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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEFT

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Rays, 702:Themselves from all hindrances; They have left hell behind and the term "spirits that are inRays, 725:plane, for the physical is, for him, eternally left behind. This initiation is therefore governedRays, 725:our little planet, the Earth, but when that is left behind entirely at the ninth initiation theRays, 752:planetary Logos inherited it from the residue left over [753] from a previous solar system. That isRays, 765:is seen. Its flames have swept the country and left the desert bare. It radiates forth a fire thatRays, 767:Midway it stands, with the right hand and the left hand path on either side. There the man isRays, 767:on either hand - one on the right and one on the left. In the apprehension of the key, in theRays, 768:all the forms are burnt and gone, and naught is left save one divine abstraction. Naught but theRays, 769:and separates, but at the seventh naught is left save the ascending Flame, that mounts to theRays, 769:but at the seventh great absorption naught is left save iridescent fire. Three times the fireRays, 769:time the fourth the work is done, and naught is left save Flame primordial. That Flame absorbs,Reappearance, 7:men. Again and again, They have come and have left a changed world and some new world religionReappearance, 26:of the creative mind nor the energy of love were left to Him. He was bereft of all that had madeReappearance, 37:theological commentators since Christ lived and left us - or apparently left us. Yet - today ChristReappearance, 37:since Christ lived and left us - or apparently left us. Yet - today Christ is nearer to humanityReappearance, 41:a phrase can be true of someone Who has never left us!) and of the new spiritual opportunitiesReappearance, 41:names. Then the Christ came and apparently left us, with His work unfinished and His vision forReappearance, 43:the spiritual destiny of humanity; He has never left us but, in physical body and securelyReappearance, 60:and of humanity. If men look for the Christ Who left His disciples centuries ago, they will fail toReappearance, 100:In order, therefore, to aid the Christ, He left behind Him (for His use) what are mysteriouslyReappearance, 100:called "His vestures." He bequeathed and left [101] in some safe place the sumtotal of HisReappearance, 126:during the next two thousand years. Each age has left a reflection of a modern fivefold developmentReappearance, 140:churchmen have built, whilst His people are left without guidance or reasonable light upon worldReappearance, 147:man for God and of God for man. Never has Deity left Itself at any time without witness. Never hasReappearance, 161:[161] religious belief and the major hope left in the minds of men which can bring true relief toSoul, 21:p. 208. "Psychology studies the world with man left in it, i.e., it studies experience as dependentSoul, 86:consists of two ventricles: the right and left lateral [87] ventricles, which communicate with oneSoul, 113:and the cerebellum - and, as well, its right and left divisions." - Prasad, Rama, Nature's FinerTelepathy, 127:who are at the human stage, and those who have left that stage far behind but who are endowed withTelepathy, 163:with the initial triangle, two points only are left for the processes of extension. [164] The
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