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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEADS

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Discipleship2, 659:a steadfast pursuit of reality. This capacity leads them to judge with harshness those who do not,Discipleship2, 705:of the spirit of criticism, for criticism leads to barriers and loss of time. Learn to distinguishDiscipleship2, 750:it the "glamor of continued circumstance." This leads to an almost unavoidable construction of aDiscipleship2, 750:stand and daily work. Such a state of affairs leads to a static situation and to a constantDiscipleship2, 753:that the dramatization of the spiritual life leads to creative appearance, strengthening theDiscipleship2, 763:the true practice of loving understanding which leads to the seeing of all people in truth, withDiscipleship2, 767:is not to be found. Tread then the Way which leads through sorrow, pain and dire distress to thatEducation, ix:odious materialistic attitude toward life which leads to the predominance of an unrestrainedEducation, 2:Methods of Building the Antahkarana. This leads to the overcoming of the limitations - physical andEducation, 12:Response to the innate need to search. This leads to experiment on the physical plane, toEducation, 12:Response to pure intellectual awareness. This leads to a conscious free use of the mind, toEducation, 20:and he becomes group conscious. This is love. It leads to wisdom, which is love in manifestedEducation, 21:of harmony, produced through conflict. This leads to release and to the eventual power to create.Education, 21:and is that innate urge or discontent which leads man to struggle and progress and evolve in orderEducation, 66:living, reveals in time the world of meaning and leads eventually to the world of significances.Education, 76:becomes a menace to right development, and leads eventually to a life of evasions and of wrongEducation, 132:- is the foreordained preparatory process which leads to birth into light, carried forward in theExternalisation, 44:and co-workers. But this phase is temporary and leads to a more lasting relationship and to theExternalisation, 46:a synthetic endeavor in the three worlds, and leads from the plane of the soul to the plane ofExternalisation, 100:this personal dedication to the revelation which leads next to the organization of the group lifeExternalisation, 102:this latent, yet actively present, factor which leads unerringly and inevitably to the organizationExternalisation, 136:is an expansion of consciousness which leads to a growing recognition of the inner realities. It isExternalisation, 151:blend perfectly both soul and personality. This leads to the dissipation of energy and oft rendersExternalisation, 293:purpose and progress and blocking the door which leads to expanded life and liberation. The DwellerExternalisation, 304:appear, to lead His people - as the Prince Who leads through war to peace. [305] The whole problemExternalisation, 394:and to find the Path of Light which leads to divinity. This steady trend towards increasingExternalisation, 398:in the world today, that spiritual energy which leads to right activity, sound leadership andExternalisation, 400:such an expression) upon the Path of Light which leads to God. Externalisation, 460:the task to be undertaken, and this frequently leads them to take one of three positions: They fallExternalisation, 460:- but only when - decision has been made. This leads to a shifting of responsibility. Yet, becauseExternalisation, 461:are usually a large majority. Their attitude leads inevitably to trouble and hinders the work ofExternalisation, 463:possible for men to tread the Lighted Way which leads back to the divine Source of light and love.Externalisation, 513:free will place their feet upon that Path which leads to the center of peace; who can in fullExternalisation, 552:future) the externalization of certain ashrams. Leads to the reappearance of the Hierarchy onExternalisation, 592:the same quality of love as He did - a love that leads unerringly to world service, to completeExternalisation, 596:give to the invocative appeal of humanity which leads to the evocative response [597] of the SpiritExternalisation, 621:take your joy in the livingness of service. This leads to a longer life. I speak here not ofExternalisation, 621:technical term) its rajasic quality, and this leads later on to the highest quality of rhythm orFire, 46:manifesting as spiral cyclic activity, which leads to expansion and to his eventual return to theFire, 106:the body a certain rate of vibratory action that leads to the necessary activity of the physicalFire, 109:and of mental incompetence. Etheric congestion leads to the thickening of the web to an abnormalFire, 113:plane, this time via the mental unit. This leads eventually to causal functioning, or to theFire, 124:upon a man's ray. The result of this merging leads to a change in the action of the centers. TheyFire, 131:passes out of objective existence. Third. This leads finally, to the scattering of the atoms of theFire, 133:of the moon is the mystery of failure. This leads, when comprehended, to a life of dignity andFire, 199:[199] through sound waves of activity. This leads to a condition of mutual repulsion and attractionFire, 199:every veil, every contact, and every sense. This leads in every manifestation to three types ofFire, 200:Law of Synthesis. If this is borne in mind it leads to a realization that the separation of theFire, 201:of taste on the higher planes is developed, it leads one to ever finer distinctions till one isFire, 202:which in the animal, the pigeon and other birds, leads them back unerringly to the familiar spotFire, 274:one law, primarily, and a subsidiary law. This leads [275] to two general types of cycles, and isFire, 280:and coming under the Law of Attraction, which leads to atomic, human, planetary, spiritual, solarFire, 323:the others, not even excluding the head center, leads to the vast complexity of the subject.Fire, 350:evolution. This period of gradual evolution leads up to another crisis which we call initiation. InFire, 417:endeavor to show that manas, as it evolves, leads to certain distinct characteristics, which [418]Fire, 421:of manas, displayed on ever higher spirals leads a man Into matter and form, Through all forms ofFire, 433:to bear in mind. His is the influence that leads to the scientific adaptation of matter to form,Fire, 577:to coherence, that results in adhesion, and leads to absorption. All these terms are needed to giveFire, 594:kingdom of God within. Love in the concrete rays leads to the path of occultism; love in theFire, 594:the path of occultism; love in the abstract rays leads to that of the mystic. Love forms the sheathFire, 595:of this system, of ordered [595] Love, and leads to system three, wherein ordered Activity, withFire, 742:of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, and leads to the Monads taking form in the three worlds. [743]Fire, 870:of a love for some object, person or ideal which leads to altruistic endeavor, and to the negationFire, 876:is His peculiar nature, and an energy which leads Him to fulfil His Own ends and projects, andFire, 914:with the fruits, vegetables, and with all that leads to the covering of the earth's surface withFire, 968:all is carried on with great rapidity, and leads to rapid results - these results being effectiveFire, 984:- S. D., I, 284. Magic is a divine science which leads to a participation in the attributes ofFire, 1018:will and desire, and their equilibrising is what leads to the balancing of the pairs of opposites,Fire, 1022:this magic of the unconscious or selfish kind leads to karmic results of a deplorable nature, forFire, 1049:that the influence of the form is negated, and leads to its eventual discarding. SimultaneouslyFire, 1148:his group, as will other group units, and this leads to an apparent confusion which is detrimentalFire, 1208:when they pass into it, and this it is which leads to the general confusion of ideas under whichFire, 1214:about the great expansions of consciousness and leads to individual identification with someFire, 1218:group recognition; the initiation of the unit leads finally to planetary initiation, and theFire, 1242:here be given. Each of these Paths eventually leads to one or other of the six constellations whichFire, 1261:clear understanding of the laws of vibration. It leads to the next cosmic plane with great facilityGlamour, 10:a synthetic comprehension of its purpose. This leads to true esotericism which is the practicalGlamour, 53:mission and handicaps the man in his task; it leads to the deferring of its fulfilment until suchGlamour, 55:the realized content of the mind of the disciple leads him deep into the realm of illusion. TheGlamour, 60:the idea is but a poor thing at the best. This leads to illusion through misinterpretation. TheGlamour, 60:driving him from one extreme to another. This leads to illusion through misappropriation. [61] TheGlamour, 65:awaken in you that constructive analysis which leads from knowledge to wisdom. We have noted thatGlamour, 101:When this stage has been passed through it leads to the third initiation, wherein the personalityGlamour, 104:will then find the enlightened way which leads from the heart of the fog, straight to the door ofGlamour, 185:be free. There is a way of liberation and it leads to illumination. It profits a man nothing toGlamour, 185:can be called the Revelation of the Path which leads out of form to the Center of all life; theGlamour, 187:- just simply that - that there is a way which leads to peace and light, and that if they denyGlamour, 188:He comes forth as a Messenger of the Most High, leads a dramatic and arresting life of service andGlamour, 211:glamor. That is all preparatory in character and leads to an unfoldment which prepares the aspirantGlamour, 258:strengthening of the physical nature; this often leads to serious results, for the breath isGlamour, 261:sound method of development. It is slower, but leads to no premature development and produces aHealingand pain, and usher man through the portal which leads to the world of bodiless existence. OnlyHealing, 25:nature is all-powerful in the masses. This leads to a relatively negative etheric body which isHealing, 70:effects - and inflammation is hard to bear - and leads to much difficulty. It is interesting toHealing, 79:with the etheric form or counterpart. This leads to a devitalized and debilitated condition, whichHealing, 80:Too loose a connection or too close a connection leads to trouble, though the first kind ofHealing, 92:which seems at present unavoidable. This leads to an avoidance of the waste of time in attemptingHealing, 95:express the higher states of consciousness which leads to wrong rhythms. Consequently, I repeatHealing, 107:physical brain (again due to the etheric body) leads to mental strain and eventual collapse. FromHealing, 118:are but distortions of a great reality. This leads to the transference of the attention of the one
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