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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LESSER

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Fire, 896:a god to the most [896] insignificant of the lesser devas, or builders, must at some time orFire, 896:and Fire Elementals The Elementals and Lesser Devas of Liquid Matter A very interestingFire, 901:the medium of the living substance of the lesser devas of the liquid or astral plane. When theyFire, 904:Subplane In dealing with the elementals, or lesser devas, under the manipulatory devas of thisFire, 907:devas, and thus affect the myriads of lesser lives which compose man's body, and also by anFire, 911:evolution, and the work of the greater and the lesser builders. The deva Ruler of the fourth, orFire, 915:with verdure. Associated with them are the [915] lesser devas of magnetization, those attached toFire, 915:manifestation. These constitute the bulk of the lesser devas. There are naturally many otherFire, 925:sumtotal of the life of the kingdom, and of the lesser beings who ensoul different families andFire, 928:from the logoic head center - pours in. The lesser builders respond to the logoic mantram chantedFire, 930:fall into two groups. They are those who are the lesser builders, and who, under direction from theFire, 931:the human vehicle. This is the highest group of lesser builders, who are highly specialized. TheseFire, 936:plane word, and it is built into forms by the lesser builders. It will, therefore, be apparent thatFire, 936:devas and the microcosm and then with the lesser builders of the etheric levels. Fire, 937:his voice, and (as in the logoic process) the lesser "army of the voice" responds immediately toFire, 946:sheaths, - that greater sheath being to the lesser what the macrocosm is to the microcosm. AllFire, 947:each thought emanating from him, and with those lesser lives who (aggregated together) form, fromFire, 957:or "the eye is no longer upon" it), so that the lesser lives (which had been built into the desiredFire, 985:he blends their work, and thus influences the lesser Builders who form the substance of theirFire, 986:directly with substance itself, and with the lesser builders; He does not cooperate with the forcesFire, 986:the forces which emanate from egoic levels. The lesser cohorts of the "Army of the Voice" are hisFire, 986:the lower substances, and manipulates the lesser building lives with the vibration of love, and theFire, 992:or lower self, entailing a setback for a lesser period, but still having opportunity within theFire, 1000:thought form. In the three worlds, man, the lesser Deity, within his limits, proceeds alongFire, 1001:objective, and attracts the attention of the lesser builders through Its radiation or warmth, ItsFire, 1008:is energized, directed and controlled and the lesser builders or forces are swept into anyFire, 1018:lotus, each petal being formed of forty-nine lesser petals. The planetary lotuses differ in eachFire, 1020:particular type of energy no longer drives the lesser lives in any specific direction, and theFire, 1022:those who work with the law and who control the lesser lives through knowledge, love and will,Fire, 1023:etheric sphere. His problem is to locate those lesser lives, within the web, who are of the rightFire, 1038:each other, there are many which we might call lesser impulses (and the cycle of one hundred yearsFire, 1039:which H. P. B. refers [1039] is but one of the lesser impulses. There is a one thousand year cycleFire, 1039:can follow; these can break in upon any of the lesser impulses, and can be seen appearing,Fire, 1044:into that of the sphere which enclosed the lesser ovoid, and the escape of the life imprisoned inFire, 1046:manifesting as rotary or spiral activity. The lesser cycle can, from certain angles of vision, beFire, 1054:he wields forces and energies, he manipulates lesser lives and controls lesser centers of energy,Fire, 1054:he manipulates lesser lives and controls lesser centers of energy, and as time slips away hisFire, 1054:of Solar Evolution is the sumtotal of all the lesser activities. [1055] We might consider thisFire, 1063:merge itself in the greater form of which the lesser is but a part. It must be remembered in thisFire, 1065:each other, and with the consequent escape of a lesser positive force to its greater attractiveFire, 1073:energy of the greater Whole as it affects the lesser positive energetic points. We are notFire, 1077:the logoic quaternary. This applies also in a lesser degree to the four chains which form theFire, 1078:was opened in Atlantean days, but many lesser cycles have occurred, for the influx into the fifthFire, 1079:went on as many of the Kumaras and certain lesser existences quitted our earth chain, and enteredFire, 1084:the wheel, forming that wheel, are all the lesser wheels from the first to the tenth dimension.Fire, 1084:turn hold in their spheres of force other and lesser wheels. Yet many suns compose the cosmic One.Fire, 1084:of which our sun is one and all that is of lesser force and higher number, such as the eighth andFire, 1089:of the one Life Who permeates and animates all lesser lives. (Bible. I Peter 2:4.) Certain of theseFire, 1091:[1091] swept into some form of activity upon the lesser revolution of this particular systemicFire, 1093:There is also, the Wheel of a race, or the lesser cycle of incarnations - forming a definite seriesFire, 1093:of the physical body of the planetary Logos. The lesser cycles deal with this; the greater turningFire, 1093:those wheels which we have enumerated, are many lesser wheels all governed by the same laws,Fire, 1094:visualize all parts of the wheel as composed of lesser living wheels, and if he can work into hisFire, 1094:constant state of circulation, in which the tiny lesser lives are impelled by the force of theFire, 1113:the Father. The greater gulf was bridged. The lesser gulf persisted, and must be bridged by theFire, 1124:Mahat in its cosmic sense are connected with the lesser existences who express systemic evil. TheyFire, 1141:to left - greater cycles, etc. Left to right - lesser cycles. The three keys: CosmicFire, 1143:Aspects, and under Them work an infinity of lesser agents. These lesser agents might again beFire, 1143:Them work an infinity of lesser agents. These lesser agents might again be somewhat differentiated,Fire, 1148:this sevenfold differentiation, exist many lesser, and the wise student refrains from dogmaticFire, 1152:will make possible the appearing of other and lesser forms. The Lords of the Rays, or the planetaryFire, 1172:urge that a more vital life may have upon the lesser, such as the power of the spirit of the EarthFire, 1172:of all things to the greater Soul in which the lesser finds itself. This law, therefore, affectsFire, 1173:forth, producing one flaming ball of fire." On a lesser scale the same law governs the merging ofFire, 1185:in mutual interaction, and thus swing into lesser but similar activity all the lives of theseFire, 1189:correspondence in the solar system. Many are the lesser planets and numerous are the planetoidsFire, 1195:and equally exist in three groups with their lesser differentiations. It is not necessary here toFire, 1196:through the planetoids, and all forms of lesser independent life than a planet. Let me briefly giveFire, 1204:two cosmic [1204] Entities, was that of the lesser cosmic Entity Who is the Life of our planet, theFire, 1208:in each hierarchy must pass, are to be found lesser expansions and it is here that the mainFire, 1231:then the two triangles - the greater and the lesser - merge into one Flame, which burneth up theFire, 1234:of mind and employs the rational quality. The lesser devas and all the subhuman entities and allFire, 1246:particular Path and are each preceded by three lesser identifications which make a totality ofFire, 1264:evolving inner cosmic vision, just as man in his lesser degree is aiming at the same vision in theFire, 1269:lost in the uprising cry of the children of the lesser dragon. [1270] NOTE: These seven stanzasFire, 1270:through Their burning-ground, blending Their lesser smoke with the greater. This smoke formeth aFire, 1278:are lost in their primary. Seek ye the same on lesser scale within the inner round and on the planeFire, 1278:inner round and on the plane of density see the lesser primary manifest. The law holds good; theFire, 1278:dissolves in TIME. The major Third in both the lesser and the greater, the cosmic Lord - with HisGlamour, 30:and note and tone, around which are grouped lesser thought-forms, created by those who respond toGlamour, 148:from the soul, conditioning and controlling the lesser forces of the personality as they eventuallyGlamour, 192:known and appropriated. This light puts out the lesser lights through the pure radiance of itsGlamour, 209:the personality will) these two aspects of the lesser light can form a pin point of light - like aGlamour, 210:on and using solely the light of matter; to the lesser light of matter is added the light of theGlamour, 210:use of a powerful light which can obliterate a lesser light and dissipate a fog. All this has to beGlamour, 226:them develop facility in handling some of the lesser and more easily visualized glamors. Then asGlamour, 230:soul light. The blending and fusion of the two lesser lights and of soul light. This is carriedGlamour, 238:recognition of soul light. The fusion of the two lesser lights with soul light. On a signal fromGlamour, 269:of the burning ground they meet, and then the lesser light (a true light in its own right) of theGlamour, 270:stronger and the more powerful obliterating the lesser. Healing, 11:intelligently into the mind of God than can the lesser mind of the animal, so there may exist otherHealing, 30:my brother? It is the imposition (upon both the lesser and the more important) of the will andHealing, 45:and are in their turn initiating causes of lesser effects in the physical body. It will be of valueHealing, 62:problems today to the psychologist and in a lesser degree to the medical man, is the growth ofHealing, 72:centers. There are seven such, plus twenty-one lesser centers and forty-nine smaller centers knownHealing, 106:present standpoint of healing, man forms again a lesser trinity of importance: The dense physicalHealing, 149:the other centers. Its petals are composed of 96 lesser petals or units of force (48 + 48 = 96) butHealing, 162:of the three major divine energies and the four lesser forces. To this constant movement of theHealing, 176:as Hitler and others of his ilk, though in lesser degree; there may be also violent conditions ofHealing, 194:in which it is found, including the multitude of lesser centers of energy and plexi of force which
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