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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEADS

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Rays, 328:and that nothing else will open it. This Way leads the Master off the cosmic physical plane on toRays, 334:Its initiates stand before the Door which leads to the Way of the Higher Evolution and the entireRays, 335:spiritual level and closer to the door which leads to Life. These statements veil deep hierarchicalRays, 349:the spurious for the real. The black magician leads a disciplined life, analogous to that of theRays, 350:widely different; one treads the broad way which leads ever deeper into matter and materialism,Rays, 350:into darkness and "black power"; the other leads to the straight and narrow way, to the razor-edgedRays, 350:and narrow way, to the razor-edged path which leads into light and life. One group has never freedRays, 360:will. The Way of the Higher Evolution leads through the monadic and logoic planes (the two highestRays, 369:itself; this unfolding human consciousness leads mankind eventually out of the fourth kingdom inRays, 389:Evolution in its more cosmic stages. This Way leads Them in awareness and consciousness andRays, 397:Ashram, conditions His decision and eventually leads to His passing through the door which opens onRays, 399:stated that: Path 1. The Path of Earth Service leads to the cosmic astral plane. Path 2. The PathRays, 399:astral plane. Path 2. The Path of Magnetic Work leads to the cosmic astral plane. Path 3. The PathRays, 399:3. The Path for Training for Planetary Logoi leads to the higher levels of the cosmic mental plane.Rays, 399:cosmic mental plane. Path 4. The Path to Sirius leads to the cosmic astral plane. Path 5. The RayRays, 399:to the cosmic astral plane. Path 5. The Ray Path leads to the cosmic mental plane. Path 6. The PathRays, 399:plane. Path 6. The Path the Logos Himself is on leads to the cosmic buddhic plane. Path 7. The PathRays, 399:plane. Path 7. The Path of Absolute Sonship leads to the cosmic mental plane. Three Paths,Rays, 399:the realm of loving attractive energy; one Path leads to its higher correspondence, the cosmicRays, 422:given out concerning this mysterious Path which leads into a triangle (if I may so express it)Rays, 428:also constitutes their weakest point, because it leads inexorably to a revolt of the human spirit.Rays, 443:as desire shifts into ever higher states and leads to ever higher realizations. This facultyRays, 444:or he can come again and pass upon the way that leads from dark to light, from light to dark, andRays, 445:union of still further importance in that it leads to complete liberation from the three worlds. ItRays, 455:necessary focal point is created, but this also leads to the building of the antahkarana, itsRays, 472:of mind, in words that but limit and confuse, leads to apparent contradictions, and this is one ofRays, 483:the beginning of that endless Way which leads to the One; this is the Way whereon duality isRays, 516:the fact of the higher Lighted Way which leads to Nirvana. Of this, the projected antahkarana isRays, 517:focal point of silence; his intense fluidity leads to many words or to great mental activity,Rays, 527:the Spiritual Triad in this case. A.A.B.) which leads out on to the Way which terminates inRays, 579:unexpressed group emotional consciousness; this leads the fused emotional nature of men into greatRays, 601:mysterious manner to each other. Transfiguration leads eventually to Decision, which culminates inRays, 611:understanding. The growth of goodwill which leads to the presentation of certain fundamentalRays, 624:and her sense of inferiority (based on youth) leads her to misuse it when she has it. The GermanRays, 629:the mature aspect of American idealism leads its people to a prompt response to the good, theRays, 652:Sun" and the Way of the Higher Evolution which leads inevitably to that assured center of the MostRays, 653:light which that revelation produced and which leads to realization. Ashramic responsibility,Rays, 666:definite occult concept: The mystical Way leads to the first initiation. Having achieved itsRays, 666:found equally on both ways. The scientific way leads the aspirant into the world of energies andRays, 666:the occult or scientific way, which inevitably leads him out of the world of mysticism into theRays, 667:is now, however, being focused elsewhere. This leads to much pain and suffering until the definiteRays, 668:development in the recognition of relationships leads finally to a recognition of the Presence ofRays, 673:astral temptation (as it might well be called) leads to a greatly increased sphere of suffering. ToRays, 682:yet by the nations involved. The factor which leads to the dissipation of glamor is devotion -Rays, 704:aspect in the experience of the initiate which leads to revelation; i.e., his "rising out of theRays, 711:adventures, and has now to tread the Path which leads him away from normal human evolution on toRays, 711:that the Hierarchy (upon the buddhic plane) leads humanity onwards. The energy of the intuition,Rays, 723:the development of that higher sensitivity which leads inevitably to cosmic perception. We have noRays, 726:makes possible all states of consciousness and leads to endless activity. Creativity was one of theRays, 738:and from kingdom to kingdom. One attainment leads to another; out of the lower kingdoms man hasRays, 753:thus constructed the "broad and easy way" which leads to the place where another kind of evilRays, 755:and can remove itself and seek the Path which leads to light and to the Door of Initiation. Rays, 761:path of fire that passes through his heart and leads to the head. It is not on the path ofRays, 761:in some attic drear, but - as the path that leads to that light is trodden through the blending ofReappearance, 30:is the radiant Way, the lighted Way which leads from one great expression of divinity in man toReappearance, 37:the same quality of love as He did - a love that leads unerringly to world service, to completeReappearance, 43:give to the invocative appeal of humanity which leads to the evocative response of the Spirit ofReappearance, 131:outgoing, magnetically attractive force which leads each pilgrim back to the Father's House. It isSoul, 10:But specialization has its value only as it leads to an ultimate integration. Is not the time ripeSoul, 77:of the Christian and Oriental teachings leads to the conclusion that the terms: Self, Soul, Christ,Telepathy, 62:itself, for the result of contact and impact leads to the awakening and the unfoldment ofTelepathy, 92:vision, a new goal, a wider field of service - leads to the inflowing energies (arriving on theTelepathy, 94:of personal circumstances and problems leads inevitably to a clear mental release; this then
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