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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEARN

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Magic, 69:too much in the place where he is. He has to learn through right decision and right use of the mindMagic, 97:thing to do, but the aspirant has eventually to learn to express himself in full consciousness inMagic, 97:one way and that simultaneously. He begins to learn a triple activity in this manner. This the OldMagic, 114:in your lesser way. They have their lessons to learn, and the rule of learning is that allMagic, 117:not but brings sorrow. Thus in time they learn the principles. The second set of principles isMagic, 129:the Great Ones. One lesson all aspirants need to learn and to learn early and that is, thatMagic, 129:One lesson all aspirants need to learn and to learn early and that is, that concentration upon theMagic, 129:the acceptance. Seek to equip your instrument, learn to function in quietness, fulfil yourMagic, 130:then souls are thrown back upon themselves and learn to seek within. This inner contact with theMagic, 137:larger cause. It is essential that the workers learn to discriminate between the factors which makeMagic, 163:who blend with their desire the determination to learn to use their mental bodies and becomeMagic, 166:soul, to cultivate soul consciousness, and to learn to live and work as souls. Until such time asMagic, 167:the [167] laws governing manifestation, and learn to include all that which we now cover by theMagic, 171:that one of the first things he has to do is to learn to discriminate between: His own soul'sMagic, 176:other instruments must be found. Some people learn at night and regularly bring over into theirMagic, 188:and in vibratory response to the Plan, but they learn to control themselves and to fit themselvesMagic, 189:part of the inner structure which he must learn to use - has to be mastered and consciouslyMagic, 190:forces flowing through these vortices, and to learn to function consciously through the higherMagic, 197:of his novitiate, is the heart center. He has to learn to be group conscious, to be sensitive toMagic, 197:inclusive in his plans and concepts; he has to learn to love collectively and purely, and not beMagic, 207:for the manifestation of the requirement. Learn to use the will through the development of steadyMagic, 207:life, so that that purpose may reach fulfilment. Learn to do something else with time besidesMagic, 208:with time besides organize [208] it and use it. Learn to do several things simultaneously, andMagic, 221:most vital things every aspirant has to do is to learn to understand the astral plane, toMagic, 221:astral plane, to comprehend its nature and to learn both to stand free from it and then to work onMagic, 222:the first things then that the aspirant has to learn is to dissociate his own aura in the emotionalMagic, 248:in wider and more extended focusing and must learn to withdraw his consciousness, not only to theMagic, 268:it, and acting solely as the directing agents. Learn to work on the plane of mind. Build there yourMagic, 281:Some of the factors that the disciple has to learn to recognize as his particular series of livesMagic, 291:at an understanding of these forces and so learn their nature and their use, their potency andMagic, 291:their potency and vibratory rate. He has also to learn to recognize their source and be able toMagic, 291:by the complexity of the subject. They must learn certain large generalizations, and remember thatMagic, 297:direction" not method of control. Aspirants must learn that they are working with, and in, forces,Magic, 308:through that mind the undying One can be known. Learn that the form is but the veil which hides theMagic, 316:emotional response lacks, and disciples have to learn to distinguish carefully between the two.Magic, 318:by which those who as yet have somewhat to learn seek to protect themselves. The building of aMagic, 320:thinks with me and I am strong to do the right." Learn thus to speak. Learn thus to think. RuleMagic, 320:am strong to do the right." Learn thus to speak. Learn thus to think. Rule III. Blend with thyMagic, 322:plan, and at the same time they themselves learn much needed lessons. The effort on the part of allMagic, 329:of thought, yet they speak the same language, learn by the same symbols, tread the same path, haveMagic, 338:to the laws of nature and which he can learn to use and control. But, in accordance with the moreMagic, 338:more subjective and speculative school he must learn to differentiate between himself, as theMagic, 338:to which he can also respond and which he can learn to use and adapt. The three present schools areMagic, 359:of the first things that every student has to learn, as he seeks to grasp the nature and use ofMagic, 365:those aspects of the mind with which he has to learn to work. His work therefore might be summed upMagic, 365:might be summed up as follows: He has to learn to think; to discover that he has an apparatus whichMagic, 365:books of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. He has to learn next to get back of his thought processesMagic, 365:divine thought-form, the world process, and so learn to work in collaboration with the plan andMagic, 365:thought-form building to these ideas. He has to learn to penetrate into the world of these divineMagic, 368:seize hold of the idea. This is a hard thing to learn and difficult to do but the reward is great. Magic, 376:There is his kurukshetra. The aspirant has to learn to control his emotional psychic nature throughMagic, 398:of those who could work devotedly and who could learn, through the use of ceremonial and pictures,Magic, 401:of evolution and hail Them Teacher, and seek to learn from Them that which They are so eager toMagic, 430:are simple, and are three in number. First, learn to practice harmlessness; then desire nothing forMagic, 471:work. The creator in mental matter has: To learn to build intelligently. To give the impulse,Magic, 472:them, escape the dangers of black magic, and learn to build in line with the plan. He will, if heMagic, 473:thought, and separate the false out of the true. Learn the meaning of illusion, and in its midstMagic, 473:plans futile. Discover that thou hast a mind and learn its dual use. Concentrate the thinkingMagic, 473:and be the master of thy mental world. Learn that the thinker and his thought and that which is theMagic, 473:one in ultimate reality. Act as the thinker, and learn it is not right to prostitute thy thought toMagic, 484:are three lessons which every aspirant needs to learn: First, that every thought-form which heMagic, 488:substance, and from these the aspirant must learn to save himself, and to avoid those activities;Magic, 491:he accomplishes the second. Fourthly, he must learn to detach himself from his own thoughtMagic, 492:and each has for himself, alone and unaided, to learn to look away from the three worlds wherein heMagic, 503:up with much that all students are now doing: Learn to keep focused in the head throughMagic, 504:applied to the every day affairs of life. [504] Learn to render heart service and not an emotionalMagic, 504:danger of puncturing the web in that locality. Learn, as you go to sleep, to withdraw theMagic, 512:One of the things which every disciple has to learn (putting the truth in the simplest terms) is toMagic, 512:the moment for effective work. If disciples can learn to utilize these interludes, they can thenMagic, 514:its interludes, and these the aspirant has to learn to recognize and to utilize. He has to registerMagic, 516:in Their work on the physical plane has to learn to work not only through the contemplativeMagic, 517:and also has its interlude. The disciple has to learn facility in utilizing these two soulMagic, 520:place. They have, as I oft times have said, to learn to work subjectively, and this they must do inMagic, 521:consciousness and with the need for him to learn the importance of seizing the "midway point" inMagic, 524:of Wisdom, if he uses the information given. Learn to be telepathic and intuitive. Then these formsMagic, 527:agent in some such manner as the aspirant has to learn to seize his midway points in the tiny bitMagic, 532:is steadier although in line with the Law. They learn through application to the work of buildingMagic, 542:upon this fact, but I can assure you that as men learn to think with more unselfishness and withMagic, 561:come to an ultimate conclusion and if they would learn never to criticize in thought or word, theMagic, 570:has three things to do: First, he has to learn the nature of the energies or [571] pranas whichMagic, 572:- Rule Fourteen - The Centers and Prana Second, learn to live as a soul and, therefore, free fromMagic, 572:from center on the "Golden Rod of Power." Third, learn to study the reactions upon others ofMagic, 576:Hands is a very real one and the disciple has to learn the nature of the forces in the differentMagic, 580:have naught to do. Their important work is to learn the meaning of persistence and of strength. ItMagic, 581:field or special domain in which to live and learn and work, for we dwell in a world of force andMagic, 585:nor excuse himself along a single line. Let him learn to diagnose his own words, deeds, andMagic, 585:he train himself in spiritual discrimination and learn to recognize truth in all things. Only thusMagic, 586:that opinion, and this with frequency. He has to learn to do the right thing as he sees and knowsMagic, 587:can hurt, harm or wound. Therefore he has had to learn the meaning of speech in the midst of life'sMagic, 615:aspiring Arjuna, and the cosmic Arjuna, learn the lesson that the knower and the known are one. TheMagic, 634:his past failures. I need not point out that we learn by failure, for that is a well known truth,Meditation, 96:All beginners do it more or less, and until they learn to guard against it they will stultify theirMeditation, 109:the stage is set so that it would seem he must learn the lessons of practical living in the world,Meditation, 130:elementals, to cooperate with the devas, and to learn the forms and ceremonies, the mantrams andMeditation, 138:the matter in hand. Sleep much and, in sleeping, learn to render the body positive; keep busy onMeditation, 148:control all lower forms of manifestation, and learn the rules whereby the building devas work.Meditation, 150:to bring his whole nature under rule, and to learn to build the forms, and hence to learn theirMeditation, 150:and to learn to build the forms, and hence to learn their value. Secondly, to develop appreciationMeditation, 150:to develop appreciation of the concrete, and to learn clearly the place within the scheme of thingsMeditation, 150:before he can proceed much further. Thirdly, to learn through the intelligent study of the
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