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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEARN

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Healing, 531:and impractical generalizations in order to learn to recognize the facts anent the objective andHealing, 547:laws are studied deeply by those who seek to learn to heal spiritually, and if the healer endeavorsHealing, 552:clientele, just as physicians do today, and so learn to know the constitution and the temperamentHealing, 556:to the healing art. He has therefore to learn in connection with himself: Rapid alignment betweenHealing, 600:forces. That if he seeks real success, he must learn to place the patient as accurately as possibleHealing, 627:the angle of medical science. Healers have to learn to work with the life principle, and not withHealing, 632:medical man. It is time, however, that they learn to appreciate each other and to work inHealing, 646:the right amount of energy to emit, and to learn this he would do well to use as little energy asHealing, 652:a question of time, and the spiritual healer can learn to recognize the same signs. Then, insteadHealing, 669:and it will not last, because Russia will learn; these others do not learn. I have used the aboveHealing, 669:because Russia will learn; these others do not learn. I have used the above illustration so as toHealing, 675:to penetrate into the world of causes, and thus learn (if possible) what it is that is responsibleHealing, 680:all the relationships which the disciple has to learn to recognize. Obedience is not here enforced;Healing, 681:who wish to become wise and true workers must learn to distinguish between the hearers and thoseHealing, 689:It is this Sound which the "Rising One" must learn to recognize, and to which he must respond notHealing, 696:themselves dual in expression. The healer must learn to work through the love aspect and notHerculesand dark the deeds resultant. Slowly men learn and, in learning, pass between the pillars of theHercules, 2:perform the labor which befits their sphere. Learn thus the lesson and begin with love to serve theHercules, 24:the soul were conferred upon him, and he had to learn how to use them. We read that Minerva gaveHercules, 28:is ended; the task is done, but badly done. Learn the true lesson of this task and then pass on toHercules, 32:group ends and group objectives. Now he has to learn to use the life force with unselfish intent,Hercules, 37:of the first lessons that every beginner has to learn is the tremendous power that he mentallyHercules, 37:brood mares of his mind. He has, therefore, to learn the right use of his mind, and the first thingHercules, 41:the second is performed, and easy was the task. Learn from this task the lesson of proportion.Hercules, 47:carrying souls into incarnation, where they learn the meaning of the words, "as a man sows, soHercules, 57:place. He spoke no word, but left him there to learn. The watching Teacher, from afar, noted theHercules, 57:he profited. Let him go forward on the Way and learn the secret of success. Hercules, 58:the chosen Path which hastens all success is, 'Learn to serve'." The Presiding One, within theHercules, 70:of man, recover the knowledge of our goal and learn the mode of its achievement. Hercules, 70:to master, and one which it is impossible to learn until the tests in Aries and in Taurus have beenHercules, 94:its right place, and in its proper way. He must learn to use the intellect under the influence ofHercules, 94:the world of human ideas and research. He must learn to carry that capacity of his into the templeHercules, 109:of the race are in a position to begin to learn the lesson of service and universal consciousness.Hercules, 114:thus the sons of men, who are the sons of God, learn wisdom, balance and the way to walk with God.Hercules, 121:thereon to material ends in order that he may learn eventually their divine use." "The sin againstHercules, 127:Twice have you slain that which you should love. Learn why." And Hercules stayed within the cityHercules, 129:have you slain that which you should love. Learn why." That is all; and we are reminded that theHercules, 144:undertook are thus plainly apparent. He had to learn the art of transmuting the energies that soHercules, 152:died. It is valuable to get the big picture and learn to interpret it in the various aspects of theHercules, 160:but stop thinking so much about what to do and learn more simply "to be." Hercules, 160:of speech, such as gossip, then you have to learn restraint of speech about things spiritual. YouHercules, 160:of speech about things spiritual. You have to learn what not to say about the life of the soul,Hercules, 176:with the forces of nature. We are beginning to learn about these forces, but it will be some timeHercules, 177:are initiated as you undergo your own hell. You learn the nature of the universal by individualHercules, 177:experience; only that is realization. You cannot learn by hearsay. As has happened before in theHercules, 182:until they are no longer sheep, until they learn to have individual thought, become goats, climbHercules, 184:symbolism of water and purification, we shall learn how to be the soul and not the human being.Hercules, 188:there and everywhere. It is up to us how fast we learn the lesson of how to let go, in order thatHercules, 194:World Savior will again emerge and humanity will learn the next great truth and step forward andHercules, 202:There are two things for us to do. First, to learn to recognize the new note as it comes fromHercules, 203:and be wide open to all your fellow men. Learn to meditate, and really learn to meditate. I am notHercules, 203:your fellow men. Learn to meditate, and really learn to meditate. I am not [204] talking ofHercules, 204:and when you have learned to do that you must learn to listen in your mind to what the soul isHercules, 204:you, and that you cannot do. Then you must learn to take what the soul has told you and form itHercules, 225:make his start, react to thought impulse, and learn something of mind control. As the intelligentHercules, 225:Taurus (April 21 - May 20, the Bull), he has to learn the nature of desire, to transmute it intoInitiation, 35:for those who transcend the human. Man has to learn through experience and pain the fact of theInitiation, 65:occult from a worldly standpoint, and they learn under supervision to be invisible helpers. TheInitiation, 74:under the pledge of silence. The disciple must learn to be silent in the face of that which isInitiation, 74:in the face of that which is evil. He must learn to be silent before the sufferings of the world,Initiation, 84:he has to stabilize his emotional vehicle and learn to work on the astral plane with the sameInitiation, 166:begun here and now by all aspirants, and as they learn to imprint details accurately upon theirInitiation, 167:is that mostly dealt with, and the man has to learn the meaning of activity based on: InherentInitiation, 177:into an ordered form, and has therefore to learn discrimination in the choice of matter, and toInitiation, 178:He must likewise develop group activity, and learn to work in a coordinated manner with otherInitiation, 198:progresses [198] slowly, and applicants must learn the occult truth of the words: - "Make hasteInitiation, 203:to the consideration of their methods; let him learn the rules whereby that Army works within theInitiation, 206:- Rules for Applicants Rule 12 Let the disciple learn the use of the hand in service; let him seekInitiation, 206:mark of the messenger in his feet, and let him learn to see with the eye that looks out fromInitiation, 207:to develop self-consciousness, and thus learn to function in the causal body on the higher levelsInitiation, 207:Applicants Rule 13 Four things the disciple must learn and comprehend before he can be shewn thatIntellect, 11:then evinced that man should not fail to learn his lesson and go forward. Read the words of CarlyleIntellect, 75:is life experience itself, and the lessons we learn are those we bring upon ourselves byIntellect, 84:process of meditation reveals and with which we learn to work. The heart of the world is light andIntellect, 105:the very beginning of their meditation work to learn to make these basic differentiations, and toIntellect, 107:the affairs of everyday life and will thereby learn to regulate his mind as an apparatus for hisIntellect, 112:of [112] experience of the Thinker and he must learn to direct them consciously and to work withIntellect, 130:to be master of his instrument, the mind, and learn so to focus his thought upon a chosen theme orIntellect, 169:that it takes the man quite a little time to learn the necessary adjustments. A second effect, asIntellect, 170:it height, breadth, or length... What I see or learn in such a vision stays long in my memory. IIntellect, 170:I see, hear, and know at the same time, and learn what I know in the same moment... I cannotIntellect, 201:a purely mundane point of view, it is useful to learn to meditate. Who shall say whether anIntellect, 204:work [204] becomes easier. It is far harder to learn to read, than it is to master a difficultIntellect, 208:purely social or family life. These last have to learn to organize their days and leave out theIntellect, 213:towards the world of phenomena, and must learn to center his consciousness in the great centralIntellect, 241:must endeavor to do two things: First: He must learn to "bring through" into his [242] mind andIntellect, 242:things of the Kingdom of God. Second: He must learn the nature of the energies he is contacting,Intellect, 243:into that world at all. Therefore, he has to learn to discriminate between the fields of awarenessIntellect, 243:lives. It may be, if they handle it right, and learn its lesson. What has really happened? Has theIntellect, 260:To put it in western terms, this means that we learn to transmute the energy utilized in theIntellect, 261:be warned by the experience of others? Why not learn to function as the spiritual [262] man fromMagic, 17:but not understanding, and who have yet to learn the distinction between that which can be graspedMagic, 20:administration; in education it is the will to learn, the arts and sciences, and the great exotericMagic, 31:intuition. One of the first lessons we need to learn is that our minds, being as yet unresponsiveMagic, 55:Control the forces of his own nature and learn something of the forces with which he is surrounded.Magic, 58:For what is a disciple? He is one who seeks to learn a new rhythm, to enter a new field ofMagic, 66:exists between them and those on the outer side? Learn therefore, how keep quiet or usefulness willMagic, 67:receptiveness. It involves a dual activity. [67] Learn to control thought. It is necessary to guardMagic, 67:the intrusion of other minds. Aspirants must learn to inhibit certain thoughts, and prevent certainMagic, 69:is the best way in which his personality can learn to abide by the decisions of his own soul. It
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