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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEADS

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Magic, 317:means the attainment of that step which leads definitely to the Portal of Initiation. When firstMagic, 317:it upsets the settled harmony of life and leads to [318] consequent discomfort. It is not theMagic, 318:and control of the personality by the soul, that leads inevitably to spiritual expression inMagic, 318:to protect themselves. The building of a shell leads to separateness, as you well know, andMagic, 321:outgoing, magnetically attractive force which leads each pilgrim home to the Father's House. It isMagic, 322:centers the attention upon the not-self and leads to added chaos. The effort should be along theMagic, 327:are being subjected to research and study. This leads to much disputation; to the rejection of oldMagic, 342:a violent vibration in the astral body. This leads to a shattering of the physical vehicle, and theMagic, 344:to follow. It reacts on the physical body, leads to congestion in the astral body, and to a similarMagic, 345:out by the dynamic power of substitution. This leads to my third suggestion that students in theMagic, 347:knowing - and rightly knowing - that it leads through trial and loneliness to the Feet of theMagic, 349:not to the right hand nor to the left. The path leads upward and on to greater rapidity ofMagic, 359:Mind, the Manasaputra, and as the thread which leads back into the realm of the Universal Mind.Magic, 364:and more easily comprehended. A little knowledge leads to much confusion unless laid aside forMagic, 368:and a well built form is desired. Hurried work leads nowhere. As you build there will gradually beMagic, 373:certain astral forces on the etheric body that leads to slow but definite changes in the internalMagic, 374:to a new state of awareness, it necessarily leads to new experience - experience of freshMagic, 396:power in some field of human expression. This leads to fresh endeavor. The coordinating of theMagic, 415:of that body-soul relationship which leads to really intelligent work, unless we except a fewMagic, 440:God, I matter am. Libra - I choose the Way that leads between the two great lines of force. [442]Magic, 451:and an occult platitude, but when acted upon leads to a revelation which makes the present "UnknownMagic, 467:indictates a law which - if rightly followed - leads to release and liberation. The latter concernsMagic, 467:concerns phenomena and the knowledge of it leads not the weary pilgrim to the gates of heaven. SomeMagic, 520:find what has been called "the golden path which leads to the clear pool and from thence to theMagic, 526:recognition of the whole, of the self, and which leads him to self-determination andMagic, 533:inner fire; pain is the cold of isolation which leads to the warmth of the central sun; pain is theMagic, 551:is permitted to carry forward the magical work, leads to the following question: Is there someMagic, 605:slowly emerging sons of God. The second thread leads us to an understanding of the growth ofMagic, 635:acts as a safeguard for the future. Thus it leads to rapid growth. An honest disciple may beMeditation, 5:becomes the One. Each life that the Personality leads is, at the close, represented by someMeditation, 17:effect of Sound. It is the process that leads to the realization of the notes and tones of theMeditation, 19:the liberating process. It is the method that leads a man to liberation through the understandingMeditation, 28:commences, - the mystic meditation that leads, in the fifth period, to that occult meditation thatMeditation, 45:concern to the inner Teachers, and occasionally leads to trouble in the vehicles. [46] There hasMeditation, 57:by unity of sound, of color and of rhythm. This leads to the second factor we are considering, theMeditation, 66:around the group, which (though only temporary) leads to freedom from disturbance, enables theMeditation, 66:that aid may be, yet every effort that leads to the free play of the law, that acts in any way onMeditation, 84:reveal its significance. This visualization leads to synthesis, to causal development andMeditation, 93:coupled with a happy sense of proportion that leads to due caution and an approximation of theMeditation, 124:vibrations, but with weak mental bodies. It leads, in the ensuing struggle, to the violent scenesMeditation, 125:you call it) in the Personality of a disciple leads to a weakness in some one spot, and this isMeditation, 142:or an enlargement of the point of view, that leads that self-recognizing unit, step by step, fromMeditation, 179:Stimulation - such as is at present abroad - leads to pain and consequent reaction and must beMeditation, 187:occurred at the coming of the Lords of Flame. It leads to complete unification, and marks the manMeditation, 215:when the plane of harmony is reached. It leads then to the third plane of atma whereon the green ofMeditation, 241:- shine out with perfect clarity. This leads him up to the third initiation. After that, he seeksMeditation, 243:means of aiding must be earnestly sought. This leads us on to our next point: 2. The ascertainingMeditation, 248:following up of brief hints lies the path that leads to the source of all knowledge. Meditation, 262:presupposes crucifixion and death, and then leads to the Mount whence Ascension may be made. InMeditation, 292:builds up a pathway (if so we may term it) that leads him direct to his Master. This is a literalMeditation, 347:above. The positive stillness of the mental body leads to the higher inspiration. Having sought toMeditation, 347:the right time, and each moment wisely occupied, leads to long distance covered and a life wellPatanjalibe applied also to things subtle. 45. The gross leads into the subtle and the subtle leads inPatanjaliThe gross leads into the subtle and the subtle leads in progressive stages to that state of purePatanjali, 40:are either self-chosen or self-created. This leads to a condition of true apprehension or thePatanjali, 57:consciousness is love. The Guru or Master who leads a pupil up to the door of initiation and whoPatanjali, 65:that illusory instrument, his mental body. This leads him to question the eternal verities, toPatanjali, 86:to that of the average enlightened man. It leads on then to a much higher state of dreamPatanjali, 87:of mental power and [87] where this is present leads eventually to what is called the "state ofPatanjali, 99:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 45. The gross leads into the subtle and the subtle leads inPatanjali, 99:The gross leads into the subtle and the subtle leads in progressive stages to that state of purePatanjali, 121:initiation. Raja Yoga makes him an adept and leads him to the portal of the fifth initiation. BothPatanjali, 136:reveals; hate is the feeling of repulsion and leads to a withdrawal of the man from the objectPatanjali, 168:and later experimentally. This discrimination leads eventually to three things: An understanding ofPatanjali, 174:is the beginning of the life of service which leads eventually to a full realization of thePatanjali, 178:becomes possible. The practice of the means, leads the aspirant to a scientific understanding ofPatanjali, 182:breath and the forces or shaktis of the body. It leads in reality to the organization of the vitalPatanjali, 188:then. It is the failure to recognize this that leads to so much of the trouble among students ofPatanjali, 196:perception, Accurate construction, and it leads on to the consummation dealt with in the sutraPatanjali, 204:is the great impulse [204] which eventually leads to complete liberation from form. It is not thatPatanjali, 266:in its turn veiling. The unveiling of the soul leads to the manifestation of the one life. ThePatanjali, 266:one life. The manifestation of the Son of God leads to a knowledge of the Father. The shining forthPatanjali, 273:the basis of the whole science of the soul and leads a man to know his own soul or psyche and thePatanjali, 295:the heart desires (in a lower sense) that path leads us on to the Path itself. Perhaps clarity willPatanjali, 295:within ourselves and this the heart reveals. It leads us to the head, where we find the firstPatanjali, 295:there intelligently traversing the Path which leads through the three worlds to the realm orPatanjali, 295:here that the awakening of the heart center leads a man to consciousness of the source of the heartPatanjali, 295:the heart center within the head. This in turn leads a man to the twelve-petalled lotus, the egoicPatanjali, 390:of the spiritual nature, then this type of karma leads to what the oriental occultist calledPatanjali, xi:Cross, and enable us to tread that path which "leads up hill all the way" to the summit of theProblems, 87:interests as of paramount importance; it leads inevitably to crime and cruelty; it constitutes theProblems, 87:engenders a destructive sense of superiority and leads to the pernicious doctrine of superior andProblems, 87:and races; it produces economic selfishness and leads to the economic exploitation of human beings,Problems, 88:fosters a sense of national superiority and leads the citizens of a nation to regard themselves andProblems, 157:and by the recognition of God immanent. This leads eventually to at-one-ment with God transcendent.Psychology1, xxiv:- cosmic, universal, planetary and individual - leads inevitably to an unfoldment of the mentalPsychology1, 14:a slowly developing inclusiveness which finally leads him into the consciousness of the cosmicPsychology1, 15:perfection. The process of "becoming," which leads to "being," is a cosmic event, involving allPsychology1, 63:the golden door. This door reveals the way which leads towards the center where dwells the onePsychology1, 64:through Their bodies, and Their united effort leads to abstraction and a return to the centerPsychology1, 80:Ruler The General on the Perfect Way The One Who leads the Twelve Curiously enough, this sixth rayPsychology1, 116:plane still holds you in its thrall and still leads you to place personality reactions before groupPsychology1, 122:particular form, some type of animal life, and leads to some vegetable aspect coming to an end.Psychology1, 126:with caution, for to the unprotected it leads to disaster. Hence the necessity to inculcate purePsychology1, 194:response develops in two directions: [194] It leads to a comprehension of the response apparatusPsychology1, 194:to a wise use of the mechanism of contact. It leads also to an understanding of the response of thePsychology1, 205:paramount importance of treading the Path that leads thither. Psychology1, 231:These factors prevent that clear-seeing which leads to wise and cooperative action. If the mentalPsychology1, 233:aura. The radiant augoeides. Aspiration which leads to final inspiration. [234] Process:Psychology1, 259:which will admit them to "...the triple way that leads to the dual road, by treading which they
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