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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEAVE

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Discipleship2, 401:The inferences to be drawn I shall leave you to work out for yourselves after due study of theDiscipleship2, 406:reached by the humanity of that time. We will leave the fifth point of revelation at this time andDiscipleship2, 411:With these ideas on group initiation, I leave the subject and will now proceed with the subsidiaryDiscipleship2, 419:in order to move forward and at the same time to leave behind, the initiate becomes a "static pointDiscipleship2, 445:breathes. Learn that your causes are effects. Leave them behind and seek the world of causes. ThreeDiscipleship2, 446:to you: "Learn that your causes are effects. Leave them behind and seek the world of causes." TheseDiscipleship2, 447:indicate an approach [447] to reality, and then leave you to arrive at right decision, via directDiscipleship2, 463:solar plexus of undesirable emotional force and leave "room for reception," as the process isDiscipleship2, 507:have no doubts. I shield and protect, but I leave you free to work. Discipleship2, 616:to love - and love the little ones." [616] I can leave you with no better thought at this time, myDiscipleship2, 633:voiced aspiration was met: "Go out the door and leave the Ashram as it was and as you are; seek forDiscipleship2, 643:responsibilities and make all final decisions. Leave people, brother of old, the opportunity whichDiscipleship2, 681:therefore, I understand and with this thought I leave you and will not fail you. Discipleship2, 713:and in that light the fifth flower blooms." I leave you to interpret this for yourself. The futureDiscipleship2, 767:Sons of God: Shew forth the signature of God. Leave this High Place and, in the outer realm ofEducation, 9:conscious possessor of his equipment; it should leave him standing clear-eyed before life, withExternalisation, 22:the power of my mind and thought, and so leave each aspirant free to come to his own decisions. TheExternalisation, 172:all members of the New Group of World Servers to leave their personal problems behind. This is aExternalisation, 184:of human life; American isolationism would leave humanity defenceless in its hour of need and handExternalisation, 281:these thoughts upon the new Invocation I would leave you to work out these ideas in the recesses ofExternalisation, 313:crisis) I again ask for your cooperation and leave you to make your decision. May the love of GodExternalisation, 331:more. The responsibility is yours, and to you I leave the working out of these ideas. Move rapidlyExternalisation, 353:galvanized into activity and world usefulness. I leave the matter in your hands, asking you toExternalisation, 354:not yet, but it is in sight. With this thought I leave you. May the blessing of the Masters restExternalisation, 375:(after the war) back into the dark ages and leave men no better off than they were, even thoughExternalisation, 443:count in the scale of useful and needed service. Leave off saying and thinking those things whichExternalisation, 460:This may land them in non-activity. They may leave the settling of the problem to the trainedExternalisation, 466:a great and uniform activity which will leave no single thinking person untouched, which will putExternalisation, 486:and intelligent world servers, and yet to leave them [487] free to work in their own way, each inExternalisation, 498:will render possible a state of life which will leave man free to pursue the higher aims of theExternalisation, 514:and the Masonic Fraternity, if those groups leave off being organizations with material purpose,Externalisation, 524:is permissible, but shall of necessity have to leave much unsaid. Externalisation, 548:as the Church of Rome, who are as yet unable to leave politics alone and attend to the business forExternalisation, 605:of creative art - both modern and ancient - leave no room to question man's divinity. Here then areExternalisation, 609:His task will be done; He will be free again to leave us, this time not to return, but to leave theExternalisation, 609:to leave us, this time not to return, but to leave the world of men in the hands of that greatExternalisation, 632:to do it - beyond asking you to carry on where I leave off. I refer of course to my exoteric work.Externalisation, 701:at this time. And with this responsibility I leave you. Work, my brothers. Fire, 57:congestion or material congestion, so as to leave a free channel for the inner warmth. ThisFire, 122:let us, after this somewhat lengthy digression, leave things cosmic and incomprehensible, and comeFire, 132:enlarge on. We simply make the statement, and leave its working out to those students whose karmaFire, 198:mutual action and interaction. That will then leave two more points to be dealt with in this firstFire, 358:and man can do no more than accept the fact, and leave the explanation until his consciousness isFire, 593:could be written on the subject, and yet leave it unexhausted. Much light comes if we can ponderFire, 632:subject is abstruse and profound. We will now leave these basic ideas, and deal more specificallyFire, 645:correspondences on all the planes. This we can leave to the student to work out for himself,Fire, 721:line of occult dispassion; this likewise will leave its mark upon matter, tinging it in such a wayFire, 727:for esoteric and for us inexplicable reasons, leave Their Own Hierarchy, and appear in one or otherFire, 732:Incarnation (a.) Cosmic, Planetary and Human We leave now the consideration of self-consciousness,Fire, 980:by the things we say, and by the things we leave unsaid and are judged by the quality of ourFire, 1016:of certain "devas of the waters" who would never leave him until they had completely drained fromFire, 1113:clung to the old and dying form, and refused to leave their Mother. They chose to pass intoGlamour, 29:will slowly and surely disintegrate and leave your way, to the door of Initiation, free andGlamour, 44:must be of a definitely practical value and must leave the student with the realization that heGlamour, 110:of opposites, unaffected by either, and thus leave them behind. He accomplishes this by using theGlamour, 178:These stages begin where the usual formulas leave off, and presuppose facility in approach to theGlamour, 199:this work. Only thus can humanity be helped to leave behind the errors, the glamors and theHealing, 71:It is no use saying to men today, "Do not fear. Leave off worrying. All will be well." They willHealing, 241:down general indications, state causes, and then leave to the intelligent investigators the task ofHealing, 253:of the teeth, the hearing and the sight leave frequently much to be desired; inherited tendenciesHealing, 327:and a willingness to submit to them and leave affairs to work themselves out. This particular lifeHealing, 352:erroneous lines of thought, and at the same time leave the physical body as it was. It might meanHealing, 412:that the discarding of the physical body will leave a man still a conscious living entity. He willHealing, 421:enlarge on. We simply make the statement, and leave its working out to those students whose karmaHealing, 472:for instance, that on occasion the "soul may leave the door of protection open so that the forcesHealing, 671:of the will-to-power (forcing evil to leave Him) marked a most important crisis in the life of theHercules, 78:it and bear it to the safety of the shrine, and leave it there. A simple thing to do, O son of man,Hercules, 79:distant shrine, where dwell the sons of God and leave it there with them." "Why so, O Teacher wise?Hercules, 79:Bear to the shrine of God the sacred doe, and leave it there, O son of God." Hercules, 125:I slew and killed. This time I slaughter not. I leave the bow." And so unarmed, save with hisHercules, 191:are just beginning to think in broad terms, to leave off being exclusive. Emerging in the world areHercules, 196:again some cattle strayed, and Hercules would leave the herd in search of errant wanderers. AcrossHercules, 197:on the divine. Home have you come, no more to leave. Upon the starry firmament your name shall beHercules, 205:organized system of life ... which threatens to leave scant scope and area for its own freeHercules, 214:forth into matter"; from the angle of soul, I leave my Father's home and turning back, I save".Initiation, 144:worlds and enables the applicant literally to "leave behind him" all the past and to have thatInitiation, 210:Pass they with ease that mount that limb, and leave the fourth behind? They pass through tears,Intellect, 27:of achievement, the attainment of which will leave them complacent, self-satisfied and, therefore,Intellect, 208:last have to learn to organize their days and leave out the non-essential activities. They are theIntellect, 252:system which will teach brotherhood to a few and leave the rest outside. They will recognize allIntellect, 253:take themselves far too seriously. They seem to leave behind them their good sense, when they enterMagic, 298:a man to cope with all situations and unable to leave his fears and questionings behind and stepMagic, 364:information, - the correctness of which I leave the future to demonstrate. I simply ask that youMagic, 406:but indicate the trend of their endeavor, and leave to some illumined student of history theMagic, 418:proceed no further, but - preserving silence - leave time and the law to correct their attitude.Magic, 434:utilize primarily the intuition. These energies leave their mark upon every form in every kingdomMagic, 442:am I, poured forth for thirsty men. Pisces - I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save.Magic, 491:himself from his own thought creations, and leave them free to accomplish the purpose for which heMagic, 524:of ideas and not in the world of forms. So we leave the vast expanse of lives, covered by theMagic, 560:in the urgency of the present situation to leave off reading and thinking about it aspirationallyMagic, 573:is of practical usefulness and will tend to leave no part of the aspirant's nature untouched. ThinkMagic, 586:in detail as their inner voice tells them; they leave undone certain things which they are promptedMagic, 629:into the Hall of Wisdom and thus man will leave behind the experiences of the Hall of Knowledge.Meditation, 60:basic ideas and fundamental principles, and then leave the aspirant to work out for himself theMeditation, 69:you enough to consider for today, and we will leave the consideration of point the fourth tillMeditation, 141:that is the aim of all evolution. I desire to leave in the minds of those who read these words aMeditation, 324:shelter for those pupils who can consciously leave their physical bodies and function elsewhere onPatanjali, 55:is to collate certain facts about the AUM, and leave the student to extend the concept and graspPatanjali, 347:the attractive [347] force of the planet and to leave the earth. It is the opposite to the thirdProblems, 30:race and environment? Will they be willing to leave each other free to shoulder [31] individual
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