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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEVELS

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Astrology, 216:signs and planets, work out upon three levels of awareness - three descending levels - and are feltAstrology, 216:three levels of awareness - three descending levels - and are felt first of all upon the mentalAstrology, 216:over this matter and the horoscopes of the three levels are often much distorted. A horoscope whichAstrology, 385:marriage, carried out and consummated upon the levels of soul awareness. It is this great truthAstrology, 388:to the forces pouring from the soul (on soul levels) into the form nature upon its own level ofAstrology, 539:World War - an organization involving all three levels in the threefold world of human evolutionAstrology, 544:step. This time the balancing is on mental levels; in the earlier crisis, it was on the physicalAstrology, 557:of human attainment" the three strictly human levels of activity and the two superhuman, i.e., theAstrology, 573:and the united call from the different levels of the human consciousness will bring a mighty appealAstrology, 575:you, then you are still working on emotional levels and your work will then have to be with theAstrology, 677:the constellation Capricorn appears on mental levels. This level is the lowest one on which theseAtom, 114:of power, and bring down from [114] the higher levels of the mental plane results which benefit theAutobiography, 237:West and the esoteric faiths of the East. On the levels of the esoteric or spiritual approach toAutobiography, 265:will be taught to work consciously on spiritual levels and to act as a soul in the three worlds ofAutobiography, 267:3. A true esoteric school works on four levels of service and of experience. This enables theAutobiography, 268:to serve spiritually, upon the following four levels of conscious activity. That of the outerAutobiography, 269:He learns to work entirely from spiritual levels, and his consciousness is stably centered in theBethlehem, 8:out in these words: "The process of shifting levels from the letter to the inner meaning in theBethlehem, 204:are determined and vitalized from the lower levels of our existence, we are throwing the weight ofDestiny, 42:dense physical plane. The intangible subjective levels of existence and the outer tangible worlds.Destiny, 117:ray governs predominantly upon the etheric levels of [118] the physical plane. It does not governDestiny, 118:that which could unify the three lower physical levels and this is in its nature deeply symbolic ofDestiny, 118:deeply symbolic of racial unfoldment. These levels symbolize the integrated man - physical, astralDestiny, 119:of the control by the soul of the four higher levels of the physical plane, the etheric or energyDestiny, 119:of the physical plane, the etheric or energy levels. Of this desirable consummation, theDestiny, 119:its implications than is an emblem. The etheric levels are also the field of expression for theDiscipleship1, 21:such a group are entirely on mental and astral levels and hence the limitations of the ethericDiscipleship1, 21:to say the fundamental relation is on soul levels. The fact that the etheric body and the physicalDiscipleship1, 36:will eventually be: Soul to soul on the higher levels of the mental plane. This involves completeDiscipleship1, 36:are completely at-one. Mind to mind on the lower levels of the mental plane. This involves theDiscipleship1, 45:he is working solely from mental or spiritual levels of consciousness is not right in hisDiscipleship1, 46:integrated. Next, you must learn to work on the levels of meditation with greater clarity andDiscipleship1, 46:as yet really work in meditation upon those levels where creative work is done. May I point outDiscipleship1, 64:of Form work entirely on and from the lower levels of the mental plane and with the energy ofDiscipleship1, 64:their motives. You too must work from mental levels but knowledge and love must be called into playDiscipleship1, 65:positively directed. That of working on mental levels with your group brothers so that yourDiscipleship1, 76:is intrinsically an entity on all the three levels of the three worlds - physical, emotional andDiscipleship1, 80:in increasingly large numbers on to the etheric levels of consciousness and activity. This entailsDiscipleship1, 80:activity. This entails conscious work on those levels as energy units, each contributing hisDiscipleship1, 81:right integration on the three personality levels and also on soul levels, plus right groupDiscipleship1, 81:on the three personality levels and also on soul levels, plus right group impression orDiscipleship1, 84:member). This leads to group integration on soul levels. The blended consecrated contact of theDiscipleship1, 84:of the group personalities upon the three levels of personality expression - the [85] mental,Discipleship1, 85:expression - the [85] mental, astral and etheric levels of awareness. Some group members contactDiscipleship1, 85:the aim should be a close contact on all three levels at will and all together when the group, as aDiscipleship1, 86:(and not only as a mystical idealist) upon the levels of vision as well as upon the levels ofDiscipleship1, 86:upon the levels of vision as well as upon the levels of practical human affairs. I would suggestDiscipleship1, 106:The first sphere of focus was on mental levels. There you are unable to judge for yourself of itsDiscipleship1, 106:already exists as a working factor on those levels and that [107] perhaps is much. Its note isDiscipleship1, 107:next few years organize itself also an astral levels, on the emotional plane, and you must bear inDiscipleship1, 111:predominantly carried out on psychic and astral levels. This should be proof to you of the accuracyDiscipleship1, 130:but that soul detachment which works from soul levels and - seeing all life in the light whichDiscipleship1, 155:knows no distinctions or differences and on soul levels no problem of any kind exists - except theDiscipleship1, 172:you worked with pure soul energy and from soul levels, you would bring in too much of the ShamballaDiscipleship1, 173:to our endeavor, for you can build on mental levels. I am pointing this out, because, for you, thisDiscipleship1, 173:is neither the consciousness of the concrete levels of the intellect nor the more abstract levelsDiscipleship1, 173:levels of the intellect nor the more abstract levels of the intuition. During the next few monthsDiscipleship1, 182:to function as a soul and to act as from soul levels, you will learn that things which are potentDiscipleship1, 183:of their group unity) to be en rapport with levels of consciousness and of activities higher thanDiscipleship1, 212:and open it to the entrance of forces from soul levels, via the head center. You must learn toDiscipleship1, 238:effect of true teaching, emanating from mental levels, is to stabilize, to mentalise and to groundDiscipleship1, 238:thought-form of myself to be found on the higher levels of the astral plane. It is only aDiscipleship1, 246:the entire process in the head and on mental levels: "With self-forgetfulness I gather what I needDiscipleship1, 250:astral plane but until you can shift to mental levels and there learn to hold the mind steady inDiscipleship1, 257:the energy of the soul may control from mental levels, and so employ your fourth ray mental bodyDiscipleship1, 258:by a great effort of soul control from soul levels. This is a hint to the way of release for you.Discipleship1, 312:those relationships are left which are upon soul levels. Your task is to learn to differentiateDiscipleship1, 312:detachments which are undertaken on higher levels of astral awareness. The problem of the discipleDiscipleship1, 326:as you could work upon the distinctly abstract levels of existence frequently have a difficulty inDiscipleship1, 327:to continue the ecstasy (known on abstract levels) into the concrete life on the physical plane. AsDiscipleship1, 327:things: First, to your power to work on abstract levels, involving ecstatic realization. ThisDiscipleship1, 328:must lie along two lines: Work on contemplative levels, functioning as a soul on its own abstractDiscipleship1, 328:functioning as a soul on its own abstract levels. Bringing through from those levels the ideas andDiscipleship1, 328:own abstract levels. Bringing through from those levels the ideas and methods of work which mustDiscipleship1, 331:what you know yourself to be on the higher soul levels. This is complicated by the desire thatDiscipleship1, 332:stage and can move with greater freedom on soul levels... Your work must continue to lie a greatDiscipleship1, 332:must continue to lie a great deal on buddhic levels. The calls to meditation which so constantlyDiscipleship1, 354:bodies and minds. You are also working on soul levels with though and with concepts, and also withDiscipleship1, 355:with [355] what goes on in the higher levels of consciousness and a closer interest in theDiscipleship1, 395:that she is swinging more potently on to mental levels, as a result of her concentrated work withDiscipleship1, 409:and carries so much energy upon the higher levels of the astral plane and also from the lowerDiscipleship1, 414:upon an inner inherent ability to touch soul levels and thus to be open to the inflow of soulDiscipleship1, 424:and testing went on at that time, on subtler levels - a testing which had for its objective theDiscipleship1, 452:be fought out in the mind and on realized mental levels; that is for you definitely a mental issue.Discipleship1, 456:you have to give must be brought down from the levels of consciousness which are abstract, mysticalDiscipleship1, 483:soul and the call of humanity as heard on soul levels) brings about automatically and withoutDiscipleship1, 491:attention," for I work with you entirely on soul levels and on the plane of mental illumination.Discipleship1, 496:and a refusal to make sacrifices on personality levels for the work." This, my brother, is aDiscipleship1, 511:definite training. Disciples who live on mental levels are freer from glamor than are those whoseDiscipleship1, 519:you will begin to work on and from spiritual levels and your potency as a worker will silentlyDiscipleship1, 556:occult knowledge. Your vision can be on high levels, and that is where you, as a soul, mustDiscipleship1, 570:and to serve, not only on the subtler planes and levels of awareness, but on the outer plane ofDiscipleship1, 613:serving from the mental plane and from soul levels. Again and again, my brother, during the pastDiscipleship1, 615:which you pledged yourself as a soul and on soul levels. But to do this, you must reach the pointDiscipleship1, 631:The ordinary man works from emotional levels, unaided by the mind and without the illumination ofDiscipleship1, 632:man and the aspirant [632] work from mental levels, producing the integration of the personality,Discipleship1, 632:therefore, power. The disciple works from soul levels which are the levels of divine love. HeDiscipleship1, 632:disciple works from soul levels which are the levels of divine love. He motivates the mind withDiscipleship1, 633:I work not on the astral plane. I work on mental levels, seeking to aid you all in the building ofDiscipleship1, 633:egos or souls which function on the higher levels of the mental plane, and from there seek to aid
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