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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEARNS

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Psychology1, 331:consciousness. Through the use of the mind, he learns to protect himself, to guard his interests,Psychology2, 112:individual disciple stabilizes this contact and learns to make a rapid alignment and then, and onlyPsychology2, 177:then this law begins to sway him and he learns to obey it instinctively, intuitively andPsychology2, 361:the second ray, just as the first ray aspirant learns more rapidly than the second ray. When,Psychology2, 373:third ray disciple has to learn to do. There he learns breadth of vision and a right sense ofPsychology2, 374:to the disciple that which he needs to know. He learns to express that inclusive love which is hisPsychology2, 536:will take place normally and naturally as man learns to function as a soul and not just as aPsychology2, 697:individual disciple stabilizes this contact and learns to make a rapid alignment and then, onlyRays, 6:grips and holds steady the mental processes and learns to regard the mind as the interpreter of theRays, 8:he has attracted to himself. Unless the disciple learns that aspiration and self-discipline mustRays, 40:knows that divinity is all there is, and this he learns through the revelation of the inherentRays, 67:and one in which the [67] accepted disciple learns much. First, he finds a group upon the physicalRays, 67:with this group he affiliates himself, works, learns, and in learning, suffers much. Later he findsRays, 73:unnecessary and almost obtrusive silence. He learns to penetrate into the consciousness of his newRays, 100:death, and this is the first lesson the disciple learns. The eighteen fires refer to the eighteenRays, 108:by the carrying out of the plan the disciple learns the nature of the purpose, but that the purposeRays, 126:the life in the first kingdom, the mineral; he learns too that life is impregnable; that it cannotRays, 154:within its periphery. Then as he goes on and learns to submit to the Law of the SupplementaryRays, 181:the thralldom of the physical plane. Thus he learns to tread the Path of Discipleship. TheseRays, 181:Shamballa. As man develops the will aspect, he learns to break loose from the aura of the devaRays, 214:a violent process of suppression. The initiate learns to keep his thought apparatus in a certainRays, 245:and in the course of the evolutionary process learns to transmute them [246] into aspiration; heRays, 261:again, and as the soul begins to dominate, he learns the meaning of love and slowly, and oftRays, 272:that it is a necessary stage whereby humanity learns the price of self-interest. The personalityRays, 315:impulses the Hierarchy itself. As the initiate learns cooperation with the Plan and demonstratesRays, 339:zodiac, he now begins to go anti-clockwise; he learns that the substance aspect of his nature mayRays, 395:its planets. Thus within His Ashram the Master learns "occultly to decide" and to condition theRays, 401:cosmic nature that the Master has to work. He learns to direct the currents of this essentialRays, 436:does the average intelligent man; in this way he learns the limitations of time as a brainRays, 436:limitations of time as a brain condition, and learns also how to offset it and to work in such aRays, 441:the personality upon the physical plane; this he learns to register and express consciously. TheRays, 453:materialize [453] all knowledge. Everything man learns is applied - as the centuries pass - to theRays, 543:of the vibration of the Master. Slowly he learns to distinguish them and know them as constitutingRays, 640:will take place. As the individual disciple learns to harmonize himself through conflict, he setsRays, 700:lessens right activity for that which is new. He learns to define the Wholeness which is his divineRays, 704:way mattered (as the initiate in the West soon learns); he now knows that the whole series ofRays, 709:he has generated within himself the disciple learns to add that of the group which he has attemptedTelepathy, 89:therefore of definite use to the Hierarchy. He learns to distinguish the messages coming from hisTelepathy, 93:From the reservoir of thought-substance he learns to project those forms, those magnetic ideas,Telepathy, 95:appropriated thought-forms, and upon these he learns to draw as he seeks to serve his fellowmen. HeTelepathy, 96:along which the higher impressions can flow; he learns not to dissipate this inflow but toTelepathy, 100:steady in the light" of the soul; the disciple learns that all recorded truth is susceptible toTelepathy, 107:and becomes a functioning part of the Ashram, he learns (whilst practicing alignment) to by-pass -
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