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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LETTING

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Autobiography, 88:of the same standing as myself, but I was also letting down the work and making things almostAutobiography, 97:keeping me informed of every step she took and letting Miss Sandes know also what she [98] wasAutobiography, 161:do not continue my hitherto fixed policy of letting my work and the books speak for themselves andDiscipleship1, 340:astral-emotional nature) can be bridged, thus letting in the illumining control of the lower mind,Discipleship1, 450:There is the long and almost endless process of letting things work themselves out underDiscipleship2, 16:holding the mind unwaveringly "in the light" and letting the brain consciousness and itsDiscipleship2, 37:correctness, or otherwise, of your choice, by letting her know what I said. This is the list fromDiscipleship2, 291:giving "in-sight" into the phenomenal world, letting in the light, and bringing revelation of theExternalisation, 4:will also bring about states of reaction and the letting loose of psychic forces which today menaceExternalisation, 149:and motivated by the forces of materialism, letting in - as this condition must - much that is evilGlamour, 98:their Master, in piercing the world glamor and letting in some light and illumination so that menHealing, 19:appetite, which lead to undesirable habits, a letting down of the morale, and are dangerous to theHercules, 177:Always for the initiate service comes first; the letting go of what he has set himself to do ifHercules, 187:who bow to material things and those who are letting them go in order to get the better things;Intellect, 9:subtler state of being, and which lift the fog, letting in "the glory which never was on sea orIntellect, 258:with sex or are discussing it all the time and letting it play an undue part in their thought life.Magic, 238:and Arjuna triumphs in the fight, but only by letting Krishna assume the reins of control, byPatanjali, 189:an availing oneself of one's opportunities and letting them form a background and a basis for allProblems, 179:as follows: To restore world confidence by letting it be known how much goodwill - organized andPsychology2, 469:to bring it through into physical manifestation, letting all other possibilities drop. In this way,Rays, 196:the highest, to the right and to the left, thus letting in that streaming force which resolvedRays, 237:open hitherto sealed areas in the minds of men, letting in illumination, sweeping away the bad oldRays, 303:hardest of all tasks, O triumphing disciple? By letting it be seen I am myself the truth; by livingRays, 655:their materialistic bias) has built, thereby letting in the [656] light of understanding andRays, 710:he has to learn to handle them, first of all, by letting them pour into and through him, via the
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