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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEFT

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Astrology, 61:considering this point): "He turns from right to left, and then again from left to right. HeAstrology, 61:turns from right to left, and then again from left to right. He revolves in giddy fashion upon anAstrology, 103:the "wheel of life as it turns from right to left" (from Aries to Taurus via Pisces). But the soulAstrology, 103:the soul is bound to the wheel as it turns from left to right, going from Aries to Pisces, viaAstrology, 176:Lanoo, now that the horses of two kinds have left thee and the rider, unattached, stands free? NowAstrology, 314:God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me." He then left the Fixed Cross and the Identity which hadAstrology, 429:the eye of buddhi, of wisdom and of vision. The left eye - the eye of mind, of the common sense andAstrology, 432:Son, and from [432] that day the Sun has never left her. There is no darkness. There is alwaysAstrology, 434:to that which emanates from the "centers left behind" or to those streams of vital energy which lieAstrology, 436:in substance-energy: The right eye. The left eye. The third eye. In this particular world cycle itAstrology, 500:close of this present war as if nothing had been left them and that they are destitute and denudedAstrology, 636:posts. (S.D. Vol. III, 341) [636] Astrology has left its eternal imprint upon the world. (S.D. Vol.Astrology, 639:upper triangle is the Eagle (Scorpio); in the left lower angle stands the Lion (Leo); in the right,Astrology, 663:the right eye corresponds with Buddhi and the left eye with Manas and Venus or Lucifer." (Vol. III,Astrology, 665:of disappearance and only a decaying body is left. The life of the second Logos and the first LogosAstrology, 675:eye corresponds with Buddhi and Mercury and the left eye with manas and Venus." (S.D. Vol. III, 447Atom, 99:divisions and subdivisions, until one is left in a state of complete bewilderment. Tonight we willAutobiography, 23:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter I After we left Canada, my mother got seriously ill and we went toAutobiography, 23:and we came back to Moor Park and were left there whilst my father (with a nurse-valet) went on aAutobiography, 32:installed us there with a chaperone and then left us to our own devices. The first thing we bothAutobiography, 32:in the Sunday School itself; that I was to be left alone whilst doing so. We had an exciting time.Autobiography, 40:the race than those recorded in history. I was left bewildered, because to me (at that time) theAutobiography, 40:a Christian. Deep and fundamental doubts were left in my mind. My life was henceforth colored (andAutobiography, 44:innuendo and the significance of the repartee left me guessing and feeling a fool. The onlyAutobiography, 44:I had better see that you were taken care of." I left as he had arranged, not knowing whether to beAutobiography, 49:I do not have all the answers. I find myself left with few if any doctrines and dogmas. I am sureAutobiography, 60:him to God?" With that she walked off. I have left many people to God since then. Now right hereAutobiography, 61:peculiar piece of work and one that would have left my family aghast had they known of it. I do notAutobiography, 65:- they never said grace at meals. The first meal left me stunned. After lunch I went to my cabinAutobiography, 66:was my pet abhorrence and had been ever since I left [67] London. He was the life of the ship; heAutobiography, 68:had run away with a married man. He had no one left. He wanted nothing from me but a kind word.Autobiography, 85:to laugh at the poor [85] little fool. I was left with a small handful of religiously mindedAutobiography, 95:state; I felt a fool or an idiot. Then I left these two beloved, elderly ladies discussing me andAutobiography, 96:passage to Bombay had been booked before I ever left India. My problem was: to whom could I go forAutobiography, 97:was too ill to have any judgment or common sense left. I relaxed under her skillful handling andAutobiography, 97:take care of me as I was obviously too ill to be left alone. So I went back to my job and did it,Autobiography, 98:and my work in the army and (when eventually I left India to be married) it was understood that IAutobiography, 101:during which I knew nothing but trouble that left no part of my nature unaffected. I was entering aAutobiography, 102:ushered me into a period of my life in which I left caste and social position behind and suddenlyAutobiography, 103:but I hope you will be happy." None of this left the slightest impression on me. I have an idea nowAutobiography, 103:impression on me. I have an idea now that I left behind me a group of very worried relatives,Autobiography, 107:men and congressmen in both Houses and parties left off yelling for democracy and free elections inAutobiography, 108:small apartment where, for the first time, I was left alone with a small baby and all the houseworkAutobiography, 110:to know and giving me a cup of strong coffee he left me. Wearily I sat all day in the station,Autobiography, 117:When Walter had gone to San Francisco I was left with three children and lots of bills. He had noAutobiography, 120:useless or undesirable, and much that was left fed the pride and nationalism of the people. ThatAutobiography, 123:and I felt that there was nothing left me except a vague belief in Christ, Who at this time seemedAutobiography, 131:months. Walter Evans, in the meantime, had left Montana and had [132] gone to a university in theAutobiography, 133:Bailey - Chapter IV Chapter IV Walter Evans had left me when I was thirty-five. Much observationAutobiography, 136:taught - at the expense of the children whom she left at home in the care of the eldest girl, justAutobiography, 139:mind and my disturbed heart? I had been [139] left adrift on a pinnacle of dissatisfaction. I wasAutobiography, 144:lasting impression which I carried away when I left the town, of the soundness, the kindness, theAutobiography, 145:same reply. "Well, then you see, Madam, what's left? Just human beings." And that has been myAutobiography, 148:she had been moved to a hospital, so that I was left alone in the enormous Soldiers Home and, beingAutobiography, 148:and gossip. So each night when the soldiers had left, one of them would take me to my room, aroundAutobiography, 179:across the Hudson. Foster accepted the offer and left for New York whilst I [180] stayed behind toAutobiography, 180:However, being an old lady and over 70 when she left me she thought they might profit from some ofAutobiography, 180:Foster wrote to me to join him in New York and I left the children in Craigie's care, knowing theyAutobiography, 182:her and the responsibility for their care was left to anybody who cared to be interested enough.Autobiography, 184:normal time in their upbringing than I ever had, left as I was to strangers, governess and mastersAutobiography, 185:tens of thousands of illegitimate children they left behind uncared for and unrecognized and as toAutobiography, 204:and they attended there every day until we left Stamford. I cannot remember all the different boysAutobiography, 211:This was, I think, the last time I saw him. He left shortly after that for the south of France andAutobiography, 211:after that for the south of France and we left for England. A couple of years later I was sittingAutobiography, 211:obituary notice in next day's papers. Before he left America he had given me a photograph ofAutobiography, 233:and obsolete religion which they should have left behind. The Jewish dispensation itself wasAutobiography, 239:ago during the infancy of mankind. Then They left us for a while and disappeared behind the veilAutobiography, 240:is regarded as an intelligent agent and is left free to fulfil the requirements as he sees best. NoAutobiography, 252:opportunity to help in the movement. They were left entirely free to do so or not as they chose andAutobiography, 302:is not all powerful, else there would be little left of human freedom, and we would all be destinedBethlehem, 6:of Christ must, and does, fit. God has never left Himself without witness, and He never will. TheBethlehem, 11:experiences, in deed and in truth, but had left us with, the definite command that we shouldBethlehem, 21:again down the ages, proves that God has never left Himself without witness and that always thereBethlehem, 127:the maya and dispel the glamor. Pure desire was left - desire for God. He had been tried in twoBethlehem, 149:They had shared with Him His service; they had left their various vocations in order to be withBethlehem, 177:a great continuity of revelation. God has never "left Himself without witness." (Acts, XIV, 17.)Bethlehem, 182:side; and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of anBethlehem, 203:the grasping of that which we should have left behind. Evil is, for the bulk of us, simply andBethlehem, 209:happiness, whilst the rest of God's children are left outside. The Cross was intended to indicateBethlehem, 220:and sacrificed), had to disappear, and He be left bereft of all contacts. All sense of feeling andBethlehem, 231:episode, or crisis, in Christ's life is left untold by the writers of the New Testament. It was notBethlehem, 231:Him between the time He rose again until He left the company of the Apostles, and "ascended intoBethlehem, 237:was placed in a sarcophagus of stone, and there left, carefully guarded. Meanwhile the man himselfBethlehem, 240:the words 'Follow Me,' we are told they left all and followed Him. (2) Self-knowledge, and theBethlehem, 241:it comes, it catches them unawares; they are left helpless and unable to do more than simply die.Bethlehem, 267:now being made - twenty centuries after Christ left us with the command to follow in His steps -Destiny, 36:that is equally difficult for the Lords of the Left Hand Way as it is for the Great White Lodge.Discipleship1, 16:that is all I seek to give. The disciple must be left free to follow a suggestion or a hint asDiscipleship1, 65:the solar plexus center. The mind will then be left free to fulfil three functions: That of soulDiscipleship1, 86:of them will find out later that they have been left behind as far as registering the new truths isDiscipleship1, 124:now is true and real, for both the eyes, the left and the right, are turned upon the ways of menDiscipleship1, 146:sees life in its true perspective. A man is thus left free and untouched by aught that may occur.Discipleship1, 244:is for them their weakest point; you are then left as ever the "one who stands alone." This isDiscipleship1, 278:things through, and your strong inner urge to be left free to work out the concept of this groupDiscipleship1, 280:or to dictate?... [280] Your other meditation is left to your own choice and discretion. AttentionDiscipleship1, 312:attachments. Then only those relationships are left which are upon soul levels. Your task is toDiscipleship1, 314:disciple. In the olden times, such a man left his home and his business and went out into theDiscipleship1, 350:ray. This is definitely what I might call a "left over" from the fifth ray personality in which youDiscipleship1, 456:center. (Note: This is found a little to the left and [457] below the heart center, above the solarDiscipleship1, 457:above the solar plexus and somewhat under the left hand ribs.) Send the other stream of force, by
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