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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LECTURE

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Atoma considerable amount of repetition, as each lecture briefly reviews the matters covered in theAtomaddresses. As newcomers were present at each lecture in the series, it was found necessary on eachAtom, 6:of the Atom - The Field of Evolution Lecture I The Field of Evolution There has probably never beenAtom, 31:of the Atom - The Evolution of Substance Lecture II The Evolution of Substance It is obvious thatAtom, 31:this stupendous subject, even were I equipped to lecture on such a fundamentally scientific matter.Atom, 41:of our greatest scientists, gave an interesting lecture before a body of chemists in Great Britain,Atom, 48:building. I only seek tonight, in bringing this lecture to a conclusion, to bring to yourAtom, 53:of the Atom - The Evolution of Form Lecture III The Evolution of Form, or Group Evolution I want toAtom, 53:or of intelligence, as developed somewhat in the lecture last week, and to extend the concept stillAtom, 54:all lesser atoms. These remarks and the previous lecture concern themselves primarily with theAtom, 54:manifestation. As usual, we will handle this lecture in four divisions: First, we will take theAtom, 57:of His we call a solar system. We found in our lecture last week that there was one thing thatAtom, 59:with man, for instance. For the purpose of our lecture, man can be defined as that central energy,Atom, 74:[74] To sum up the central thought of this lecture: Let us endeavor to realize that there is noAtom, 77:of the Atom - The Evolution of Man, the Thinker Lecture IV The Evolution of Man, the Thinker ThisAtom, 80:- The Evolution of Man, the Thinker At our last lecture we took up another phase of manifestation.Atom, 97:of the Atom - The Evolution of Consciousness Lecture V The Evolution of Consciousness Last week weAtom, 119:of the Atom - The Goal of Evolution Lecture VI The Goal of Evolution In using such a title as theAtom, 119:upon evolution, as I mentioned in the first lecture, we have been dealing somewhat withAtom, 143: The Consciousness of the Atom - Cosmic Evolution Lecture VII Cosmic Evolution It might well beAtom, 143:ridiculous for anyone to undertake to give a lecture on Cosmic Evolution, because, of course, it isAutobiography, 19:I remember a few years ago arriving in Leeds to lecture. As the taxi drove through a square there IAutobiography, 57:by being just human. I have never attempted to lecture. I just talk to an audience as I would toAutobiography, 57:we are now." At question time at the close of a lecture - a time I always enjoy - I don't mindAutobiography, 134:I wanted to meet these two women. I found the lecture very dull and the lecturer very poor. I canAutobiography, 134:complete nonsense and I doubt if that kind of lecture ever helps anybody. I registered a resolve atAutobiography, 152:in Hollywood or Los Angeles. There were lecture halls, class rooms, a shrine room where members ofAutobiography, 156:observers. I had been introduced to him, after a lecture I had given at Krotona, by DotAutobiography, 182:their feeling that because you write books and lecture on the public platform that necessarily youAutobiography, 182:to your own spiritual urges. At the close of the lecture a woman got up in the audience andAutobiography, 206:floaters. They drifted in and out of every free lecture, no matter what the subject was, and neverAutobiography, 206:it and my husband worries dreadfully so I only lecture now at the yearly conference. It was earlyAutobiography, 217:Maggiore in Switzerland where she had built a lecture hall and accumulated a very good library. OneAutobiography, 217:and elsewhere. She had these lovely houses, this lecture hall and these beautiful grounds whichAutobiography, 217:and I should go there and start the project and lecture and teach. She offered us full hospitalityAutobiography, 224:Close to our own home she had built a beautiful lecture hall where the meetings were held morningAutobiography, 225:features of the Ascona conferences. He would lecture in French, Italian and English and theAutobiography, 225:first two years he and I carried the bulk of the lecture work though there were other able andAutobiography, 228:in the New Willard Hotel. At the close of a lecture a man came up to me with a small suit case inDiscipleship1, 191:Your family. Your associates. Those to whom you lecture or preach. The lives you touch each day.Fire, 979:the material with which he is going to build his lecture and which he is going to vitalize. Out ofHercules, 119:carrying the energy of the mind. In this Virgo lecture A.A.B. gave a most interesting sequence ofHercules, 138:of oneness with it. Some highlights from the lecture by A.A.B. In Libra we have the man who doesHercules, 150:Labor VIII Applications to Life (Condensation of lecture by Alice Bailey) Scorpio is the labor thatHercules, 156:F.M. Interpretation of the Labor (Edited Lecture by A.A.B., 1937) Sagittarius is to my mind mostHercules, 178:all sun gods are born in the sign of Capricorn. (Lecture by A.A.B., condensed and edited.) Hercules, 182:of Hercules - Labor XI The Energies of Aquarius (Lecture by A.A.B. 1937) There is a phrase in theHercules, 205:light, from .the unreal into the real. [205] Lecture by A.A.B. - 1936. Edited and condensed. Intellect, 230:and as he chooses: "Imagine you have to give a lecture upon these words to an audience. PictureProblems, 180:this idea, through the medium of the press, the lecture platform and the radio. Eventually thisRays, 612:of the newspapers, on the radio and upon the lecture platforms is on behalf of harmony and aSoul, 37:pp. 3,6. Professor J. S. Huxley in a recent lecture says, "It seems clear that temperament even
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