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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LESSER

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Discipleship1, 748:the control of the Hierarchy by Shamballa. The lesser and the greater relationship must ever beDiscipleship2, 30:spiritual sources of inspiration must be added lesser ones, such as mental impression,Discipleship2, 177:Ashram...As I have told you, my Ashram, and to a lesser extent that of K.H., have felt some of theDiscipleship2, 204:a part of the Great White Lodge. Aspirants and lesser disciples who are affiliated with theDiscipleship2, 214:what I am here saying and, in time, many of the lesser workers and aspirants in the ranks of theDiscipleship2, 233:of the planetary Logos and are imposed upon all lesser groups of lives by those whose task it is toDiscipleship2, 234:application of economic help; the task of these lesser disciples is to prove to the ignorant massesDiscipleship2, 249:at the center of each wheel obliterates the lesser points of force, and thus the wheel begins toDiscipleship2, 259:of the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion. All lesser dissolutions, deaths, renunciations andDiscipleship2, 259:of the major Mysteries is itself divided into lesser phases. These might be described as three inDiscipleship2, 288:among men, and therefore among all the lesser evolutions. d. Under the Law of Sacrifice, the LordDiscipleship2, 307:they expect a gradual and progressive series of lesser lights? What is the relation of theseDiscipleship2, 318:upon the unfoldment - rapid or slow - of the lesser disciples of the world. All these three methodsDiscipleship2, 328:of the Ashram, i.e., of all preparing for the lesser initiations, and therefore of all below aDiscipleship2, 328:is a law that the greater can always include the lesser. I wish students would consider this factDiscipleship2, 338:Paths. For this great "crisis of vision" all the lesser visions have prepared the Master; after hisDiscipleship2, 345:instructions with the larger formulations. The lesser might be regarded as the subjecting of theDiscipleship2, 364:patterns connected with the integration of lesser forms into a greater whole. They are related toDiscipleship2, 449:bulk of disciples and, to a certain degree, all lesser developing nature. I. Focus Seek toDiscipleship2, 465:the Great White Lodge and of like rank and of lesser rank, is completed or at least well on the wayDiscipleship2, 466:the aura of the Christ is incorporated in that lesser aura. In my last communication to you IDiscipleship2, 478:center in the head and the ajna center. Thus a lesser triangle of energy or of "lighted, livingDiscipleship2, 533:The age of sixty-three will see another and lesser crisis, and upon the decision then made by youDiscipleship2, 546:of its illumination in order that in it the lesser light may shine. You say, after some minutes ofDiscipleship2, 625:Eternal Pilgrim, the soul, does the same in a lesser [626] way. On the path into physicalDiscipleship2, 636:upon your part and maybe a relinquishing of lesser goals. If recognized by you, it will mean thatDiscipleship2, 644:I refer to a free choice made when these other lesser choices have been made. Such a choice came toDiscipleship2, 668:standing, and some neophytes or disciples of lesser rating, are upon the line of this contact orDiscipleship2, 669:suggestion, he is slowly selecting a band of lesser disciples who can be trained for special workDiscipleship2, 717:and my brothers on the upward Way and on the lesser way, my fellowmen. This change is not going toEducation, 32:physical plane. From these major lines of energy lesser lines can radiate at will. It is upon thisEducation, 39:direction was seen going on in Germany, and in a lesser way in Italy; it culminated in the Axis.Education, 52:and was the first of our humanity to do so. Lesser grades of enlightenment have been frequentlyEducation, 120:real, but the emphasis has been overdone by the lesser teachers of the race, so that the racialEducation, 129:is, in the last analysis, the relation of the lesser to the greater, of the weaker to the strongerEducation, 145:of divinity upon earth to a greater or lesser degree, according to the extent of fusion and theEducation, 147:is materially hastened. These three self-created lesser threads which constitute the third threadExternalisation, 6:pouring through from the astral plane and (in a lesser degree) from the lower mental plane, isExternalisation, 9:things: That the greater can always include the lesser, but the purely animal psychic does notExternalisation, 49:not, that the greater can always include the lesser and thus bridge all gaps. It is the educationExternalisation, 56:Group, and also upon the Technique of Light. Two lesser Techniques I have at times called to yourExternalisation, 112:its place in the human consciousness. Many lesser crises, initiating specific tribal, national andExternalisation, 166:in order to give Themselves for the lesser lives and forms of existence in order that these lesserExternalisation, 166:lives and forms of existence in order that these lesser lives might be enabled to proceed onwardExternalisation, 166:sacrifice and the giving of the greater for the lesser. This is an aspect of the Law of Evolution.Externalisation, 166:synthesis and sacrifice in order again that all lesser lives (such as those embodied in theExternalisation, 180:purposes. The death of the physical body is a lesser evil than the setting back of civilization,Externalisation, 180:liberties. War is always evil, but it can be the lesser of two evils, as is the case today. TheExternalisation, 180:of the totalitarian powers, constitutes a far lesser evil than the subjugation of many nations toExternalisation, 187:in so far as they serve the need of Germany. The lesser Axis powers are permitted existence onlyExternalisation, 237:is the way of Germany, of Russia, and in a lesser degree of Italy. I would remind you that it is toExternalisation, 240:rampant in Germany. They are to be found in a lesser extent in many other nations and selfishExternalisation, 291:Forces behind the Evolutionary Process With the lesser leaders, whom the human spirit evokes to itsExternalisation, 297:earlier) there have been constant appearances of lesser avatars, called forth in response to minorExternalisation, 300:and growth of the Hierarchy, as there was in a lesser degree when the Buddha came. Many initiatesExternalisation, 303:of the force He brings and wields. Another and lesser Avatar is also awaiting a call from humanity.Externalisation, 304:of Synthesis and as His transmitting Agent. This lesser Avatar works today as one of the seniorExternalisation, 305:over-shadowing not take place and only the lesser Avatar come to institute a slower method ofExternalisation, 306:for the appearance of the Greater and the Lesser Avatars Who can at this time save humanity ifExternalisation, 306:where humanity is concerned (in the case of a lesser Avatar). This is done through meditation,Externalisation, 307:Members of the Hierarchy and, above all, the lesser Avatars, are inspired from "on high" by theExternalisation, 308:temporary. In the processes of inspiration, the lesser Avatar - through His life and contacts inExternalisation, 308:Avatar, the World Savior in the Person of the lesser Avatar, and - at the same time - a groupExternalisation, 309:and lead to the appearance on Earth of the lesser Avatar? Some say nothing can stop it. Prophecy,Externalisation, 309:Avatar of Synthesis to the Hierarchy and of the lesser Avatar, His Representative, to humanity -Externalisation, 312:which the Avatar of Synthesis can work when the lesser Avatar has come forth upon the physicalExternalisation, 380:countries and to the man in uniform. Only the lesser leaders in Germany, for instance, talk to theExternalisation, 388:souls - the Members of the Hierarchy and, to a lesser degree, all accepted disciples. ThisExternalisation, 402:I will elaborate for you the greater and the lesser festivals of the spiritual year as they willExternalisation, 410:preparatory. They embodied in Themselves two lesser Approaches, and through Their united effort,Externalisation, 419:festivals in relation to the moon, and in a lesser degree to the zodiac, will bring a strengtheningExternalisation, 421:planet. The remaining full moons will constitute lesser festivals, but will be recognized to beExternalisation, 425:Goebbels, Ribbentrop, Himmler and - to a much lesser degree - Mussolini, Hess, Goering and others.Externalisation, 429:is no freedom in Germany or in [429] Japan. In a lesser sense and for a brief time, there was noExternalisation, 458:seeds and similar areas of death (though to a lesser degree) exist in every nation - even in theExternalisation, 495:ray ashrams, and this enabled them to impress lesser disciples in the scientific field and helpedExternalisation, 505:and gold - work on mental levels with those lesser angels or devas who vitalize thought-forms andExternalisation, 529:one life), and their places are being taken by lesser initiates; these, in their turn, have beenExternalisation, 532:its responsibilities as the Macrocosm of the lesser microcosm. This dual activity entails muchExternalisation, 560:of the Father and of monadic being causes all lesser recognitions to fade out, andExternalisation, 566:general public. This group is divided into two lesser groups: Those disciples and workers who areExternalisation, 567:round of the Zodiac, and this coincides with the lesser zodiacal activity because Aquarius governsExternalisation, 578:major issues will be considered, leaving the lesser and unimportant effects [579] to be dealt withExternalisation, 583:hierarchical workers will gather around them lesser disciples who will work along the same lines,Externalisation, 610:will be made easier. They and their groups of lesser disciples, aspirants and students of theExternalisation, 665:withheld His name from public knowledge) is a lesser Ashram within the major third ray Ashram, justExternalisation, 684:by railroads, highways, speedways and myriads of lesser roads and streets. In fact, every livingExternalisation, 690:that the greater can always include the lesser, and just as that is true of the planetary LogosExternalisation, 690:the planetary Logos (Who is the sumtotal of all lesser forms within His manifested universe), soFire, 7:then the two triangles - the greater and the lesser - merge into one flame, which burneth up theFire, 13:waiting a point in time. [13] The builders of a lesser grade, devas who work with matter, wroughtFire, 15:The great Wheel turned upon itself. The seven lesser wheels rushed into being. They revolve likeFire, 15:the flame. The Sons of God again came down and a lesser wheel revolved. Seven times the revolution,Fire, 16:from the vault of heaven, came into light the lesser wheel that counted as the fourth. The eternalFire, 17:the great Wheel the period set was reached. The lesser wheel, that responded to that fifth greatFire, 17:through the cycle and entered into peace. The lesser wheels come forth and likewise do their work.Fire, 17:sparks. The Five dealt with the work, the lesser two but wrought with detail. The Stone hadFire, 17:through space the greater Wheel, bearing the lesser seven, the two were fused. The fourth, theFire, 22:the Rod, held by a Lord of Flame. Three are the lesser touches; four [23] the divine assistance. AtFire, 24:VIII The greater Three, each with their seven lesser wheels, in spiral evolution, rotate within the
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