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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LENGTHY

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Bethlehem, 49:Without going into detail or entering into lengthy expositions of the subject, the growth of theDiscipleship1, 335:and, therefore, the unnecessary? One could make lengthy application of a practical nature to thisDiscipleship2, 120:the two above stages are completed, then comes a lengthy process of transference. The solar plexusDiscipleship2, 580:Ashram. You do not require, therefore, to hold lengthy discussions and to receive long instructionsDiscipleship2, 622:W.D.S. One of your group brothers asked a rather lengthy question which I should like to answerEducation, 141:there may be differences and difficulties in the lengthy process, the end is inevitable andExternalisation, 592:legalities and discussions of St. Paul, and the lengthy disputations of theological commentatorsFire, 122:the Etheric Body Now let us, after this somewhat lengthy digression, leave things cosmic andFire, 491:second place (involving the most important and lengthy stage of the procedure) through theFire, 815:schools of thought, and hence do not require any lengthy elucidation. The problem may be regardedFire, 857:is in many ways the most intricate and the most lengthy of the records. These records are mostlyFire, 864:brain from the astral plane begins to undergo a lengthy process of destruction, and the firstFire, 1131:and not frequently used. The usual method, a lengthy and laborious one, is to let the pupil findGlamour, 78:can be particularly difficult, and bring about a lengthy imprisonment. One illustration of this isHealing, 48:it. The former group need a more careful and lengthy training, and a higher standard of technicalHercules, 71:find a careful elucidation of his problem, nor a lengthy outline of the work that he should do. TheInitiation, 161:so, they must first pass to another scheme for a lengthy period of service and instruction. AllMagic, 351:and experiment of the truths sensed. This is a lengthy process, for all has to be assimilated andMeditation, 237:greater detail, and why have I not entered into lengthy explanations and sought to expand thePatanjali, 419:which hath slain and veiled the Real for many lengthy aeons is itself slain, and with its death theProblems, 177:free for the use of humanity. This will be a lengthy task but it will be possible when world needRays, 408:and the training is therefore an exceedingly lengthy one. It must be remembered however that -Reappearance, 37:and discussions of St. Paul, and in the lengthy disputation of theological commentators since
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