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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LESSON

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Discipleship2, 11:of the thought-form which embodies the lesson I desire the students to learn. All this necessitatesDiscipleship2, 14:and conditions and thus learn the basic lesson of understanding. Understanding is the secret behindDiscipleship2, 23:Bear this in mind as you master the hard lesson of impersonality - an impersonality shown to you byDiscipleship2, 205:are simultaneously possible. This is another lesson which the disciple learns. Later again, theDiscipleship2, 320:circle, will be confronted by the first major lesson: the Unity of the One Life. This form ofDiscipleship2, 443:the recognizable brain consciousness. This is a lesson which you are learning rapidly and on thatDiscipleship2, 451:which confronts you, my disciple. For you the "lesson of the interludes" is of major importance. IDiscipleship2, 473:your family any more. You belong to humanity - a lesson which A.A.B. had much difficulty inDiscipleship2, 483:of contact. This is almost unknown to you. The lesson, therefore, which the trained disciple has toDiscipleship2, 508:phase of your work is perhaps the most important lesson you can learn at this time. You willDiscipleship2, 528:no mystery in esoteric teaching, and this is a lesson which you sorely need to learn, and ofDiscipleship2, 572:It is a problem and takes years to learn the lesson of general human interest. It is not easy to beDiscipleship2, 582:loving service. Here lies your major technical lesson. Your line of least resistance is that ofDiscipleship2, 586:have you - in this incarnation - mastered the lesson of occult obedience. Have you ever realizedDiscipleship2, 600:environing circumstance. Is this too hard a lesson and a task, my brother? If so, determine withinDiscipleship2, 607:lessons which every disciple has to learn is the lesson of limitations? Usually this lessonDiscipleship2, 607:learn is the lesson of limitations? Usually this lesson climaxes in some one incarnation wherein -Discipleship2, 616:recognition along ancient lines, and this is a lesson which the Zionists must perforce learn. ButDiscipleship2, 617:[617] for the One Humanity; this was the basic lesson which confronted you last year. You learntDiscipleship2, 617:which confronted you last year. You learnt the lesson and earned the right to undertake advancedDiscipleship2, 617:family... This incarnation has for you one major lesson: the lesson of standing free from allDiscipleship2, 617:incarnation has for you one major lesson: the lesson of standing free from all environingDiscipleship2, 617:no basis in fact but it nevertheless carries a lesson for all disciples. The lines of your lifeDiscipleship2, 618:were related to her and it was not an easy lesson for her, particularly as she had to learn itDiscipleship2, 618:she had to learn it while quite young. It is a lesson which I am now with deliberation bringing toDiscipleship2, 626:has played its part in teaching us the lesson of desirelessness, we find that the form andDiscipleship2, 635:discover, my brother, under these symbols the lesson which I am seeking to convey to you. IDiscipleship2, 650:This you are learning, and it is the last great lesson for you this life. It takes some time toDiscipleship2, 651:opportunity for you also, if you learn the hard lesson of relinquishment, and when next year closesDiscipleship2, 652:you entered into incarnation. The crux of the lesson which you are now in process of learning is toDiscipleship2, 659:Their attitude (when they have learnt this lesson) is ever the fostering, the interpreting and theDiscipleship2, 659:it and make it practical. If you can learn this lesson, there will open for you a wider field ofDiscipleship2, 690:thinking; you can learn more easily the [690] lesson that to be a true disciple means desiring whatDiscipleship2, 690:or rigidity of perception is Love, and the great lesson for all disciples is to love more and moreDiscipleship2, 693:from phase after phase of thought. The lesson of detachment in relation to one's possible emotionalDiscipleship2, 694:directions. Emotional abstraction is the hardest lesson which a disciple has to master. 3. TheDiscipleship2, 704:the greater can always include the less is a lesson which all leaders in training have to grasp;Discipleship2, 704:to fuller and more useful service. The first lesson is the lesson of vision. What are your goals?Discipleship2, 704:and more useful service. The first lesson is the lesson of vision. What are your goals? What is theDiscipleship2, 704:depend much that you do and become. The second lesson is the development of a right sense ofDiscipleship2, 705:humility and constant adjustment. The third lesson is the development of the spirit of synthesis.Discipleship2, 705:present difficulties would disappear. Another lesson which in reality grows out of the above is theDiscipleship2, 741:be rendered by you if you can master a difficult lesson at this time. You are exceedingly wellEducation, 100:the corporate life, and that the preliminary lesson he must be taught is the fact that he is a unitEducation, 121:has found the true road to happiness. The lesson is being learnt very rapidly and the revolt in theExternalisation, 65:and who longed to begin group work. The lesson of patience has not been lost and I would remind theExternalisation, 77:from System One to this where he must learn the lesson of absorption and cease his wandering. HeExternalisation, 238:our people. We, not less than others, have our lesson to learn from past failures andExternalisation, 636:of World War I. The Hierarchy had hoped that the lesson had been severe enough to force thoseExternalisation, 653:must not be permitted at this time. The first lesson, therefore, which you have to learn in thisExternalisation, 658:influence of the Buddha. He taught the primary lesson of mental discrimination and detachment - twoExternalisation, 687:and yet not of the world". The learning of this lesson calls into activity the sacrificial will ofFire, 575:struggle, battle and strife learn the lesson of divine acquiescence. Yet, owing to the increase ofGlamour, 126:to master the essentials of the next initiatory lesson. I am here putting a great deal ofHealing, 230:any form of group activity, conveying the first lesson in responsibility. The family unit was notHealing, 233:had arrived when the race could be taught the lesson that death can either be the ending of a cycleHealing, 257:cooperation is ever the wisest, and this is a lesson much needed today in every department of humanHealing, 327:and revolt. A disciple has to learn the lesson of going on, as the expression is, in spite of andHealing, 445:is the place of death, and this is the first lesson the disciple learns... - Vol. V. Herculessweep, the truth is slowly grasped; the needed lesson learnt; the nature purified and taught untilHercules, 2:labor which befits their sphere. Learn thus the lesson and begin with love to serve the men ofHercules, 9:and we shall find Hercules learning the lesson that to grasp anything for the separated self is noHercules, 9:group awareness and selflessness. This is the lesson that Hercules brings to us, and this is theHercules, 19:he had was developed and organized. What is the lesson to be learned from this? It is the need toHercules, 28:the task is done, but badly done. Learn the true lesson of this task and then pass on to furtherHercules, 41:and easy was the task. Learn from this task the lesson of proportion. Strength to perform theHercules, 48:the soul. Nature of the Tests The broad lesson to be learned in this sign is to achieve rightHercules, 70: The Labors of Hercules - Labor III - Part 2 The Lesson of the Labor The whole of this story reallyHercules, 70:The whole of this story really signifies the lesson which is the first that all aspirants have toHercules, 81:the search. Forget this not, but ponder on the lesson learnt." The Tibetan (Djwhal Khul) Hercules, 84:one of profound and outstanding interest and the lesson it holds is of deep import. There is noHercules, 92:Aquarius and has no sense of separateness. The Lesson of the Labor We have seen that the hind orHercules, 108: The Labors of Hercules - Labor V The Lesson of the Labor Two thoughts, taken out of the ChristianHercules, 108:taken out of the Christian Bible, summarize the lesson of this labor. In St. Peter's Epistle weHercules, 108:the peace of the countryside. What is the lesson intended to be learned by the fact that HerculesHercules, 109:the race are in a position to begin to learn the lesson of service and universal consciousness.Hercules, 123:the sun itself being a duality, Love-Wisdom. The lesson for the Virgo native, as stated by DaneHercules, 127:the Council Chamber of the Lord remarked: "The lesson of true balance hath been learnt. A lessonHercules, 127:"The lesson of true balance hath been learnt. A lesson still remains. At the ninth Gate again, theHercules, 160:of speech and control of thought. That is the lesson of Sagittarius: restraint of speech throughHercules, 165:for myself, but I will also have learned this lesson: that my right may be my brother's wrong, andHercules, 183:as our sun passed through the sign Taurus. The lesson for man is that under the symbol of the bullHercules, 188:everywhere. It is up to us how fast we learn the lesson of how to let go, in order that the PisceanHercules, 210:initiation. Slowly and painfully, he learns the lesson that competition and selfish grasping mustInitiation, 13:school realizes suddenly that he has mastered a lesson, and that the rationale of a subject, andInitiation, 14:It is the capacity that senses the lesson to be learnt from any given occurrence and event, andIntellect, 11:evinced that man should not fail to learn his lesson and go forward. Read the words of Carlyle andIntellect, 243:may be, if they handle it right, and learn its lesson. What has really happened? Has the studentMagic, 81:truth or the real, then he learns next the lesson of joyful action, and the path of bliss opensMagic, 117:could be enjoyed. The world is learning this lesson in groups now, for, as its revolutionariesMagic, 129:up to the greatest of the Great Ones. One lesson all aspirants need to learn and to learn early andMagic, 132:soul the knowledge that He seeks to impart, the lesson that must be learnt, the method and plan forMagic, 237:on the probationary path is learning a similar lesson in relation to his astral body, its focus,Magic, 240:is called, and be condemned (until he learns his lesson) to work in the forces of matter, and withMagic, 268:sure avoidance of the left hand path. This is a lesson little appreciated by aspirants. They engageMagic, 269:which exists between matter and substance, the lesson of this epoch will be grasped. Other lessonsMagic, 313:was constructive, for in those days, the lesson of sex and the intelligent registering of pain hadMagic, 351:same way as a pupil is shown by his master the lesson to be learned. The next step is the masteringMagic, 351:learned. The next step is the mastering of the lesson and the working out in meditation andMagic, 352:and fresh reaches of truth pour in. When one lesson has, in this way, been mastered, a further one
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