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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEARNED

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Astrology, 42:one of the most valuable lessons to be learned is the place and importance of man in the scheme.Astrology, 112:is confusion in the minds of some of the less learned students (astrologically considered) on thisAstrology, 117:the sign of world service, the lesson is finally learned which produces the world Savior in Pisces.Astrology, 117:form begins and the lessons of servitude must be learned. He goes on learning until he hasAstrology, 118:into good. The lessons of life are being learned and experiment is going on. Virgo - In Virgo, theAstrology, 130:experience and crucifixion because they have learned to love and truly reason. The influence ofAstrology, 140:man has been concerned hitherto and which he has learned to control and use; in other cases, theAstrology, 353:of the soul waxes and grows. There is much to be learned from the study of the dual activity -Astrology, 680:Presence, of certain great Entities, and he has learned that these Entities came from the VenusianAutobiography, 11:- Fear. In esoteric circles, there is much learned talk about the Law of Karma which is, after all,Autobiography, 96:her. I was an exceedingly good lace maker. I had learned to make Irish Carrickmacross needle-pointAutobiography, 110:a little church in R... and it was there that I learned the duties of a clergyman's wife, theAutobiography, 132:He had given no indication that he had learned anything and evidenced no sense of responsibilityAutobiography, 138:I knew. I know that no matter what the class learned I learned a great deal. Autobiography, 138:I know that no matter what the class learned I learned a great deal. Autobiography, 138:Alice A. Bailey - Chapter IV What was it that I learned that was beginning to satisfy myAutobiography, 140:by Theosophists who, so often, like to sound learned. Personally, I believe that all this mostAutobiography, 142:dawned on me how silly it was just because some learned preacher or scholar said that God meantAutobiography, 152:the flesh, but when it does come we shall have learned a different sense of values and will not beAutobiography, 153:must be in order to demonstrate that they have learned control of the physical nature. Once theyAutobiography, 153:control of the physical nature. Once they have learned that control and once they can no longer beAutobiography, 182:as it had in my own life. I told them that I had learned to iron the childrens clothes, etc.,Autobiography, 198:wanted nothing of that kind. Little by little we learned how to organize the work and how to trainAutobiography, 203:boy all the time in my home and it was there I learned to understand and like both groups. IAutobiography, 219:that the girls did not go to college. They have learned to know human beings and to realize thatAutobiography, 298:As the years have slipped by and I have learned to profit by the teaching I have personallyAutobiography, 298:Through the teachings of the Tibetan many have learned much about these things and others shareBethlehem, 5:God. Because of this submission and because He "learned obedience by the things which he suffered,"Bethlehem, 108:Christ's humanity, never forgetting that He had learned obedience to the divine spirit, the soul inBethlehem, 207:no separateness. Rich men, publicans, fishermen, learned professors, harlots and simple folk wereBethlehem, 266:shown us what results from obedience, and He "learned obedience by the things which He suffered."Bethlehem, 280:we say during some previous cycle of lives?) learned obedience through the things which He hadDestiny, 21:Through the medium of those disciples who have learned the distinction between the petty concernsDiscipleship1, 131:master glamor in their own lives? When a man has learned to dominate conditions through the powerDiscipleship1, 154:as we, the teachers upon the inner side, have learned to work. We work not with all who wouldDiscipleship1, 216:But for you the lesson of all disciples must be learned which is to be impersonally personal. ThatDiscipleship1, 236:develop the powers of the soul, it is time we learned to know one another as we are and to regardDiscipleship1, 353:permitted to take initiation. The esoteric facts learned and the mental awareness achieved, willDiscipleship1, 359:have to offer; this can be much when you have learned with wisdom to externalize your knowledge.Discipleship1, 450:a sense of freedom in approaching you. You have learned much and unfolded much during the past twoDiscipleship1, 522:your life upon the physical plane. Much you have learned during the past years and though oldDiscipleship1, 523:it goes upon its mission because you have learned to trust the souls of those with whom your lot isDiscipleship1, 595:work in the group until certain lessons had been learned. Reinstatement followed. Discipleship1, 629:inner development for you, has it not? You have learned much and, fortunately for your progress,Discipleship1, 634:Forget not, my brother, that when you have learned to leave your tower it does not mean that youDiscipleship1, 723:the first lessons in these three processes are learned. Whilst this is going on, the aspirantDiscipleship2, 25:of the unawakened aspirant. The problem of the learned disciple. Ignorance and knowledge must bothDiscipleship2, 104:group of learners and devotees, such as we have learned to recognize in this Piscean Age. He is theDiscipleship2, 110:and model your efforts upon what you have learned anent the Hierarchy; count all things but lossDiscipleship2, 280:ideas and their intuitive perception. He has not learned to discriminate between abstract thoughtsDiscipleship2, 331:love beside him until such time as he has learned the error of his ways and has himself taken theDiscipleship2, 473:the glory of God can be revealed. This you have learned and from henceforth you enter in a newDiscipleship2, 693:and subtle undertaking. It must definitely be learned, prior to mastering the science ofDiscipleship2, 694:These specific abstractions are being rapidly learned by you; you should therefore enter your nextEducation, vii:now. Japan was not aggressive until the country learned the trick from the West. Before her doorsExternalisation, 110:and kind words are needed far more than [110] learned, historical retrospection and suggestedExternalisation, 363:and the catastrophe of the war are duly learned and the sacrificial will is called into play. IExternalisation, 454:irreligious but have, through pain and sorrow, learned (without ecclesiastical help) that theExternalisation, 636:to the future of mankind. But humanity had not learned the needed lessons. As I have often toldExternalisation, 639:one in which it will be found that humanity has learned very little as the result of the World WarExternalisation, 658:in fuller measure until the race of men has learned to respond more adequately to the energy of theFire, 346:of the fire of mind something [346] more may be learned through studying the various methods ofFire, 386:Presence, of certain great Entities, and he has learned that these Entities came from the VenusianFire, 449:the mystical syllable Om, or Aum, is pronounced. Learned Brahmans tell me that the illimitableFire, 450:in which they themselves find place. Second. Learned the secret of the notes and tones to whichFire, 696:and the assimilation of all that is to be learned upon them, and the attainment - not only of fullFire, 761:us briefly, therefore, reconsider what we have learned anent the egoic body and its constitution,Fire, 826:the unfoldment of the middle circle. Much may be learned from a consideration of the occultFire, 828:of the Ego of that [828] which he has learned within the two Halls; the outer circle of petals isFire, 979:after entering the school and when they had learned to keep silence for that period, they wereFire, 979:they were given the right to speak, for they had learned a specific reticence. It might be of valueFire, 981:the other side of the veil. But only he who has learned to keep silent, and has arrived at theFire, 1067:do well to proceed no further until they have learned how [1068] to protect themselves from theFire, 1072:other and greater energy centers. Much will be learned along this line when electricity and coloredFire, 1075:the laws of the different kingdoms, much can be learned anent the conditions governing the fiveFire, 1200:one of the most valuable lessons to be learned is the place and importance of man in the scheme.Glamour, 98:illumination is brought about by those who have learned to cast the searchlight of the soul intoGlamour, 170:and the catastrophe of the war are duly learned and the sacrificial will is called into play. IGlamour, 254:to do and thus gain kudos for themselves as learned and well trained occultists. Anyone can teachHealing, 159:little is known at present, though much will be learned as investigators accept and experiment withHealing, 204:merits the word "embryonic") much will be later learned of their relationship to the centers, andHealing, 311:vehicle wherein certain types of lessons can be learned and certain educative experiences mastered,Healing, 387:carried out, and if other lessons must still be learned. Bodily existence is not, however, theHealing, 443:Indian chief and guide. There is nothing to be learned from them, and much to be avoided. The reignHercules, 11:conception of our profound ignorance. We have learned much of the outer garment of God throughHercules, 19:and organized. What is the lesson to be learned from this? It is the need to realize that everyHercules, 32:and attain the kingdom of the gods; he has learned from experience something of his own essentialHercules, 33:for the intervening experience and the lessons learned from the intermediate five labors bringHercules, 48:soul. Nature of the Tests The broad lesson to be learned in this sign is to achieve rightHercules, 72:contact with a disciple before he had even learned to know Nereus as the symbol of his own higherHercules, 72:in the many groups to which they gravitate, have learned to forget themselves in [73] service andHercules, 102:between wisdom and knowledge has been somewhat learned, whilst the necessity of transmutingHercules, 108:countryside. What is the lesson intended to be learned by the fact that Hercules tracked the lionHercules, 165:really functioning in Sagittarius, I will have learned to discriminate between right and wrong. IHercules, 165:what is right for myself, but I will also have learned this lesson: that my right may be myHercules, 166:its work. Restraint of speech has not yet been learned. Control of thought has not been mastered,Hercules, 173:He has passed round and round the zodiac, learned all the lessons of the signs and climbed theHercules, 180:and weak assailed his nostrils. For years, he learned, King Augeas had never cleared away the dungHercules, 184:him, everything happened in himself. By that he learned certain great lessons: that it was justHercules, 185:in your minds. He can be a master because he has learned to serve, and he can serve because he is a
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