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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEAST

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Discipleship1, 614:But, my brother, the giving of money is the least important thing you have to offer. You have beenDiscipleship1, 621:is learnt and detachment is the line of least resistance, then the Rose of the soul should beDiscipleship1, 621:the Way of the Disciple and that you prepare at least two people during the next three years forDiscipleship1, 625:of rhythmic organization, you find your line of least resistance. The first ray person is consciousDiscipleship1, 625:loves isolation. It is for him the line of least resistance. He is, as you know, normally the oneDiscipleship1, 647:that vehicle your personality will find the least resistance; there also lies the need for watchfulDiscipleship1, 659:gives your first ray personality an easy line of least resistance, for the predominating color ofDiscipleship1, 659:of energy in manifestation. It is your line of least resistance. Your problem is the linking up ofDiscipleship1, 665:the second ray, thus making for you the line of least resistance in this life. For you, the line ofDiscipleship1, 667:your astral body. There lies for you the line of least resistance. This established contact willDiscipleship1, 703:the Master. As you well know, theoretically at least, at the center of the Ashram stands ever theDiscipleship1, 725:down to a generally lower average to suit the least advanced? Let us put it in another form: AreDiscipleship1, 725:advanced? Let us put it in another form: Are the least evolved in a group of disciples andDiscipleship1, 770:teachers of humanity must reckon. It affects the least intelligent of the masses of men and doesDiscipleship1, 789:are everywhere; that the Masters are not the least interested in personalities but will use men andDiscipleship2, 12:a more concentrated attention to a main, or at least a major, issue would result in a more rapidDiscipleship2, 14:body. The reactions of the physical body are the least important and do the least harm to others.Discipleship2, 14:physical body are the least important and do the least harm to others. Where they work out in anDiscipleship2, 14:their part to carry the brother through with the least damage to the group. In this group work youDiscipleship2, 92:temper and an undisciplined nature must at least be controlled. 3. A dislike of criticismDiscipleship2, 138:I am asking you to carry forward for a year at least, is based upon the three previous meditations;Discipleship2, 138:soul. Now we are in a position (theoretically at least and dependent individually upon theDiscipleship2, 144:consideration and ponder deeply upon it for at least five minutes. Endeavor to extract its qualityDiscipleship2, 159:Members of the Hierarchy and initiates of at least the third degree (the first degree of the LodgeDiscipleship2, 193:them carefully, bearing in mind that you have at least bridged the gap between the personality andDiscipleship2, 226:therefore, to follow these two meditations at least once a week and upon different days. These twoDiscipleship2, 233:service - from the very highest initiate to the least important disciple. You might here ask: WhatDiscipleship2, 236:foundation for the coming "jurisdiction" is at least laid, the Christ cannot reappear; if He cameDiscipleship2, 245:- presumably the Tibetan's - for some lives at least. Why then the need for an integratingDiscipleship2, 274:studied and eventually somewhat apprehended, at least intellectually, carry the disciple to theDiscipleship2, 285:cannot yet think in those terms, but you can at least attempt to do so and grow thereby. Discipleship2, 294:clearly defined in your consciousness and is at least theoretically understood and hypotheticallyDiscipleship2, 295:possible, to be somewhat more explicit. You, at least, after these years of training by me, shouldDiscipleship2, 304:but little of their significance, I can at least build in your minds the concept of these formulas.Discipleship2, 308:moments, and these frequently increase, at least temporarily, his bewilderment. But during theDiscipleship2, 334:does not rule - this does not matter in the least. The Masters think in terms of cycles and not inDiscipleship2, 349:the planetary Logos sees can be partially (at least) revealed to the initiate, who can tell whatDiscipleship2, 360:forward, logically, practically and with the least expenditure of the destroying aspect of theDiscipleship2, 375:and second ray vehicles provide the line of least resistance. The first Point of Revelation hasDiscipleship2, 386:Mind of God, thus permitting you to penetrate at least into that "area of promise" upon which allDiscipleship2, 390:and this is usually on the side of the least desirable, the more material and the easiest. There isDiscipleship2, 422:of service for which he has the equipment, or at least the latent capacity; he begins to establishDiscipleship2, 465:like rank and of lesser rank, is completed or at least well on the way to fruition. The workDiscipleship2, 470:cup of sacrifice to its very last drop - not at least until the crucifixion initiation is yourDiscipleship2, 480:which he is faced, even when dealing with the least advanced or dynamic among his neophytes. WhatDiscipleship2, 484:attracting (in order to help and serve) at least three people - either known to you or unknown. YouDiscipleship2, 484:to you or unknown. You might find it useful (at least for a time) to keep a diary of contacts; youDiscipleship2, 494:and produces a close relation and a line of least resistance in connection with the soul ray,Discipleship2, 502:effort? The reasons why a disciple must at least endeavor not to relax unduly and should push on inDiscipleship2, 513:always peculiarly circumstances, subjectively at least, even if the exoteric life is of no majorDiscipleship2, 523:had naught for them. Detachment is the path of least resistance for a first ray nature, and (if youDiscipleship2, 524:hierarchical impression, [524] shutting out (at least for those three days) every kind of reactionDiscipleship2, 574:through the love of your soul is the line of least resistance, owing to the fact that yourDiscipleship2, 582:lies your major technical lesson. Your line of least resistance is that of establishingDiscipleship2, 586:teacher - remembering that it will take you at least seven days to reach me. Ask A.A.B. to tell youDiscipleship2, 629:definitely discounted and that along one line at least he can feel sure of his disciple. He need noDiscipleship2, 643:and be not unduly distressed. Avoid at least one glamor and that is the glamor that it is your taskDiscipleship2, 645:based upon the physical plane are by far the least important. If you will, all of you, study theDiscipleship2, 669:phase of the training given is to impose at least one life of most drastic discipline and difficultDiscipleship2, 683:You know enough to deal with it yourself or at least to realize the truth of my criticism of yourDiscipleship2, 690:I would ask you to give five minutes at least to a dynamic concentration upon these words. StudyDiscipleship2, 699:and of humanity. Can you do this, my brother? At least you can try. How can I help you to bring inDiscipleship2, 715:cessation from all meditation work for a year at least, or until I again give you permission toDiscipleship2, 722:within the first circle of working disciples, at least. This, however, has been impossible and willDiscipleship2, 727:eventually, to recognize that they were not the least what you had thought. What is this but theDiscipleship2, 733:soul contact you seldom achieve, consciously at least, this life. Your problem has been due to theDiscipleship2, 740:to learn that no one is really free, a disciple least of all. [741] You, my brother and disciple,Education, 34:of so many mystics and the line of least resistance for many would-be disciples. It is necessaryEducation, 40:largely colored our present racial attitudes, at least up until the advent of Christ, Who wroughtEducation, 111:that your attitude should also be (for a time at least) non-critical; that you discard temporarilyExternalisation, 14:methods so that he may progress with the least hindrance. Training schools and classes which seekExternalisation, 20:and which does no action which could hurt the least of his brethren - this is the main virtue whichExternalisation, 65:in fearful foreboding - none of which is in the least helpful and, in the last analysis, isExternalisation, 98:of evolution. These latter today constitute the least developed and the most backward of the racesExternalisation, 111:the field sufficiently - I believe - to bring at least some measure of light to you. Later I willExternalisation, 124:Two points warrant attention here. The first and least important from the standpoint of the soul isExternalisation, 147:eventually easier living conditions must be at least tried; it did not take long to say and wasExternalisation, 164:usefulness and true comprehension - true at least in so far as man's present point in evolutionExternalisation, 166:for love signifies giving and sacrifice, at least in this solar system. It is for this reason thatExternalisation, 174:on as large a scale as possible - as large, at least, as that of your effort in May, 1936. TheExternalisation, 175:is great confusion of voices. Those who know the least speak ever the loudest and apportion theExternalisation, 217:one problem which has somewhat disturbed the least clear-thinking among those whom I have for someExternalisation, 228:(for the sake of human welfare) temporarily, at least, live at your highest point of aspiration.Externalisation, 262:earth might be rapidly precipitated. There is at least no harm in this attempt and this effort atExternalisation, 262:this time is useful and needed; it will serve at least to elevate humanity and its thought, andExternalisation, 320:war, except what can be done safely and at the least possible cost, and secondly, a steadilyExternalisation, 336:are easy, for they follow the line of least resistance upon the physical plane. But the work is oneExternalisation, 340:obvious that on the material plane the line of least resistance is to be found for them. TheirExternalisation, 353:and disciples who are willing to make at least consistent, persistent effort are needed by humanityExternalisation, 376:has cleared the air. The issues are clear and at least we know what has been wrong. In theirExternalisation, 455:abuses which culminated in this war; it will at least have set the stage for the blueprinting andExternalisation, 531:of difficulty on earth and will experience the least possible measure of handicap; They will thusExternalisation, 538:which is the goal of all these adjustments - at least as far as your present interest is concerned.Externalisation, 556:to act as if they were accepted disciples or at least on the periphery of some ashram. I am askingExternalisation, 561:grasp this, and so develop within themselves at least the rudiments of this synthetic unified graspExternalisation, 616:restored, when the principle of sharing is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, andExternalisation, 629:the Christ and seek to serve His cause gave at least a tiny sum of money each year, there would beExternalisation, 645:influence, and produce increased trouble - at least temporarily. The salvation of the world and theExternalisation, 646:of this type of energy, constitutes the line of least resistance, plus the will to make vastExternalisation, 649:to respond to spiritual impression. The line of least resistance for the masses is the selfish
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