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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEGITIMATE

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Atom, 13:science tells him they are. This is a perfectly legitimate method of solution, but for some of usAutobiography, 248:again and again that the word "disciple" is the legitimate and non-controversial word (as well asAutobiography, 291:tread the Path of Discipleship. This is the only legitimate claim that anyone can safely make; andBethlehem, 13:sources and composed of many truths. Yet it is legitimate to feel that if one had to choose, atBethlehem, 35:because "living religious experience is the only legitimate way to the comprehension of dogmas."Bethlehem, 250:the apparent injustice of the world provides legitimate assurance of a hereafter wherein theDiscipleship1, 49:him or your point of view, though it is always legitimate to express ideas and make suggestion.Discipleship1, 127:if your present field of service is, for you, a legitimate one or - if it is - what must you do toDiscipleship1, 780:again and again that the word "disciple" is the legitimate and non-controversial word (as well asExternalisation, 562:fast, that a great pressing forward has become legitimate. It involved, finally, a great awakeningFire, 494:ends and along lines of endeavors outside their legitimate province. This knowledge of formulas andFire, 559:right, and the human kingdom be fulfiling its legitimate function. The sex aspect - as at presentFire, 874:of Spirit as the two together perform their legitimate function in cooperation and thus - by theirFire, 1066:they were concerned with out of its apparently legitimate sphere into a new realm of activity. SomeFire, 1196:synthesizing all." The arrangement is quite legitimate. - The Theosophist, Vol. XXIX, p. 100.Initiation, 133:of power, and the Rod is brought to him by its legitimate custodians. It is not possible here toIntellect, 33:his mind and can be appreciated as a perfectly legitimate objective, capable of successfulIntellect, 38:transcend his natural limitations as an entirely legitimate part of its affairs. It is interestingMagic, 26:perception (if such an unsatisfactory phrase is legitimate) and means of knowledge of which averageMagic, 83:and the activity that should be finding its legitimate expression in the higher aspiration, turnsMagic, 345:flooding yourself with love and light. The legitimate fears which arise [346] from things connectedPatanjali, 26:brings all sense perceptions to perform their legitimate functions. Through non-attachment to thosePsychology1, 105:The study of the soul will before long be as legitimate and respectable an investigation as anyPsychology1, 271:the many customs, the many types of relation (legitimate and illegitimate), the many animal andPsychology1, 280:lead to a morbid tendency towards unions, legitimate and illegitimate; they produce an extremeRays, 413:and the limitations which are no longer legitimate. I would like to point out here that theseRays, 634:situation would be brought about just as legitimate as the Zionist position. If the Zionist claimsReappearance, 79:dubious science of astrology has sidetracked the legitimate interest of humanity in the
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