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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEARNED

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Hercules, 188:aspirant cannot take initiation until he has learned to love disinterestedly, to love not onlyHercules, 204:you cannot do it. It means that when you have learned to focus your mind on the soul you must holdHercules, 204:steady, which you cannot do; and when you have learned to do that you must learn to listen in yourHercules, 211:Hercules - Summary of Lessons Summary of Lessons learned in each Zodiacal Sign The followingInitiation, 57:"the Messenger of the Masters." He is profoundly learned, and knows more about the rays andInitiation, 117:and able to contact the Monad, as earlier he learned to contact the Ego. For the remainder of hisInitiation, 121:certain stage, the units forming the groups have learned to work together, and have thus stimulatedInitiation, 121:Solar - Chapter XII - The Two Revelations Having learned somewhat group relations, and havingIntellect, 10:of the material world, but we have not yet learned to function in a non-material one. We even denyIntellect, 128:a Something, whose character is only gradually learned, but which is from the first felt as aIntellect, 140:of perception on spiritual levels as we have learned on worldly levels, and one of the importantIntellect, 143:the waiting quiescent brain. When the soul has learned to handle its instrument, through the mediumIntellect, 154:has achieved a large measure of mind control and learned how "to hold the mind steady in theIntellect, 185:ecstatic illumination)..." "He was a most learned professor in the Science of the Mind, havingIntellect, 208:has always time for the one thing more. He has learned to concentrate, and, frequently, toIntellect, 221:to shut out sounds and sights which he has learned to register and being helpless to escape fromMagic, 4:on the path is alone vital; that which I have learned through experience is at the disposal of theMagic, 66:This is an obscure matter, little has been learned about it as yet. The inbreathing andMagic, 302:Indian chief and guide. There is nothing to be learned from them and much to be avoided. The reignMagic, 351:a pupil is shown by his master the lesson to be learned. The next step is the mastering of theMagic, 472:These rules may sound too simple for the learned aspirant but for those who are willing to becomeMagic, 504:should be attempted, for until the aspirant has learned to be steadily aware of all processes inMagic, 505:technique of the death bed, for the man who has learned to handle his body as he falls asleep, hasMagic, 518:to make it impossible for any but a deeply learned student to arrive at the necessary correlationsMagic, 549:he must have transcended the four noble truths, learned the meaning of the four gospels, understoodMagic, 559:proceed to handle power, because he will have learned to function as a divine Thinker. He is nowMagic, 573:Think for a minute of the lessons which can be learned by the man who submits the energy used inMagic, 631:mission it is to inaugurate the New Age have learned the secret of silence; they are animatedMeditation, 176:...I want to say in closing that when you have learned to use the activity aspect in work with theMeditation, 287:who progresses by intellectual application, has learned the secret of the fifth plane, will he livePatanjali, 162:forms which he can create himself after he has learned to control his instrument the mind and canPatanjali, 186:is covered by St. Paul when he says "I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to bePatanjali, 197:law of supply and demand. When the aspirant has learned to "desire nothing for the separated self"Patanjali, 214:be a mental devotee. The Lemurian disciple learned to control the physical body and to devote it toPatanjali, 214:emotional control. The Atlantean disciple learned to control the emotional body and to devote it toPatanjali, 231:full waking consciousness when certain rules are learned and certain work accomplished. These canProblems, 16:for the subjective realities. Has France learned from her collapse in the summer of 1940 that theProblems, 25:Both Great Britain and Russia have already learned that lesson in some form. The American people -Problems, 32:that our world can be rebuilt and - if we have learned anything from past history and its direProblems, 46:of the one humanity. The war boys and girls have learned from appearances that human life has smallProblems, 150:the door into the Kingdom of God was opened. Man learned that the way into the Holy Place could bePsychology1, 116:a man has contacted his own [116] soul, and has learned to function as a controlled mind as well,Psychology1, 398:He is the symbol of the disciple who has not yet learned the lesson of a just sense of values. HePsychology2, 37:The clash of battle, the many weapons he had learned to use, the longing not to fight, the thrillPsychology2, 94:that which is lower. But the lesson needs to be learned (and it is the lesson which man is nowPsychology2, 325:consciously with the time factor, for, having learned how to work with the factor of environment,Psychology2, 362:which he much dislikes to do. Having, however, learned to do it, integration then takes place. ThePsychology2, 479:and the Science of Astrology. But much is being learned and developed along these three lines andPsychology2, 521:Ceremonial Order - Base of spine. Much could be learned if one would gather all the data given onPsychology2, 719:plane that the lessons cannot be adequately learned because the immediate physical stress is tooPsychology2, 734:us to do our part". There are those who have learned to say these words with intensity of feeling,Rays, 66:no time in looking backward towards the lessons learned; he works from the angle of developedRays, 259:in the life of the disciple who has applied and learned the significance of the Rules forRays, 429:(though brilliantly) material. She has not yet learned her lesson, and as yet shows littleRays, 430:to settle its own destiny. Humanity has not yet learned the difficult lesson which all disciplesRays, 728:of teaching value. See to it that "each lesson learned each day, each revelation grasped andSoul, 15:foreign to it, we have the view of most learned psychologists at the present time. From theirSoul, 23:in general to specific exhibitions of learned behavior, and 'memory' to the calling out of someSoul, 135:laws governing energy until such time as he has learned, through discipline, the control of the
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