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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEAST

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Statement:the intuition. Neither I nor Alice Bailey is the least interested in having them acclaimed asAstrology, 5:is that he is an individual of importance (at least to himself), that he is living on thatAstrology, 7:but of which you are today unconscious, or at least only registering and sensing the inner realityAstrology, 18:forces here found are indicative of the line of least resistance. The ascendant or rising signAstrology, 31:established and which constitute the line of least resistance. The rising sign in a small measure.Astrology, 114:accept my statements as temporary hypotheses at least, for you are in no position to know them asAstrology, 127:to go. Mercury indicates that the line of least resistance for humanity is harmony throughAstrology, 319:capacity to express the life of two kingdoms, at least in some measure, and is a developed humanAstrology, 417:Jupiter. Hierarchy. I wonder if you can grasp at least partially and symbolically the fact thatAstrology, 443:potencies, for they can indicate the lines of least resistance to the emerging good and theAstrology, 450:most easily. It will constitute a line of least resistance, offering opportunity, as well as theAstrology, 497:some esoteric facts which must for a while at least remain hypotheses and theories to the averageAstrology, 571:who are not only mystics but who have made at least some small progress in their attempt to treadAstrology, 621:and, therefore, constitute the line of least resistance for the dissemination of first ray energyAtom, 19:the Deity exists, it may be possible to say, at least, that the hypothesis that He exists is aAtom, 40:live for ever; so that to this extent at least the eternal life which many of us hope for is aAutobiography, 10:way out, or fails and we go down, temporarily at least. It is in this fashion that we are forced toAutobiography, 14:and often double-faced. I am none of these, at least, in spite of many faults and it is possibleAutobiography, 14:rather stupid when in the schoolroom and as the least intelligent of an intelligent family. MyAutobiography, 17:over 80 years old) she wrote to me regularly at least once a month. She was one of the greatAutobiography, 40:true and no true "experiencer" is the least interested in such discussions. The deeper and moreAutobiography, 49:me to its foot but I knew that it would take at least twelve weeks hard trekking to get an ableAutobiography, 58:look at them and say: "Goodness, I haven't the least idea." Autobiography, 64:but wanting to do things correctly and at least be polite. My aunt, Mrs. Clare Parsons, wrote thatAutobiography, 78:dying and, if I could do nothing to help, at least the dying man could hold my hand. I learnt oneAutobiography, 94:feeling that now all my troubles were over. At least, she would understand the situation andAutobiography, 95:- the story of a bewildered, martyred saint; at least that is how I then regarded myself. She sentAutobiography, 148:and then my bathroom door. I was never the least nervous and the search of my quarters was aAutobiography, 152:I thought the leaders and teachers were at least initiates of high degree. I attended meetings andAutobiography, 155:would be pleased and not intending in the very least to be boastful I said, in all innocence, "Oh,Autobiography, 163:me to reconsider and for a couple of weeks, at least, see what I could do. By this time I wasAutobiography, 163:this time I was getting curious but not in the least convinced. I would try for a couple of weeksAutobiography, 177:generation of investigating students are not the least interested in the pros or cons of theirAutobiography, 187:the mysteriousness of sex and not knowing in the least how to treat boys; whereas the AmericanAutobiography, 194:will not therefore in this century at least have a large membership. Those ready to be trained inAutobiography, 257:that the Masters are not interested in the least in personalities but will use men and women of allAutobiography, 283:people who can use their minds or who show at least a willingness to develop and use their mentalAutobiography, 288:or drop out of the life of the Arcane School, at least temporarily. In the higher degrees, theAutobiography, 296:is helpful however to realize that some part at least of our vision can become an attained fact. ItAutobiography, 303:was for a cycle almost completely destroyed. At least until the outer physical plane fighting wasBethlehem, 81:Relatively easy to believe, this is the line of least resistance to the majority. It is difficultBethlehem, 187:thought of death that it has been the line of least resistance for theology to emphasize the deathBethlehem, 270:which we find ourselves, without demanding the least deviation from the place of duty andDestiny, 15:and educational. Who shall say (until at least a century has gone by) whether their influence andDestiny, 15:powerful, but it is passing and undesirable, at least where that phase of their activities isDestiny, 29:to its influence. It is still the line of least resistance for the majority, particularly in theDestiny, 37:which work on the side of matter find a line of least resistance which is not available to theDestiny, 44:and is - for the masses - definitely a line of least resistance, and, therefore, of no greatDestiny, 53:of regimentation. This has been the line of least resistance for Germany, for though the first rayDestiny, 120:and His Helpers have had to wait until at least the dim outlines of the Plan had penetrated throughDestiny, 132:of [132] abstraction (which is their line of least resistance) and focused upon physical living,Destiny, 135:and will necessarily constitute the line of least resistance. This situation may, therefore,Destiny, 135:and will call out resistance or - at the very least - an attitude of non-receptivity. In the worldDiscipleship1, XIII:becomes aware of what constitutes his line of least resistance and where the major point of hisDiscipleship1, 4:of each of my disciples, one basic essential at least and that is a persevering earnestness whichDiscipleship1, 42:minds? It is a statement of fact and is not the least symbolic in its terminology - except in soDiscipleship1, 48:nature so that he may evoke admiration or, at least, challenge. But nothing happens. He is lookedDiscipleship1, 55:into separateness, for separation is the line of least resistance to people and nations at thisDiscipleship1, 57:in the emotional body matters in the very least. These reactions are simply recognized, livedDiscipleship1, 88:I would ask you to watch particularly for the least outcropping of glamor. I would call yourDiscipleship1, 93:writings of India (and who today has not read at least some of them?) you will have noted thatDiscipleship1, 97:Master and as if all relationship had been, at least, temporarily severed. Where accepted disciplesDiscipleship1, 100:are stabilized and constitute your line of least resistance. You must cut athwart these, thusDiscipleship1, 132:understanding with your co-disciples. Take at least a year going over the earlier teaching re maya,Discipleship1, 133:points of relation exist, where the lines of least resistance will be found and where you may lookDiscipleship1, 165:be working with the law and along the lines of least resistance. Make each three year cycle conformDiscipleship1, 196:is the way of expression and the line of least resistance. The pressure of the times in which youDiscipleship1, 198:body, studying and utilizing these lines of least resistance, you will make rapid progress towardsDiscipleship1, 203:in order of their importance, beginning with the least important at the present time and yet,Discipleship1, 212:routine below for a few minutes - fifteen at least - each day. This need not interfere with anyDiscipleship1, 216:group of disciples, which can (for the time at least) provide the "playground" for your soul. ToDiscipleship1, 220:has been and there has been for you the line of least resistance. Now the line of least resistanceDiscipleship1, 220:the line of least resistance. Now the line of least resistance should be the mind, and your majorDiscipleship1, 232:from a previous life, following the lines of least resistance. This culminated for you in certainDiscipleship1, 233:of certain tests connected with your line of least resistance, and must be taken with the eyes ofDiscipleship1, 242:and simple to hold; it is the line of least resistance for your personality. My word to you todayDiscipleship1, 254:It is of value to know the lines of least resistance. Your mental body is on the fourth ray andDiscipleship1, 260:You have found, have you not, that one at least of the decisions to which I referred is alreadyDiscipleship1, 276:emotional body. These indicate to you lines of least resistance. Discipleship1, 295:serve, for it will be that which will evoke the least resistance from those you serve, [296] andDiscipleship1, 336:is not usual. It makes illumination the line of least resistance. It facilitates contact with theDiscipleship1, 343:endeavor and seek to cooperate - for a while at least. The value of the group work may evenDiscipleship1, 344:in your last life and is, for you, the line of least resistance therefore. First, my brother, IDiscipleship1, 350:line of energy as the soul - 2, 4, 6 - a line of least resistance for soul force is found. YourDiscipleship1, 372:to take much time each Sunday (for an hour at least) in the attempt to contact my aura and, throughDiscipleship1, 377:an unconscious separateness. It is the line of least resistance [378] for you to be separated offDiscipleship1, 415:contact. Can you take enough leisure to grasp at least the purpose of these injunctions? Can youDiscipleship1, 463:severing of outer physical plane links is the least severe and the most impermanent of all suchDiscipleship1, 463:It is the usual direction and the line of least resistance for the majority. But such is not theDiscipleship1, 479:- anent your life tendency and be not the least discouraged by my present frankness. Remove yourDiscipleship1, 501:attention to detail which is always the line of least resistance and of satisfactory experience toDiscipleship1, 533:expression of love will be for you the line of least resistance. I mean love, and not sentiment, myDiscipleship1, 549:ray there is necessarily established a line of least resistance between it and the sixth plane, forDiscipleship1, 549:these relationships in mind, for the lines of least resistance are seldom the lines to be followed.Discipleship1, 559:This he failed to learn and temporarily at least his work in the Ashram is in abeyance. [560] Discipleship1, 566:your problem considerably, because the line of least resistance, when it is as powerful as it is inDiscipleship1, 572:you to due trial, and not to analysis, for at least one year. First, brother of mine, let meDiscipleship1, 572:and personality relationships is the line of least resistance; you have a one-pointed approach toDiscipleship1, 588:to your second ray soul and for a period at least eliminate the mind from astral control. Can youDiscipleship1, 609:is for you definitely a following of the line of least resistance. You can render good service if
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