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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEARN

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Psychology2, 311:and of his individual tests and trials, He must learn to think in terms of the mass activity, andPsychology2, 344:to bring about the desired reorientation, they learn the basic necessity of integrating thePsychology2, 360:word goes forth from soul to form: 'Be still. Learn to stand silent, quiet and unafraid. I, at thePsychology2, 361:The third ray aspirant is always slower to learn than the second ray, just as the first rayPsychology2, 373:center, just as the third ray disciple has to learn to do. There he learns breadth of vision and aPsychology2, 375:inclusiveness plus understanding, then he will learn eventually to free himself from the idealismPsychology2, 397:he will become increasingly aware. He has to learn to occupy himself with the task of cooperatingPsychology2, 408:to regard the brain and the mind as one, but learn to differentiate between the two, then greatPsychology2, 422:the higher and the lower duality. He must learn to grasp the distinction between: Submission to thePsychology2, 435:illusory awareness, that the advanced man has to learn to withdraw himself. The mind nature, whichPsychology2, 466:seen, and the larger vision grasped. A man must learn to recognize that his chosen [467] school ofPsychology2, 473:and it takes time for the aspirant to learn the rules whereby he can find his way out of the worldsPsychology2, 510:absent from the body or in meditation, he has to learn to direct them correctly from mind to brainPsychology2, 511:and that humanity is now intelligent enough to learn wisdom will be the result of the widespreadPsychology2, 543:head and not only the way of the heart. He will learn to realize that he must lose his sense of thePsychology2, 544:initiation. The occultist, in his turn, must learn to include the mystical experience in fullPsychology2, 544:method as "lying far behind him". But both must learn to tread the way of wisdom. The mystic mustPsychology2, 568:to be learnt upon the Path of Discipleship is to learn to distinguish that which is real from thatPsychology2, 572:astral plane is that whereon man has [572] to learn to distinguish truth from error, and the realPsychology2, 589:facilitates astral experience. [589] Let him "learn to work and think with the spine and head andPsychology2, 596:two of the most important) and there they learn some of the foundational truths of esotericism;Psychology2, 596:of the emotional nature and the mind; they learn to purify the body and to apprehend the basicPsychology2, 613:fire of their personality ambition" until they learn that humility and scientific technique whichPsychology2, 619:group occasions and wait until the group members learn the lessons of cooperation, of silence, ofPsychology2, 644:done by the New Group of World Servers. As they learn effective cooperation and achieve steadinessPsychology2, 665:work. Members of the New Group of World Servers learn mostly through the ear and through thatPsychology2, 665:gather around them must be taught, and learn through the eye, through the printed page, and laterPsychology2, 668:it is only through constant reiteration that men learn, and these things must be said again andPsychology2, 703:which the personality is familiar. It has to learn to be at home and to function effectively in thePsychology2, 704:group and planetary in nature. Aspirants must learn to work intelligently and understandingly withRays, 4:themselves with the "energy concept" and learn to regard themselves as energy units displayingRays, 22:to a consideration of their methods; let him learn the rules whereby the Army works within theRays, 23:done. Rule XII For Applicants: Let the disciple learn to use the hand in service; let him seek theRays, 23:mark of the Messenger in his feet and let him learn to see with the eye which looks out fromRays, 23:For Applicants: Four things the disciple must learn and comprehend before he can be shown theRays, 46:would it profit at this time. Aspirants have to learn the nature of the will by the power of innerRays, 46:and by certain intelligent recognitions. They learn the nature of the self through the aid of theRays, 47:which we develop the Will aspect of divinity. We learn also to use consciousness as a jumping offRays, 54:of Vibration is progressively revealed as people learn to sound forth the Word in its threeRays, 67:Ashram, where his effort is increasingly to learn to use the will in carrying out the Plan and toRays, 88:stabilize the appearing good, and this they will learn to do through the utilization of the thirdRays, 90:activities they - as individual aspirants - must learn to model their lives. Only today is itRays, 92:through the turning of the wheel, human beings learn their needed lessons, create cyclically theirRays, 127:ask you to reflect on this. Applicants have to learn the significance of the words of Rule VI forRays, 141:being becomes clear to him; he has no more to learn within this planetary scheme; he has becomeRays, 147:truths when he is only just beginning to learn the nature of the hierarchical quality of love andRays, 152:this phrase) within which the initiate has to learn [153] consciously to work, recognizing them forRays, 153:a still greater whole, within which he must also learn to function and play his part. First he, asRays, 153:play his part. First he, as a disciple, has to learn to work within the framework of his blendingRays, 153:of the soul and later of the Hierarchy, to learn to contact energy, to handle and direct it. ThisRays, 155:the Way from him until he knows more; he must learn also that the group protects him and that onlyRays, 155:and destined field of service. He begins to learn with his group the meaning of the "united breath"Rays, 157:relation which the blending soul and personality learn to establish with other souls and with theRays, 174:As the group thus walks, unitedly its units learn a lesson (one clearly enunciated by modernRays, 179:to a consideration of their methods; let him learn the rules whereby the Army works within theRays, 208:unison, a group expansion of consciousness, must learn to conform. It is for this reason that IRays, 214:seem to think that it is, and that they have to learn not to talk if they hope to take initiation.Rays, 230:venture. In this group also accepted disciples learn to work in the same manner as does theRays, 235:that of Aquarius; the Masters Themselves have to learn how to use new incoming energies in theRays, 235:of the Plan, just as the individual has to learn, in any particular incarnation, to work with andRays, 241:lesser revelations or phases. Ponder on this and learn to distinguish between vision (which is asRays, 247:For Applicants. Four things the disciple must learn and comprehend before he can be shewn theRays, 248:Initiation, there are four things which he must "learn and comprehend." These are: The laws of thatRays, 258:correspond to the "four things the disciple must learn and comprehend before he can be shewn theRays, 261:and these are four and yet are one. Aspirants learn, as they proceed upon the Path of Probation, toRays, 261:this stage ready (as this Rule expresses it) to learn the higher meaning of four lessons, processesRays, 264:It is of this synthesis that the group must learn; it is this relation which they must begin toRays, 265:of the aspirant. The initiate then goes on to learn the significance of unity in its true sense;Rays, 266:been attracted. He has learnt all that he can learn through the processes of differentiation toRays, 276:and amazingly useful. Disciples need to learn to think in terms of group synthesis. This impliesRays, 333:of achievement. Just as individual man has to learn the art or science of relationship to other menRays, 333:his environment, so humanity as a whole has to learn its relationship to that which lies above andRays, 338:is one of the factors which disciples have to learn and grasp whilst preparing for an initiation,Rays, 346:Ponder on this statement. He will learn, therefore, the lessons required by one who is to work inRays, 391:great Door of Initiation, the Initiate begins to learn the significance and the attractive potencyRays, 395:under the directive of Shamballa; They have to learn to work with electric fire in the same way asRays, 398:all the impressions to which the disciple has to learn to react emanate from and within the cosmicRays, 404:K.H. to His disciples that the occultist has to learn to master and control the forces and energiesRays, 417:and all that is within and upon it, in order to learn to wield this law with full understanding, inRays, 420:negate his attractive, magnetic tendencies and learn the meaning of "isolated intention with aRays, 421:which the Master of the sixth initiation has to learn to comprehend. The training given Him ends inRays, 432:to deal with the mechanism in the head. Let him learn to control and consciously employ the mind;Rays, 450:will convey a general idea to your minds. We can learn much through the use of the pictorial andRays, 475:in the process. Students would do well to learn that this process of building the antahkarana isRays, 483:that (after the third initiation) he too must learn to function as a duality - Monad (spirit) andRays, 523:in their approach and their natures; they must learn to tread the Path by becoming the Path Itself,Rays, 574:- to establish certain service relationships, to learn the practice of elementary white magic, andRays, 589:your study of these concepts anent the mind, learn to gauge your own mental condition. [590] TheRays, 638:practically that "the souls of men are one" and learn to look beyond the immediate outer seeming toRays, 667:entirely discontinued, for the "new man" has to learn to walk, to talk, and to create; theRays, 672:which means the "house of bread"; he has to learn the dual function of [673] "lifting up the lowerRays, 674:is complicated by the fact that men have to learn to recognize these opposites before right choice,Rays, 678:It is at this point that the disciple begins to learn the uses of failure and to know certainRays, 682:and the nation. It is essential that you learn to think in the widest possible terms. With these IRays, 691:proceeds, he is striving all the time to learn the uses of the ajna center and consciously and withRays, 706:more than any other nation. By humility they may learn something of value as well as a needed senseRays, 709:flowing through him at all times. This he can learn to focus and incorporate with his own energyRays, 710:by him through their effects; now he has to learn to handle them, first of all, by letting themRays, 713:in world service. Just as the disciple has to learn to use the mind in two ways: As a common sense,Rays, 713:which are needed, so the Master has to learn the uses of the will. A natural sequence can be seen
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