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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LESSON

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Magic, 375:- so gradually that the aspirant learns the lesson of endurance (even to the point of enduring theMagic, 471:we can concern ourselves for it is the first lesson soon to be learnt in the magical work. TheMagic, 491:he has sent it on its mission, he learns the lesson of the Bhagavad Gita and "works withoutMagic, 515:their work in the world of men. This is the lesson which all disciples are learning and this is theMagic, 557:the creative art. Meditation is the first basic lesson given when men have achieved the capacity toMagic, 571:the spiritual objective of his soul. This lesson involves: Arriving at a knowledge of those forcesMagic, 605:to the animal. This is a salutary and needed lesson which all disciples should grasp. [606] ButMagic, 615:Arjuna, and the cosmic Arjuna, learn the lesson that the knower and the known are one. The secretMagic, 635:whereas the work goes truly [635] forward and a lesson learnt by failure acts as a safeguard forMeditation, 45:his life on earth. That body provides the needed lesson, or (as evolution proceeds) it provides theMeditation, 311:to attempt, and incapacity to learn the lesson that failure teaches. When failures are regarded asPatanjali, 80:instance, upon [80] the tip of the tongue. The lesson to be learnt, under the law of analogy, isPatanjali, 199:words "dissipation" and dissipated men" carry a lesson. The first thing a disciple has to do is toPatanjali, 323:from the three worlds altogether. This is a hard lesson for the aspirant to grasp. He is apt toProblems, 25:Britain and Russia have already learned that lesson in some form. The American people - as theyProblems, 25:and resultant experience. This is a lesson that all young people have to learn. The German race isProblems, 92:need to learn in other ways humanity's great lesson of identification and non-separateness. GreatPsychology1, 116:of illusion, then he can be useful. The first lesson he has to learn is a sense of values in timePsychology1, 117:destiny impels you. When you have learnt the lesson of self-forgetfulness, when you seek nothingPsychology1, 398:of the disciple who has not yet learned the lesson of a just sense of values. He has been thePsychology2, 44:Today, the neophyte must learn the same lesson of attention to personal perfection and to personalPsychology2, 44:others free to do the same, and so learn the lesson of experience. A great deal of present rightPsychology2, 94:in order to release that which is lower. But the lesson needs to be learned (and it is the lessonPsychology2, 94:the lesson needs to be learned (and it is the lesson which man is now engaged in learning) thatPsychology2, 104:of detaching processes, until he has learnt the lesson of renunciation. The sequence is, firstPsychology2, 105:soul. In this lies for many a disciple a hard lesson. They may care little for themselves and mayPsychology2, 105:and it is through their children that the lesson is learnt which can release them for initiation.Psychology2, 326:no escape, means for them the learning of some lesson which Enriches their lives, usually in thePsychology2, 332:to make his approach, because he has learnt the lesson that "he travels not alone". Then comes thatPsychology2, 401:to do as you prepare for initiation. The small lesson mastered (and many of you are finding it aPsychology2, 401:mastered (and many of you are finding it a hard lesson) leads inevitably to wider opportunity inPsychology2, 483:the interpretation of the problem in terms or a lesson to be mastered would spell release fromPsychology2, 572:who are deceived are only learning a needed lesson. The fact of the astral plane is being steadilyPsychology2, 731:some disciple, and thus the learning of a needed lesson by the groups or nations implicated becomesRays, 32:their discomfort, instead of learning the needed lesson of receiving and handling force. Where,Rays, 40:"the dark night of the soul" and its culminating lesson of the significance of isolation and theRays, 100:is the place of death, and this is the first lesson the disciple learns. The eighteen fires referRays, 125:or expressed. This is a great and most important lesson. It is also an interesting illustration ofRays, 174:the group thus walks, unitedly its units learn a lesson (one clearly enunciated by modern science)Rays, 174:in the field of forces and energies. The next lesson which the group unitedly apprehends is theRays, 210:of these basic attitudes lies the first lesson of the aspirant to participation in groupRays, 261:a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Thus the lesson of kama-manasic impulse is slowly masteredRays, 261:which are in themselves, nevertheless, one lesson. The four lessons which he has learnt up to thisRays, 280:names of spirit-matter or life-appearance. The lesson ahead of the initiate is to realize the innerRays, 429:material. She has not yet learned her lesson, and as yet shows little inclination to do so. Strain,Rays, 430:Humanity has not yet learned the difficult lesson which all disciples have to master: the lesson ofRays, 430:lesson which all disciples have to master: the lesson of the dual life of the man whose soul isRays, 728:is full of teaching value. See to it that "each lesson learned each day, each revelation graspedRays, 742:no exception. Humanity can, however, learn its lesson and turn thankfully to the "way ofReappearance, 21:evidence at this time that men are learning this lesson and making their first faltering stepsReappearance, 115:will produce happiness. Happiness is a difficult lesson to learn; it is for mankind a totally newReappearance, 127:are really necessary to life and happiness. The lesson is not yet learnt. It is, however,Telepathy, 92:can impress. He has to master also the secondary lesson of adapting his environment in such a
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