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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LESSER

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Fire, 25:atoms. The forms through which They work, the lesser million spheres, the cause of separation andFire, 25:Third utters a Word unknown. The sevenfold lesser Word forms part of the vaster chord. The NowFire, 28:and it speeded faster on its way. When the lesser Fifth had midway passed and all the lesser fourFire, 28:the lesser Fifth had midway passed and all the lesser four were peopling the land, the Lords ofFire, 29:the darkest constellations, [29] gathered their lesser hosts, the darkest spawn of hell. TheyFire, 29:The fire destroyed the lands in the days of the lesser Sixth. When the Sixth appeared the land wasFire, 30:to the plane whereon the Pilgrim stood. The lesser triangle within the lower auric egg became theFire, 31:encircling sphere in varied ranks mark out the lesser threes. The wheel of life still moves withinFire, 31:their myriad forms revolve within the wheels of lesser magnitude. The whole is one, yet on theFire, 74:man is engaged in the same type of work on a lesser scale as the solar Logos. At this point in theFire, 76:falls to His share in any one cycle, greater or lesser. He thus brings about and eventuallyFire, 80:of this matter being built by the action of the lesser Builders into the form or mould upon whichFire, 80:order to give, and to pass on to that which is lesser or not so evolved. Upon every plane thisFire, 88:evolutionary process in the immediately coming lesser cycle. Our aim, therefore, is to make theFire, 91:the same idea. Man therefore repeats on a lesser scale the work of the great solar devas, and inFire, 95:as in solar and planetary Prana, to certain lesser groups of devas of a not very high order, whoFire, 102:own peculiar quality, and so transmits it to the lesser lives that make up his little system Thus,Fire, 111:those which we term solar pralaya, but lesser cycles succeeding the "days of Brahma" or periods ofFire, 111:succeeding the "days of Brahma" or periods of lesser activity, periodically viewed. All these areFire, 112:interacting: First. The four Maharajahs, the lesser Lipika Lords 49 who apply past karma and workFire, 119:the personality ray on to the egoic. The four lesser rays blend with the third major ray of activeFire, 138:upon accomplished work; it marks the end of one lesser cycle of development, and the beginning ofFire, 142:is their main measure, though they may also have lesser vibrations that are subsidiary to them. LetFire, 144:seven Spirits, or the seven planetary Logoi. All lesser spheres ranging downward from these majorFire, 151:of the system, and of its content - all the lesser spheres of every degree - remembering ever toFire, 158:and persist for the length of their greater or lesser cycle until the third quality is brought intoFire, 169:The pineal gland, The pituitary body, with four lesser centers. These four lesser centers areFire, 169:body, with four lesser centers. These four lesser centers are blended in that center which we callFire, 170:The heart. The throat. The head, i.e., the four lesser centers and their synthesis, the altaFire, 172:then the two triangles - the greater and the lesser - merge with one flame which burneth up theFire, 172:burneth up the whole." "The fire within the lesser fire findeth its progress much impelled when theFire, 172:circle of the moving and the unmoving, of the lesser wheel within the greater wheel that moveth notFire, 179:sheath of the Son. In both the greater and the lesser systems, force centers exist which areFire, 182:importance at this time. These two, with the lesser triangle of our chain, constitute the focalFire, 191:impinges upon his ears. There are many of the lesser sounds of nature which entirely escape him,Fire, 208:radiant head center above, and synthesizing the lesser seven head centers. The centers atFire, 211:is subjected to a similar process as that of the lesser Rod, only this time it is recharged by theFire, 212:Heavenly Men in the same general way as the lesser Rods are applied to the human centers, and theFire, 212:pure fohatic force from cosmic levels. The two lesser Rods carry differentiated fohatic force. ThisFire, 231:the form ever more adequately. Each life of lesser cycle in the great cycle of the Ego or Self,Fire, 246:within itself three major spirals and seven lesser 2 which ten are in process [247] ofFire, 256:sphere, and who embody within Themselves all lesser lives, the lesser groups, human and deva units,Fire, 256:embody within Themselves all lesser lives, the lesser groups, human and deva units, cells atoms andFire, 258:or the magnetic attraction of the Sun to other lesser bodies which it holds in circular motionFire, 270:organisms, the various animated cells, or the lesser lives. This is a basic fact in occultism, andFire, 273:periods of time of differing length - greater or lesser cycles - but (according to their length) ofFire, 276:attracts Spirit throughout the greater cycle. In lesser cycles, Spirit temporarily attracts matter.Fire, 278:Time to the occultist is that cycle, greater or lesser, in which some life runs some specificFire, 283:of infinitesimal cells, each embodying a lesser life, each in a condition of constant activity, andFire, 283:in the universe, which in each case brings the lesser lives or spheres into its range of influence.Fire, 284:Ego has place. So on down the scale, we find the lesser pursuing its round ever within the greater.Fire, 284:particular Entity involved (be he God or man) a lesser cycle. The second type of cycle or theFire, 284:cycle which includes both the greater and the lesser cycles. It has to do with the response of theFire, 288:certain stage into the zone of influence of the lesser sons of mind - human beings who are theFire, 300:humanity three main lines may be seen with four lesser lines merging into one of the three mainFire, 300:the Secret Doctrine that there are greater and lesser cycles in the evolution of a solar system, soFire, 301:incarnation of a planetary Logos, are numerous lesser cycles or incarnations but they all fallFire, 301:one or other of the three main divisions. Such lesser cycles might be easily comprehended if itFire, 301:of a planetary Logos, whilst the sumtotal of lesser lives upon a planet (from the material bodiesFire, 302:and devas (differentiating the devas from the lesser Builders) form the SOUL of a Heavenly Man.Fire, 303:egoic cycles, which include all the groups of lesser [304] cycles in the three worlds correspond toFire, 304:There are seven such cycles, but the number of lesser cycles (included within the seven) is one ofFire, 306:manifestations the law holds good, and the lesser is included in the greater. Hence the need forFire, 309:main divisions may be dealt with under four lesser heads which may be expressed as follows: TheFire, 325:Heavenly Men are thus positive as regards the lesser lives, but in Their turn are negative asFire, 329:the work done in the three worlds by the lesser builders who work with the etheric body of man. SoFire, 329:and assisted intelligently by those lesser intelligences who - by the study of the physical ethersFire, 329:the solar ring-pass-not. Automatically then all lesser lives and all the denser materials are sweptFire, 334:only to be predicated in [334] relation to the lesser bodies which are included in the solarFire, 348:includes, in its earlier [348] stages, all the lesser, and repeats the earlier procedure. This is aFire, 352:throughout his little system to the myriads of lesser atoms, which are the cells in these spheres.Fire, 353:and swings into intelligent cooperation all the lesser units included in its sphere of influence.Fire, 355:of an Entity working itself out through all the lesser lives who go to the content of theFire, 355:planetary Logos in Whose body he is a cell or lesser life. Certain mysteries arise consequently forFire, 367:We must add to these major manifestations such lesser ones as those named by us root-races, andFire, 367:The planetary wheel of life turns on its lesser scale the wheel of life of the little pilgrim weFire, 367:until the fire of Spirit burns up all lesser fires. As earlier pointed out, each Heavenly Man isFire, 376:specific purposes on the final two. This is a lesser cycle to that in which we view the sevenFire, 380:and so bringing into manifestation different lesser entities. Students, when considering theseFire, 388:Department. This center synthesizes the lesser four, just as. the third Ray synthesizes the minorFire, 393:that this active intelligent will affects all lesser lives in cyclic evolution within the Body ofFire, 393:manasic principle in a planetary scheme is that lesser cosmic Entity Whom we call a planetaryFire, 394:led the planetary Logos of our scheme to form a lesser triangle within His sphere of activity,Fire, 394:which triangle eventuated in His taking a lesser initiation, and in the manasic impregnation ofFire, 395:it [395] as a corporate whole composed of many lesser lives, suffers or prospers as its directingFire, 408:by the overlapping of cycles, both great and lesser, and against accumulation of chaotic detail.Fire, 408:the concept of: A cosmic system, involving lesser systems and holding them together by the power ofFire, 409:system of [409] manifestation, equally involving lesser forms of objectivity, and holding themFire, 413:to one center, and the globes are but the lesser wheels within any particular center. The life ofFire, 423:primarily along this line. Consequently the four lesser Rays of Attribute which are synthesizedFire, 428:may be looked for towards the close of this lesser cycle, which ended in 1924) will produce aFire, 430:and thus in a very special sense through all lesser correspondences. The alignment will be asFire, 443:His magnetic radiation as it affects (though in lesser degree) His Brothers in manifestation. HisFire, 445:of a group, of an idea, or of all entities of lesser grade to the solar Being Who manifests throughFire, 445:forth His power and influence. In all periods of lesser transition of the life from [446] Globe toFire, 449:uttered by a greater Life - can ever drive the lesser lives to the fulfilment of constructiveFire, 460:upon which objective manifestation depends in lesser degree.) Such an Entity finds expressionFire, 463:and specially of the devas of the ethers, the lesser builders will be stimulated to build, withFire, 463:upon another group, and the advancement of the lesser, by the means of the stimulating power of theFire, 464:and how closely united all these greater and lesser lives are with each other. Growth and
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