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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LESSER

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Healing, 199:and are responsible for producing a host of lesser diseases which are sometimes recognized asHealing, 222:faced and the larger value submerges the lesser values and the usual conventional attitudes, andHealing, 244:animal and vegetable [244] kingdoms, and to a lesser and slower degree in the mineral kingdomHealing, 246:statement. As the greater life absorbs the lesser life, the disappearance of that which the lifeHealing, 247:the planet draws out and absorbs the weakening lesser life. This weakening process is a part of aHealing, 323:the whole subject is of vaster import, yet of lesser importance, than men think. Such is theHealing, 438:of this garment and for the return of the lesser lives to the general [439] reservoir of livingHealing, 439:By the occult "death" of these great Lives, all lesser lives can live and are profferedHealing, 450:Rays: The eighteen fires must die down; the lesser lives (embodying the principle of form, ofHealing, 468:of light pulsate along these threads. Twenty-one lesser threads are radiated thence, causing theHealing, 491:initiate. All else is forgotten, and all the lesser experiences fade out of his memory, leavingHealing, 522:of the life of a greater entity as it encloses a lesser within its living processes. It embodiesHealing, 522:of the higher or greater and the lower or lesser, will equally and assuredly dominate andHealing, 522:dominate and eventually render futile the lesser laws of the form nature, those which today areHealing, 587:its turn will become the macrocosm of the three lesser states of conscious lives - the animal, theHealing, 625:with the multiplicity and detail of the other lesser glandular system and with the intricacies ofHealing, 625:glandular system and with the intricacies of lesser interior relationships. The above list givesHealing, 667:Roosevelt, Browning, Briand and a host of lesser men could be cited. Evil and pernicious men alsoHealing, 674:as it emanates from Shamballa, just as the lesser initiate understands the Plan as it is formulatedHealing, 697:healer and makes him a transmitting agent; the lesser triangle is the one which produces the effectHercules, 55:Nereus spoke of failure. "The first of the five lesser tests is passed," replied the Teacher, andHercules, 68:Hound of Heaven, that chases forever the lesser Dog, the underdog, the man in physical incarnation.Hercules, 91:the fact that the ancient names signify "the lesser flock", "the sheepfold", "the sheep", and "theHercules, 128:or achieved, between matter and spirit, and all lesser pairs of opposites. At this point we beginHercules, 161:to Capricorn is Sagittarius, spoken of as "a lesser gate". I like to think of it as the little gateHercules, 217:that there are two Zodiacs, the greater and the lesser. The former comprises the twelveInitiation, 34:order to enable others to take their place, the lesser members of the Hierarchy were all moved up aInitiation, 38:Jesus of Nazareth, and Krishna, down to those lesser initiates, Paul of Tarsus, Luther, and certainInitiation, 46:into five divisions, so as to take in the four lesser aspects of Hierarchical rule. Under the ManuInitiation, 55:him on mental levels, in connection with the lesser devas who vitalize thought-forms, and thus keepInitiation, 102:physical brain or it is of no value. As those lesser expansions of consciousness which we undergoInitiation, 102:expansions which are the outcome of the many lesser. At the same time, it is quite possible for menInitiation, 106:Occasionally, too, he meets with initiates of lesser degree, but only at times of great crises,Initiation, 107:the Mahachohan, and on one or other of the four lesser rays, the rays of attribute. For the majorInitiation, 119:the fundamental life as it manifests through all lesser lives, the next momentous revelation isInitiation, 122:plans of that great Life who includes all the lesser lives. He not only is brought to a fullInitiation, 124:what is the specific work to be done during the lesser cycle in which he is immediately involved.Initiation, 129:is subjected to a similar process to that of the lesser Rod, only this time it is recharged by theInitiation, 131:in the great religions of the world. The lesser Rod of Power is used here in conjunction with theInitiation, 132:of great and [132] important movements. In all lesser movements for the helping of the race,Initiation, 132:the aid of the Bodhisattva is invoked, and the lesser Rod of Power employed. When disciplesInitiation, 136:gradually, and the form slowly dissipates; the lesser lives of which it has been constituted,Initiation, 139:the radiant head center above, synthesizing the lesser seven head centers. The centers, atInitiation, 151:out. The devas on the involutionary arc, the lesser builders, who have not passed through the humanInitiation, 157:by its utterance the initiate sets in motion the lesser, through the vibration of the greater.Initiation, 168:three in number, though within them may be found lesser mysteries which are earlier revealed. AtInitiation, 169:and is prepared for by the impartation of two lesser secrets which concern the physical and astralInitiation, 173:Planetary Logos with that constellation. On a lesser scale, and in relation to the microcosm, theInitiation, 173:secret, or the fourth which includes the earlier lesser ones: The processes of at-one-ment in theInitiation, 174:fire, and the effect of the great fire upon the lesser. As this Shiva, or first, aspect is the oneInitiation, 175:two more secrets are revealed, one - a lesser secret - preparing the way for the revelation of theInitiation, 176:of time to every soul without exception. In a lesser degree they are undergone daily by every humanInitiation, 178:a Heavenly Man, in much the same manner as the lesser rods are applied to man, is being utilized inInitiation, 180:it is apparent that what one might consider as lesser initiations can be taken on the physical andInitiation, 180:Master of the Wisdom. He is simply an adept of a lesser degree. Secondly, initiations in which aInitiation, 180:true Master of the Wisdom has not only taken the lesser initiations referred to above, but has alsoInitiation, 181:in hierarchical effort is leading up to a lesser initiation. Each great cycle sees a majorInitiation, 184:upon his ability to meet and surmount the daily lesser ones. "He that is faithful in that which isInitiation, 184:who has not accustomed himself to pass lesser tests every day of his life; tests then come to beInitiation, 189:evolving inner cosmic vision, just as man in his lesser degree is aiming at the same vision in theInitiation, 195:tend the evolution of the fire; nourish the lesser lives, and thus keep the wheel revolving. HereInitiation, 195:to remember his responsibility to those many lesser lives which, in their sum total, compose hisInitiation, 196:of all living things, and thus bring the lesser lives, which compose those three bodies ofInitiation, 198:where walks the Master. Let him not sound the lesser notes which awaken vibration within the hallsInitiation, 200:must awaken and bring forth response from the lesser seven upon the double circle. This rule is aInitiation, 209:used to be recited by the participants in the lesser mysteries before they passed on into theInitiation, 211:wise cooperation work with their Brothers of a lesser grade, the three Great Lords we know. [212]Initiation, 212:deemeth the work correct. He uttereth then a lesser Word that vibrateth through the scheme. TheInitiation, 217:are called not only angels and archangels, but lesser and greater builders. Egoic Groups On theIntellect, 102:Morgan sums it up for us in such a way that all lesser definitions are included. He says: "...theMagic, 9:pulsation of the one manifesting Life all the lesser lives repeat the process of being, - Gods,Magic, 22:both in the deity of the universe and in that lesser divinity, man himself. As this treatise isMagic, 46:system, through the seven major plexi, the lesser nerve ganglia, and the many thousands of nerves,Magic, 90:of the next rule, take up the work of the "lesser light" of man on the physical plane. I, who haveMagic, 99:B. has well pointed out. The effect upon these lesser and more material states is primarilyMagic, 99:forms which will serve the needs of the lesser devas and angels will be one of the results. In theMagic, 113:comprehend completely the much evolved, and in a lesser degree, the advanced ego comprehends not anMagic, 113:not an initiate. The greater can apprehend the lesser but the reverse is not the case. Magic, 114:by the Brothers with a wise purpose in view. Lesser grade initiates, though utterly free agents,Magic, 114:plans of their superiors just as do you in your lesser way. They have their lessons to learn, andMagic, 115:underlie all activity, and the government of the lesser organizations, if founded on love leadingMagic, 138:with those of your brothers who choose the lesser principle and the lesser right, who sacrifice theMagic, 138:brothers who choose the lesser principle and the lesser right, who sacrifice the good of the groupMagic, 141:when the disciple has learnt to subordinate the lesser sounds. Only as the sounds he sends forthMagic, 145:of uncreated matter; and lo, the sun and all the lesser wheels appeared. The light shone forthMagic, 216:fade out, and all the little fires die out; the lesser lights are no more seen. "The eye throughMagic, 225:soul and its vehicle, matter, but there are many lesser dualities which play their part and areMagic, 263:no man stands by and isolation is his lot. In lesser degree this comes to all, and to the arhat (orMagic, 264:strewn with many shattered forms, and from lesser cycle to lesser cycle he changes the key, oftenMagic, 264:many shattered forms, and from lesser cycle to lesser cycle he changes the key, often in one lifeMagic, 285:through the seven centers and a whole system of lesser chakras and the nadis (which underlie theMagic, 290:well known seven major centers but numbers of lesser vortices of force, as yet unnamed and unknownMagic, 303:and will not be offset and overcome by any lesser factor than the soul itself. b. The flashes ofMagic, 309:future, of suffering, of failure, and the many lesser fears to which humanity is subject - andMagic, 311:vast number of lives, and those lunar pitris or lesser builders who constitute the sentient life ofMagic, 312:taken place. Second, the astral forms of those lesser solar lives on the evolutionary arc who areMagic, 325:that long patience which endures through the lesser cycle, because the key to the greater cycle hasMagic, 327:the six theories into a multiplicity of lesser propositions. Out of the medley of ideas, theories,Magic, 340:as superseding, though not abrogating (for the lesser is ever included in the greater) the laws ofMagic, 341:cosmic groups this also can be seen; in the lesser cycles, controlling the races, the same
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