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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEARN

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Rays, 718:indicate a certain aspect of the will; you will learn more on this point by doing your own thinkingRays, 742:are no exception. Humanity can, however, learn its lesson and turn thankfully to the "way ofRays, 745:hand, the much vaunted democracies have much to learn. Men are not truly free, even in democraticReappearance, 22:During the coming century, we shall begin to learn the meaning of the word "resurrection," and theReappearance, 115:happiness. Happiness is a difficult lesson to learn; it is for mankind a totally new experience andReappearance, 119:and [119] mental vehicles through which to learn the next needed lessons. The Law of Rebirth (asReappearance, 120:and obligations; we shall then gradually learn to govern our activities by its just and restrainingReappearance, 130:purpose as a field of experience in which we can learn to differentiate between the true and theReappearance, 132:and transitory. The United Nations need to learn to apply the Law of Love as enunciated in the lifeReappearance, 178:that they get what they demand; they have to learn that [179] the demand and its answer must be theReappearance, 185:the New Group of World Servers. As we study and learn to recognize the New Group of World ServersSoul, 11:question to its logical end, we shall doubtless learn to extend our thought of what the psychicSoul, 105:in such phrases as 'take it to heart' and to 'learn by heart.' Sadhaka, which is one of the fiveSoul, 127:by subtler forces and powers, and may not man learn in time to operate in the subtler field andTelepathy, 8:and mentally polarized man or woman will learn nothing, and will probably receive no messages,Telepathy, 12:the effects produced, for by this means you will learn. The third type of telepathic work is thatTelepathy, 32:A group of disciples working in an Ashram has to learn that - Groups are held together by an innerTelepathy, 44:I only mention Their occult name so that you may learn to recognize Them when you meet reference toTelepathy, 86:then properly invoke the needed energies and learn through experience to produce a responsiveTelepathy, 90:peculiarly in the timing process. He may learn rapidly and fast or he may go the slow way, but hisTelepathy, 91:it is the technique which all disciples have to learn (no matter which of the Seven Paths they mayTelepathy, 92:and - at the same time - he himself begins to learn the art of impressing the minds of others, toTelepathy, 95:are not things which he must seek out and learn laboriously to ascertain, to hold and seize upon.Telepathy, 101:area of possible contacts. The disciple has to learn to distinguish between these many impacts uponTelepathy, 103:world with which they are in contact. They learn also that the longing to register impressions fromTelepathy, 103:aura at the disposal of humanity; they then learn to register human need and to understand therebyTelepathy, 146:points of energy, which the spiritual man must learn to use and through the means of which he can
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