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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEVEL

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Psychology2, 745:They meet in thought upon the subjective level of the true realities - which are synthetic andRays, 12:of inner subjective causes, emanating from some level of the divine consciousness, and thereforeRays, 31:out of the astral life and from the emotional level of consciousness into the mental, andRays, 43:plane, and not as earlier upon the etheric level; this is brought about by the aid of the soul andRays, 45:of the egoic center, the soul vehicle, on to the level of the buddhic life or state of being. Note,Rays, 45:own recognized and achieved identity. On this level of pure impersonality and of right orientationRays, 97:form the group, none of them is below the level of disciples upon the evolutionary ladder. ARays, 106:because (if I can bring such ideas down to the level of the intelligence of the aspirant) it isRays, 109:they may [109] begin to influence the higher level of thinkers. These latter are responsible forRays, 127:that the third initiation is approached from a level tableland of experience and of consciousness,Rays, 168:Ashrams of the Masters are to be found on every level of consciousness in the threefold world ofRays, 182:one veil ends and another begins, and from what level he can successfully bring the swirling andRays, 193:of the Crucifixion let in light on to the second level of the etheric plane, and a new type ofRays, 206:Logos - working consciously on His own high level - seeks to work out and achieve in His plannedRays, 233:dim and uncertain outline can be seen from the level on which the Masters work, and not at all fromRays, 233:which the Masters work, and not at all from the level on which the group itself works. It is "theRays, 242:initiation which for you - on your tiny level of awareness of fixed design - is the microcosmicRays, 244:of the individual soul, or - on a different level of initiatory process - of the fixed design ofRays, 282:consciousness eventually drops below the level of perception. It becomes as automatic andRays, 283:Master has now penetrated into another cosmic level, but He is still within the aura of the OneRays, 283:in such a manner that it dropped below the level of consciousness. There is no glamor upon theRays, 287:feel and perceive at your highest possible level of consciousness. The effort to do this will bearRays, 288:knowledge is that of the three worlds, plus the level upon the mental plane on which his soul isRays, 290:disciple, Jesus) which enabled Jesus on His own level of spiritual development to take the fourthRays, 305:which is realized for what they are at a lower level of life expression by the man who pays theRays, 306:something else has been destroyed on a higher level and outside the three worlds. This, in dueRays, 313:only by the soul of the initiate and on the level of soul consciousness; it is never registered byRays, 326:plane. The three levels of the mental plane. The level of the concretizing mind, the lower mind.Rays, 326:of the concretizing mind, the lower mind. The level on which the soul is to be found. The level ofRays, 326:The level on which the soul is to be found. The level of the abstract or higher mind. The threeRays, 328:plane on to the cosmic astral plane or to a level of cosmic awareness whereon is generated thatRays, 329:Let him refuse to step down the teaching to the level of his physical consciousness. In these wordsRays, 334:a united move forward, paralleling - on its own level - the move forward which humanity is alsoRays, 335:Christ to lift itself on to a higher spiritual level and closer to the door which leads to Life.Rays, 351:plane, and that it is therefore upon the fourth level of the mental plane that the aspirant firstRays, 361:beginning to develop a great sensitivity to that level of awareness, but consciousness of thatRays, 364:divine worlds) and function upon another cosmic level. This is what the treading of the Way of theRays, 364:initiations, but to the relationships on every level of the cosmic physical plane, to every levelRays, 364:level of the cosmic physical plane, to every level from the lowest to the highest. The wordRays, 364:to relationships, to the moving forward from one level of consciousness (no matter how low orRays, 364:low or gross, from the point of view of a higher level of contact) to the next; it is related toRays, 369:of souls, and - at the same time - raises the level of consciousness [370] in all the threeRays, 375:life, yet over-shadowed by the soul on its own level. It is this over-shadowing soul which absorbsRays, 392:coming from the cosmic astral plane; from that level of spiritual life true divine love pours intoRays, 393:that time - decides what form of crisis, on what level of consciousness, and involving what groupRays, 398:of Impression, which disciples upon their lower level have to master. This aspect of impression is,Rays, 399:leads to its higher correspondence, the cosmic level of pure reason; three lead to the realm ofRays, 463:full consciousness of the buddhic or intuitional level. This is the perceptive consciousness whichRays, 488:the soul (as it lives its own life on its own level of awareness) is not always constantly aware ofRays, 488:as they are to be found upon the highest level of his astral, or sensitive vehicle. This does notRays, 537:with the focus of his life upon the mental level where it is subject to soul control; it then inRays, 549:use of this energy admits them with ease to a level of astral living which is not suitable forRays, 576:because that has been for untold aeons the level of his major polarization and the sphere ofRays, 581:and readjustments which will [581] bring that level of planetary consciousness into line with theRays, 587:the plane of the spiritual will; from that high level, They function as transmitting agents for theRays, 589:on the mental plane and must operate from that level of consciousness, the understanding of thisRays, 590:the impact which affects it comes from the atmic level of the Spiritual Triad, that of spiritualRays, 590:and astral planes force it into activity on the level of concrete knowledge, with a resultantRays, 591:from the soul, the Son of Mind, upon the level of mentality itself. Impressions from the SpiritualRays, 628:the conflict is not lifted on to the ideological level, and until a recognized idealism begins toRays, 662:that initiation admits a man into some area or level of the divine consciousness - into a plane orRays, 662:have already considered them, and because each level of consciousness, each phase or revealed areaRays, 682:problems of the astral plane, of the emotional level of consciousness, and to the secondRays, 688:freed the initiate from the astral [688] level of consciousness, the astral plane - the plane ofRays, 695:that the soul itself, the egoic body on its own level, and that which for ages has been theRays, 700:On the buddhic or intuitional plane (the fourth level of the cosmic physical plane) the mind natureRays, 700:nature - even that of the higher mind or the level of abstract thought - loses its control over theRays, 700:- to mention some of the names of this fourth level of awareness or of spiritual sensitivity -Rays, 700:very closely upon each other. From the buddhic level of awareness, the Master works; on it, HeRays, 711:with the Mind of God at some relatively high level of experience. The effect of this energy uponRays, 733:phrase) we call the "logoic plane," or on the level of consciousness of the Lord of the World. AtRays, 733:of Those Who function on this highest level of the cosmic physical plane. On this level, dynamicRays, 733:level of the cosmic physical plane. On this level, dynamic electricity is held as in a greatRays, 766:Key the third lies half way up. Just at the level of the heart that key is seen. Before it can beReappearance, 18:and this can now come about because of the high level of the human mass intelligence and the factReappearance, 102:mental - have achieved control of the physical level of consciousness, of Their emotional-feelingReappearance, 119:is motivated and directed from the soul level, upon the mental plane. Souls incarnate in groups,Reappearance, 166:We will keep these themes simple and down on the level at which most people work and think today.Soul, 24:there is something different, on a different level, call it mind, spirit, consciousness, what youSoul, 104:the cord, [104] called the Bulb, which is on a level with the root of the nose. Udana-prana is,Soul, 155:grasped its ultimate nature is very much on a level with the man who should refuse to makeSoul, 156:energy of soul that has served on the humanistic level for mediation appears on the religious levelSoul, 156:level for mediation appears on the religious level in the form of meditation. Religion may ofTelepathy, 21:is part of the group life of the soul on its own level, and when in telepathic communication withTelepathy, 31:to the plane where he should function - the level of the higher mind. The word goes out upon theTelepathy, 46:this conception of divine impression down to the level of the human consciousness. Telepathy, 48:apprehended and has been brought down to the level of an educational objective, it will be found toTelepathy, 71:on a sense of relation. Therefore only a certain level of conscious Lives can invoke Shamballa andTelepathy, 92:of others, to master the understanding of the level from which he works as an impressing agent, andTelepathy, 104:people are constantly being impressed from some level of consciousness or other, and are receptiveTelepathy, 104:receptive to these impressions according to the level of consciousness upon which they normallyTelepathy, 105:complex whatsoever, for it is the astral level of consciousness which is the great distorter ofTelepathy, 120:"impressed Recipients" at an exceedingly high level; this is the atmic level of awareness, which isTelepathy, 120:at an exceedingly high level; this is the atmic level of awareness, which is the area energized byTelepathy, 126:on every possible (note that phrase) level of consciousness. If this can take place, then the basicTelepathy, 154:levels, to which we give the names: the logoic level, the monadic, the atmic level and the buddhic.Telepathy, 154:names: the logoic level, the monadic, the atmic level and the buddhic. This will happen as a resultTelepathy, 155:mental plane, referred to above, includes the level on which the causal body is found - the planeTelepathy, 160:is to be found on the cosmic second etheric level, called the monadic plane. When the antahkaranaTelepathy, 161:of God"; Their emanations come from the monadic level of awareness or from the second cosmic
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