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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEAST

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Externalisation, 659:anchored on dense physical levels or at least upon etheric levels. This is a fact and is far moreExternalisation, 662:upon this Ashram, which provides the line of least resistance. There, it is scientifically steppedExternalisation, 689:and matter are, [689] for it, the line of least resistance. The Black Lodge is therefore far moreExternalisation, 694:impractical idealists. He is not, however, the least intuitive as yet. He could easily be - givenFire, 59:it approaches the Earth by a particular line of least resistance. When the term "channel or ray ofFire, 61:the skin purely and the pores are its line of least resistance. Fire, 143:of Adaptation in time and space, or the line of least resistance. This line of least resistance isFire, 143:or the line of least resistance. This line of least resistance is that which is sought for andFire, 143:because in this solar system Love is the line of least resistance. While this is an occultFire, 144:of Brahma is primarily felt, seeking the line of least resistance. On the Path of Evolution theFire, 144:The matter aspect always follows the line of least resistance, and repulses all tendency to groupFire, 177:the man is at any particular time the line of least resistance. By that we must understand thatFire, 215:causes matter always to follow the line of least resistance, and is the basis of the separativeFire, 215:unity, Cyclic spiraling movement. The line of least resistance is not the law for this aspect. TheFire, 328:can infer that His influence finds its line of least resistance on some one plane, even though itFire, 350:or latent activity, and follows the line of least resistance under the Law of Economy; the secondFire, 430:of our physical plane. There is thus a line of least resistance from the planes of the cosmos,Fire, 446:pass on to the Path of Initiation, and take at least the first Initiation, thus transferring theirFire, 459:repulsion, we have one reason (and one of the least fundamental) for the destructive war and theFire, 467:Heavenly Man. This energy, finding the line of least resistance, pours into the substance of theFire, 513:of the astral body is following the lines of least resistance and really might be considered asFire, 517:aspect. A permanent atom follows the line of the least resistance of force, and is passing out ofFire, 568:to the best possible advantage and with the least expenditure of force. It makes perfect each atomFire, 568:all onward, and upward, and through, with the least possible effort, with the proper adjustment ofFire, 575:but the devas proceed along the. line of least resistance; they remain negative, taking the line ofFire, 577:with the general working out, along the line of least resistance, of the logoic scheme. DuringFire, 584:closely allied, and we find there the line of least resistance. Hence the facility with which theFire, 584:the buddhic and even higher planes. The lines of least resistance in the three systems are: SystemFire, 618:the negative line is followed and the line of least resistance to that which is no principle, isFire, 624:a close interlocking chain, and form the line of least resistance for a particular type of negativeFire, 649:vehicle vitality indicating to them the line of least resistance. To word it otherwise: The devaFire, 825:(low, high, or spiritual) is the line of least resistance for the many. Yet the Monads of activityFire, 840:strictly speaking. All the egoic lotuses have at least one petal open. All the lotuses areFire, 903:pain or sorrow. It is for them the line of least resistance, for they are the mother aspect, theFire, 951:This direction of energy follows the line of least resistance. One of the primary works of the Ego,Fire, 994:lower nature. He, therefore, follows the line of least resistance; he augments these energies,Fire, 1011:they work, therefore, either along the line of least resistance, or through attraction, andFire, 1114:be regarded as embodying for it the line of least resistance and they are specifically, beginningFire, 1156:will be very real if occult students have at least a theoretical concept of the nature of thatGlamour, 3:when it is functioning there is, momentarily at least, a complete loss of the sense ofGlamour, 29:mental insanity or idée fixe, but in its least dangerous and normal result produces the fanatic.Glamour, 52:through his vehicles. He is, temporarily at least, made aware of the Plan. The need of the worldGlamour, 73:and therefore constitutes for him the line of least resistance; it is part of a great world processGlamour, 117:easily attract, for they constitute the line of least resistance. The glamor that he creates as heGlamour, 130:ramifications as happens among men. There is, at least, sensitivity to seven groups of ideas andGlamour, 140:of dispelling the present world glamor - at least in some of its aspects. I am not defining glamorGlamour, 143:the solar plexus center - which is the line of least resistance. Then transfer the light of theGlamour, 146:there are those who are, in their thought at least, violently anti-German; there are others who areGlamour, 154:plus desire or ambition, and he is controlled at least to some large extent by mental influence,Glamour, 199:whose ray focus makes astral living the line of least resistance and who have learnt or areGlamour, 212:nature is for him in any one life the line of least resistance. Those working in group formationGlamour, 223:not touched by them. Fifth ray people suffer the least from glamor but are primarily the victims ofHealing, 60:and because it is the latest, and therefore the least deep seated of the three major diseasesHealing, 99:of these difficulties in your own experience, at least to some degree. Healing, 119:clarify this law in your minds and indicate at least its reasonableness and its valuableHealing, 213:non-activity of the centers, or that a line of least resistance exists between the sacral centerHealing, 218:the ductless glands, and that it will admit, at least hypothetically and for the purpose ofHealing, 220:in their approach. But they have had hold of at least one thread in the great process of rightHealing, 239:and celibate - of the Middle Ages the line of least resistance. In that period of time, good peopleHealing, 272:of what you call "guinea pigs." The surest and least speculative field in medical practice is thatHealing, 281:body is of such a nature that its line of least resistance permits of the appearance and control ofHealing, 285:ascertain the patient's rays and which knows at least the nature of his disposition or hisHealing, 422:of the outer physical plane links is the least severe and the most impermanent of all such events.Healing, 423:It is the usual direction and the line of least resistance for the majority. But such is not theHealing, 461:still more in the case of the average man) at least two inches away from the physical spine. TheHealing, 478:is over; the man [478] is freed, temporarily at least, from all reaction to the attractive pull ofHealing, 554:coming from the soul either in the head, or at least above the diaphragm; this does not mean thatHealing, 555:symptomatically. This can incapacitate him or at least intercept the free activity of the healingHealing, 579:early and the primitive Lemurian was not in the least magnetic as we understand the word, but inHealing, 588:a false impression [588] if we regard evil (at least as far as disease is concerned) as misplacedHealing, 595:when - and only when - men know the rudiments at least of thought direction and the control ofHealing, 601:the ray types, of the centers; a minimum of at least three years should be given to this; when toHealing, 653:is that the patient is a person who has, at least to some degree, established rapport with hisHealing, 660:and the aspirant, because (theoretically at least) he can grasp some of their meaning though he isHealing, 673:emotional upheavals are overcome, or at [673] least are greatly minimized in the life of theHealing, 675:force. A completed point of view involves at least the attempt by the disciple to penetrate intoHealing, 685:as it is well recognized and understood, at least by those who have passed out of the sphere ofHealing, 694:to do. Healings have frequently taken place (at least temporary healings), owing largely to theHealing, 697:The center which registers - as the line of least resistance - the energy of the soul ray,Healing, 701:cases to ascertain his rays, or one of them at least, than to know the rays of the patient. ThereHercules, 131:their excellence most vehemently may be the least meritorious; that the worldly wise may act likeInitiation, 7:that after all the study and toil he has at least a wide general conception of the LogoicInitiation, 97:system, for it follows not along the line of least resistance, but seeks to initiate and impose aInitiation, 97:a higher rhythm. The devas follow the line of least resistance, and seek to appropriate andInitiation, 121:to find for himself (along the line of least resistance) the ray of his Monad. This subray bearsInitiation, 184:ones. "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much," is an occult statementIntellect, 24:of information that does not interest him in the least. A note of dryness and of aridity is struck;Intellect, 106:generally, to belief... It brings about an at least momentary unification of the mind by theIntellect, 216:and no more should be attempted for a year at least. May it not be truly said, if any one claimsIntellect, 218:a lot of literature in which they are not the least interested. If it is impossible to get a momentIntellect, 232:- and for them that will be the line of least resistance. We shall all formulate our own conceptsIntellect, 244:through his own psychic nature (the line of least resistance for the majority) comes in touch withIntellect, 247:belief. They certainly lack a sense of humor at least. The point that every student of meditationIntellect, 259:divinity cannot express itself on one plane, at least, of expression; to put in terms that mayIntellect, 260:cultivated in other directions than the line of least resistance - sex. There should be an endeavorMagic, 78:ether. This in itself affords another line of least resistance, for this etheric magnetizationMagic, 111:and family, is therefore for him the line of least resistance. Universal love, raying out to allMagic, 152:that the science of the physical breath is the least important aspect and follows sequentially uponMagic, 188:looks is one upon which the aspirant has the least to say and may very probably misinterpret.Magic, 228:he sees the evil which is for him the line of least resistance. Through the activity of pain, he
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