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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LETHARGY

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Discipleship1, 151:and sustained effort - emancipating you from the lethargy into which it is so easy to lapse.Discipleship1, 151:they should face with courage and clear vision: Lethargy or the failure to use the advice andDiscipleship1, 151:place yourself, I know, under those who, through lethargy, fail to achieve the utmost possible. IDiscipleship1, 151:in. These verses do not refer to your recognized lethargy - of that you are aware and with it IDiscipleship1, 166:F. C. D. and R. S. U., the main difficulty is lethargy, based on a genuine physical disability. ItDiscipleship1, 738:- from a natural morbidness, self-centeredness, lethargy and sometimes [739] good intentions - andExternalisation, 205:effort, for opposition, and for that dead lethargy and sick inertia which afflicts the masses ofExternalisation, 672:face of great odds, and in spite of the fatigued lethargy and the pessimism which conditions, tooFire, 973:much of the present evil, crime and mental lethargy. People are mainly polarized in the astralMeditation, 251:will be regarded as discordant sound; mental lethargy will be expressed in terms of low [252]Psychology2, 368:find himself descending into the sloughs of lethargy; the first ray personality, seeking to developRays, 748:every land. Men are emerging out of the mental lethargy which has characterized them for so long.
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