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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LECTURES

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Atomof the Atom - Foreword Foreword The lectures here presented were delivered in New York during theAtom, 6:expansion of the theme. In presenting the lectures in book form it has been deemed advisable toAtom, 6:advisable to retain the complete text of the lectures as given. Those who are already students ofAtom, 6:able to follow the line of the argument of the lectures without difficulty. For those, however, whoAtom, 31:Substance It is obvious that in such a series of lectures as this it would be impossible to dealAtom, 32:line which I shall emphasize and stress in these lectures. No speaker is able, after all, toAtom, 37:makes itself felt. When we are talking in these lectures of energy and force, and of matter andAtom, 97:to our study of that evolution in two previous lectures in which we considered first the substance,Atom, 98:with which we have been dealing in the previous lectures, into the consideration of theAtom, 100:It might be done as follows: In our earlier lectures we have seen that we must consider the atom inAtom, 158:we find ourselves. In closing this series of lectures, I cannot do better than quote again from St.Autobiography, 82:handed down to thousands of people in my public lectures. The next phase of the lesson wasAutobiography, 140:glamor. Looking back now to my early classes and lectures, I laugh with amusement at my ponderousAutobiography, 175:there were no proofs to read; no public lectures to give; and, above everything else, no unendingAutobiography, 206:does today. I usually put on 6 or 8 [206] public lectures a year and as long as no paid admissionsAutobiography, 206:came when we decided to charge admission to my lectures even if it was only 25 cents. The audiencesAutobiography, 210:who had beautiful homes, who seldom attended lectures and that I hoped that he might perhaps beAutobiography, 218:many years ago I was asked to give a series of lectures at The Postgraduate College in Washington,Autobiography, 218:after my name, they proceeded to cancel the lectures. I later received a letter from the presidentAutobiography, 228:down to Washington, D.C., to give a course of lectures in the New Willard Hotel. At the close of aBethlehem, 83:is born, every soul becomes Mary." - The Paddock Lectures, by W. R. Inge, p. 66. We are summoned toDiscipleship1, 644:personal contacts and service than you will from lectures and books, though these, in reason, haveFire, 525:Initiation, will be the subject of books, and of lectures, and form part of the ordinary thought ofHercules, 38:three years after A.A.B. gave the Hercules lectures in New York.) "And the Word said: Let formHercules, From n:on the chapters will be based on the informal lectures given by A.A.B., her finished material for aHercules, From n:neither of which had appeared at the time the lectures were given in 1937.] The Myth The greatIntellect, 38:to note what Dr. C. Lloyd Morgan in the Gifford Lectures, delivered in 1923, has to say about thisIntellect, 129:with its memory training, its books and lectures and its appropriation of so-called facts hasIntellect, 150:"The mystic," we are told in the Bampton Lectures for 1930, "cannot explain, but he knows that heMagic, 477:of the present welter of speech and of words, of lectures and of books, a few clear concepts willMeditation, 313:will be easily available (music, libraries, and lectures), for in the preparation of true occultMeditation, 325:of facts and of concrete knowledge. He attends lectures, he wades through many books, he studies inPsychology2, 679:personal contact, and correspondence; through lectures and discussions and eventually, if possible,Rays, 749:through books, magazines and travel, through lectures and forums and simplified human intercourseTelepathy, 77:demagogues, the newspapers, the radio, books and lectures, are conditioned by many minds, according
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