchy. It is here thatAstrology, 208:himself to the soul and its requirements. This leads to the tests in Scorpio. When the initiate ofAstrology, 228:of the wheel [228] takes place. Then Libra leads on to Scorpio and the active soul life (activeAstrology, 251:and from the soul: "I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force." Astrology, 285:has real racial value. It is the attitude which leads to a synthesis of the national life, aims andAstrology, 289:in the Leo type. It is this will-to-rule which leads a person born in this sign eventually toAstrology, 289:one), and it is also the same tendency which leads him finally to the control by the personality,Astrology, 304:and is the "initiator of the process which leads to progress" and - at the end of the age (as it isAstrology, 306:consciousness or that innate sensitivity which leads unerringly to the higher vision, to theAstrology, 309:awakened, of his motivating impulses, and this leads him to an imposed self-discipline - the thingAstrology, 309:Discipline imposed by people upon the Leo person leads invariably to revolt and rebellion and theAstrology, 309:to eradicate. Discipline imposed by himself leads to the perfection of which he is notably capable.Astrology, 310:take action, and when this is carried too far it leads to an unexpectedly futile life. The "lionAstrology, 312:open, broad and easy to pass through and yet it leads unto the place of death and to that longAstrology, 316:One is the word "self-preservation" which leads to the impulse to incarnate in Cancer, which is theAstrology, 316:conditioning factor in the creative process and leads to the whole revelation of evolution, to theAstrology, 337:and constitutes that "radiant light which leads the soul in safety to the mountain top." In theAstrology, 337:Taurus-Scorpio Powerful focused lower desire leads to death and defeat. The triumph of the lowerAstrology, 338:Fluid interplay and instability leads to personality focus and determination. The man isAstrology, 338:activity. Cancer-Capricorn The urge to incarnate leads to the densest incarnation and immersion inAstrology, 339:of the interplay between the opposite signs leads to some aspect of definite personalityAstrology, 342:consciously or unconsciously carried on - which leads to the penalties of incarnation and whichAstrology, 360:soul in form. A conflict is thus initiated which leads finally to balance. This leads to anAstrology, 360:initiated which leads finally to balance. This leads to an intermediate consummation in Libra. TheAstrology, 360:as being between soul and personality. This leads to a final stage in Capricorn. The influence ofAstrology, 361:ruler. This intensifies all that goes on and leads to the unfoldment upon our planet of theAstrology, 367:the Sun in this sign or with Gemini rising. This leads in the earlier stages and with theAstrology, 367:in the later and more advanced stages it leads to an equally fluid but analytical understanding ofAstrology, 381:and to that attraction and repulsion which leads to a steady shift of the attracting force to anAstrology, 397:from the spiritual Center of life. This leads to cooperation with the Plan in the fullest sense andAstrology, 444:when activity and response is evoked. This then leads to resistance to the apparent karmicAstrology, 460:of energy from an emanating center. This leads to Its merging with the energy of a center ofAstrology, 488:and towards the gaining of knowledge; Leo leads to the expression of that experience in daily lifeAstrology, 491:to the world disciples. Capricorn esoterically leads towards the externalization of the Mysteries.Astrology, 515:within the human vehicle (major and minor) leads to the Science of Laya Yoga or of the forceAstrology, 540:the precipitation of Karma, which, in this case leads to: The working out into expression of allAstrology, 549:It is the esoteric ruler of Aries (hence it "leads into the mysteries") and is also the exotericAstrology, 561:definite effect upon the cells of the brain and leads to a needed stimulation. In the study of theAstrology, 562:this other Way, the Way of lighted wholes; this leads from form to soul, from dark to light andAstrology, 613:will - a new state of consciousness. This leads inevitably to a new realization of being. In thisAstrology, 654:God. I matter am. Libra - I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force. ScorpioAtom, 21:the subjective life to its environment, and it leads us eventually on and up to the ideal of aAtom, 25:the [25] materialistic point of view, and leads inevitably to selfishness. It involves theAtom, 53:march of all the particles of the universe which leads them simultaneously, by a path sown withAtom, 108:is this identification with the not-self which leads to all the pain, dissatisfaction, and sorrowAtom, 145:objective in view. The self-consciousness of man leads on again to something wider still, to theAtom, 151:if we think it out, is vastly interesting, and leads us into many lines of conjecture. One of theAutobiography, 6:forward, this book will be worth while; if it leads some person with aspiration [7] to launch outAutobiography, 22:the conscious treading of "The Way," which leads to revelation. Perhaps the time will come when ourAutobiography, 50:problems, which is always so much sounder and leads to effective action. If, however, they are onlyAutobiography, 194:to tread the narrow, razor-edged path which leads between the higher psychism, or spiritualAutobiography, 274:the old groups and in their environment. This leads to three happenings: The old groups rejectAutobiography, 277:spiritual aspect and his personal self. This leads in sequential process to the steady unfoldmentAutobiography, 280:the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. It leads also to a preparation for those great expansions ofAutobiography, 281:of divinity in man and in the universe, and this leads inevitably to the acknowledgement of GodAutobiography, 301:which was basically more emotional and often leads to separateness and spiritual selfishness. ThisBethlehem, 17:for the first time before the portal [17] which leads to the Path of Light, and the life of ChristBethlehem, 17:and irradiates the lower nature. It leads to group activity, and self, as we usually understand it,Bethlehem, 21:XXXV, 8, Marginal Reading. It is a way that leads from that which lies without to that which dwellsBethlehem, 40:up will carry him forward along that Way which leads from one high peak of attainment to another,Bethlehem, 44:initial step towards that first initiation which leads to Bethlehem, there to find and meet withBethlehem, 46:to humanity the Way that must be trodden. This leads away from the superficial and the material,Bethlehem, 54:top of revelation. Finally, every initiation leads to expanded service. Practical spiritual livingBethlehem, 99:the deeper truths, and of the birth unto life, leads to Jordan, and so Christ went there to "fulfilBethlehem, 162:work of normal evolution has done its part) and leads him into the [163] kingdom of spirit. TheBethlehem, 163:to fuller expression, and from crisis to crisis leads on the developing son of God until he standsBethlehem, 170:climbing the Mount of Transfiguration, service leads inevitably to increased illumination, andBethlehem, 196:the ideal, and serves a useful purpose and leads men on (as the idea of sacrifice has always ledBethlehem, 245:lack of an intelligent plan in existence, and leads to the despair which St. Paul expressed in theBethlehem, 271:by Rudolf Steiner, p. 46. Self knowledge leads one to God knowledge. It is the first step.Bethlehem, 271:It is the first step. Purification of the self leads one up to the portal of initiation, and thenDestiny, 12:in active expression, but something which leads to self-assertion (of the individual or the nation)Destiny, 19:be studied scientifically and is a phase which leads inevitably to the individualistic life ofDestiny, 45:to their influence and this inevitably leads to these groups (responsive to either the sixth or theDestiny, 78:ruler and (because of their point of evolution) leads to their facile standardizing andDestiny, 78:ray also focuses or "grounds the first ray" and leads to the power direction which is given them.Destiny, 82:the intense nationalism of the French which leads them to feel that they have a superior culture toDestiny, 82:other race, the sure pride of the British which leads them to regard themselves as eternally in theDestiny, 83:noisy self-assertion of the United States which leads them to regard their country as the hope ofDestiny, 86:blinded at times by the Taurian influence which leads to a blind rushing forward towards a goal,Destiny, 88:and Sagittarius, and it is this fact which leads the United States to act like the Crab (Cancer)Destiny, 92:practically to every country in Europe; this leads at times to chaotic conditions and to much
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