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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LENGTH

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Astrology, 150:theme. We shall next consider Capricorn at some length. These three studies of Pisces, Aquarius andAstrology, 150:I have dealt with these three Crosses at some length whilst we were covering these first threeAstrology, 252:religion would prove. I cannot trace for you at length this universal recognition of the task ofAstrology, 317:been largely overlooked. In the debate as to the length of time a man is out of incarnation and inAstrology, 468:no way of handling this Science of Triangles at length or exhaustively, for it is the science ofAutobiography, 13:late Czar of Russia. I have never lived for any length of time in one place, for the Gemini personAutobiography, 57:handed me a parchment scroll nearly a yard in length, tied with broad blue ribbon, and made me aAutobiography, 137:wanders off to another, takes up a third at length and - if you search - you will find herAutobiography, 171:dues lapse. I am writing about this somewhat at length because it was this situation or backgroundAutobiography, 186:value. I have no intention of dealing at greater length with this subject but it has its bearing onBethlehem, 177:as we find them. "I cannot of course go at length into these different cults, but I may say roughlyBethlehem, 203:question of evil is too large to elucidate at length, but it might be defined simply as adherenceDestiny, 32:psychic in nature, and are governed by law. The length of time in which a ray appears, manifestsDiscipleship1, 145:for the future. I have spoken to you thus at length because your work as a building cooperator canDiscipleship1, 260:and discussed your ray equipment [260] at some length. You have, as sincerely and earnestly as youDiscipleship1, 328:In order, however, safely to increase the length of time you can spend in contemplation, you mustDiscipleship1, 345:and you have not worked at this for a sufficient length of time to get your results. The rhythmDiscipleship1, 384:Give it time to prove itself. It is not the length of time that is given to the rightDiscipleship1, 398:brother of old and trusted friend. It is not the length of a message, however, but its qualityDiscipleship1, 528:little minaret. A stream runs the entire length of this garden, from east to west; it comes in andDiscipleship1, 529:the back of the pagoda, and go down the entire length of the long south walk, forming a plantationDiscipleship1, 530:and of purple grapes. A narrow path runs the length of the wall. To the left on the lawn is aDiscipleship1, 600:light - a thing you never yet have done for any length of time. You report growth in abstractDiscipleship1, 761:I shall be dealing with the subject at some length in the final part of A Treatise on the SevenDiscipleship2, 39:slips into an interlude (sometimes of great length and involving several lives) of drifting, ofDiscipleship2, 42:I know that naught will turn you for any length of time from the pursuit of your goal. I do,Discipleship2, 223:as it is revealed to them, cycle by cycle. The length of these cycles is one of the mysteries whichDiscipleship2, 356:and adequate interpretations or write you at length upon each hint, but I will give you enough toDiscipleship2, 454:beginning, and in order to help you to find the length of your cycles of inhalation and exhalation,Discipleship2, 489:of Contact, Impression and Relationship. The length of the meditation is entirely dependent uponDiscipleship2, 498:if you return not there physically or for any length of time. The Plan must be served. I would askDiscipleship2, 563:world of business and of men have to be of great length, though - as progress is made - theseExternalisation, 70:upon the fourth point and I am not enlarging at length upon it here either, fascinating asExternalisation, 425:it should interest you to remember that the length of the war was partly dependent upon theExternalisation, 428:of the German mentality for a great length of time. This negative nation, with its arrogantExternalisation, 478:potency of these forces will be realized if the length of time which the war has lasted isExternalisation, 700:work of the externalized Ashrams at some length in the foregoing pages and also in several of myFire, 41:viz., Krita, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali; and the length of each of these four Yugas is respectivelyFire, 52:kingdom the subject can be taken up at greater length. We might here point out, however, that ourFire, 68:the Treatise, where they are dealt with at some length. [69] 23 Atma means as you all know the selfFire, 158:into being or manifestation, and persist for the length of their greater or lesser cycle until theFire, 184:path of fire can be seen extending the entire length of the backbone. When kundalini has blendedFire, 273:necessitates periods of time of differing length - greater or lesser cycles - but (according toFire, 273:or lesser cycles - but (according to their length) of uniform degree. A manvantara, or Day ofFire, 273:or Day of Brahma, is always of a certain length, and so is a mahamanvantara. The cycles wherein anFire, 360:statements anent Him which, when considered at length by the individual student, should serve toFire, 440:are concerned. We shall later take up at greater length than has been possible with the other Rays,Fire, 526:for us to pause here to consider it at greater length. We might sum up the matter in terms of theFire, 651:and inevitably the whole race of men will at length attain that dual focus which will enable man toFire, 728:of the planetary Logos Himself for a specific length of time. It involves the definite taking of aFire, 737:of personality nirvana are undergone, their length depending upon the interest of the life, and theFire, 739:of the system, this stage persists for the length of the life of a scheme; to which a period ofFire, 750:The vibration is perpetuated for a specific length of time, and for as long as the vesture orFire, 757:up his body, and stands aside for a specific length of time. These methods of over-shadowing willFire, 791:of the unit of force involved, so will the length of time required for the process be brief, or theFire, 793:concerned with the "inner round" differ as to length of time but not as to space location fromFire, 940:part of this Treatise. We have dealt at some length already with the work [941] of the transmittingFire, 969:of vitalization is largely pursued, for the length of the life of any thought form (even such anFire, 982:of Magic 92 We have considered somewhat at length the building of thought forms, and have seen thatFire, 1002:activity is such that its persistence for the length of time necessary to ensure achievement of theFire, 1036:ray. One ray does pass through its cycle in that length of time, but only one, the others beingFire, 1036:the egoic cycles, and is responsible for the length of time between incarnations. Some Egos cycleFire, 1142:of a solar Logos is controlled, and the length of a cosmic pralaya settled. We must not forget thatFire, 1148:have been made in occult books as to the length of time varying between incarnations. SuchFire, 1152:it is not my purpose here to enlarge at great length. Just as it is not possible for a man in anFire, 1186:building. Upon this we will not enlarge at any length, as all that it is at present possible toFire, 1242:Those adepts therefore who stay for a prescribed length of time upon our planet are aGlamour, 154:the aspiration facts in experience. For a great length of time the forces of the personality do notGlamour, 224:to results and to use the formula for a given length of time (for instance, once a week for twoGlamour, 246:is one of supreme difficulty and needs the great length of the evolutionary cycle. With the mass ofHealing, 42:needed and should most certainly be used. The length of the life can be prolonged, but a permanentHealing, 119:Disease I have discussed these two conditions at length because it is essential that another lawHealing, 130:achievement. I shall deal with these at greater length when I take up the diseases which developHealing, 182:life and energy pouring down through the entire length of the spinal [183] column, via the ethericHealing, 247:usually eventuates and death supervenes. The length of the cycles and their determining cause are aHealing, 499:I seek now to elaborate. We have studied at some length the immediate processes which take placeHealing, 565:by friction. These three fires I dealt with at length in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and hinted atHercules, 6:transmutation, carried steadily forward until at length the Mount of Transfiguration and ofHercules, 42:in Scorpio and Pisces, are related at greater length. They were drastic in their application andHercules, 55:the help so subtly proffered. Returned at length with sadness to the Teacher, Nereus spoke ofHercules, 63:to glamor and illusion. Despite failures and the length of time it has taken him to arrive atHercules, 65:search that Hercules undertook, for he was at length attentive to the voice of Nereus, the higherHercules, 78:And this they did, time and again. Thus for the length of a full year, the son of man who is a sonHercules, 79:he hunted it until close to a quiet pool, full-length upon the untrampled grass, he saw itHercules, 80:great Presiding One. Simple it was, except for length of time and wariness of search. I listenedHercules, 98:that cave and passed throughout its darkened length into the light of day and found no lion, onlyHercules, 115:the mother of the world, but it is Mary who at length bears the Child in her arms. And it is inHercules, 141:he be sucked downward by the yielding earth. At length he found the lair where dwelt the monstrousHercules, 155:as they plunged into yielding ground. At length the birds withdrew. Before the marsh stoodHercules, 170:and the strengthening words of Hermes. At length he came to that dark, envenomed river called theHercules, 171:to frenzied fury, the monster thrashed about. At length, its strength subsiding, Hercules masteredInitiation, 17:the ray of his Monad is the one on which he at length gains power. The love ray, or the syntheticInitiation, 75:and their evolutionary development, comes at length fruition, and the attainment of the goal. AInitiation, 91:scientifically to wield planetary force. The length of time taken over his final stage is entirelyInitiation, 156:of the three basic sounds, and increase in length as the planes are involved, until the sentencesInitiation, 210:keep the chain complete. Where ends the ladder's length? What point of gloom is pierced by it andInitiation, 211:of the scarlet heat. Where mounts the ladder's length? Where is its consummation? It mountethInitiation, 221:of rest, without reference to any specific length of cycle. Frequently used to express a period ofIntellect, 39:of a new state of being. It produces at length a rapid reaction and responsiveness to a world,Intellect, 94:For joy at what I hope to see When, scaled at length the arduous height, For every painful step I
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