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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEVELS

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Fire, 1098:in the macrocosmic sense, from cosmic mental levels via the central spiritual sun, and through whatFire, 1098:from these great Entities on cosmic mental levels; this inflow is the very life itself of the solarFire, 1101:These lives find their emanating source on other levels than the systemic. These two groups concernFire, 1124:Brothers of the Shadow can, and do, reach high levels along one aspect of consciousness, and touchFire, 1126:two expressions: - the mental unit on the form levels and the manasic permanent atom on theFire, 1126:concerned, and certain correspondences on mental levels in the vehicles of the devas of that plane.Fire, 1136:and descend again to incarnation from mental levels. [1137] Each group soul, therefore,Fire, 1137:on the mental plane, the lowest on the etheric levels of the physical plane, and another on theFire, 1157:is transmitted downward, merging on the higher levels of the mental plane with seven streams ofFire, 1171:for its unfoldment, and to bring down from the levels of the Spirit that which is to it what theFire, 1210:of egos who are fully conscious on the etheric levels and who can see all that which is now theFire, 1248:and surging currents of public opinion on astral levels as well as on the higher levels where workFire, 1248:on astral levels as well as on the higher levels where work the Great Ones, are manipulated byFire, 1248:also the secret of group coherence on the higher levels of the mental plane in connection with hisFire, 1265:sense also, but the analogy exists on such high levels that words only dim and blur the truth.Glamour, 14:The concepts exist already upon the concrete levels of the mental plane. They are your mental andGlamour, 17:group makes its contact with me on the higher levels of the astral plane. Hence the clarity ofGlamour, 17:group makes its contact with me on mental levels and therein will lie their field of service. StillGlamour, 18:four decades is the work that groups can do on levels other than the physical. Group service andGlamour, 22:both glamor and illusion are realized on etheric levels. It is that vital unthinking emotional MESSGlamour, 42:and the battles which take place on the subtler levels of the astral and mental planes must beGlamour, 43:dissipating agency, and pours down from soul levels (the higher levels of the mental plane) throughGlamour, 43:and pours down from soul levels (the higher levels of the mental plane) through the mind to theGlamour, 46:plane, though not the illusions of the mental levels of consciousness. When the glamor of authorityGlamour, 55:light of the soul." It descends to the higher levels of the mental plane and there clothes itselfGlamour, 55:there clothes itself with the substance of those levels. It remains still an abstraction, from theGlamour, 58:many are in process of descent from intuitional levels; a few are still illumined by the clearGlamour, 61:into the human mind direct from the intuitional levels. The stage of human development today doesGlamour, 61:permit this. They can come from the intuitional levels only when there is a very highly developedGlamour, 68:Your field of living experience is on the higher levels of the astral plane. Your task is toGlamour, 69:the planetary astral body (viewing it from soul levels) is lost in the [70] depths of a surroundingGlamour, 74:of money interest. A rhythm emanating from soul levels has always existed, being established byGlamour, 82:a reflector of soul light, turning it upon the levels of glamor, and therefore dissipating it. TheGlamour, 84:- The Nature of Glamor 3. Glamor Upon Etheric Levels - Maya We come now to a consideration of theGlamour, 85:to realize that all manifestation on all levels is an expression of force, but the forces to whichGlamour, 86:plane (and by that I mean upon the etheric levels of the physical plane whereon the deceptive powerGlamour, 107:But, as humanity evolved and the higher levels of the racial consciousness became more subtle andGlamour, 119:which the thinker on abstract and scientific levels so frequently evidences. Both groups fail toGlamour, 133:be apparent to you that the lower or concrete levels of the mental plane will have acquired orGlamour, 139:is to picture the astral plane on three of its levels (the second, third and fourth, counting fromGlamour, 144:be turned in many directions and focused on many levels. We are however only concerned here withGlamour, 180:of the mystical vision to the higher levels of awareness. It is not the vision of the soul but theGlamour, 193:mind. To create thought-forms on concrete levels which can embody these divine ideas. The directingGlamour, 194:reaction but is something which is found on all levels and is instinctual in some form in allGlamour, 195:Triad, placing it in relation to the higher levels of divine expression; it is a result of the lifeGlamour, 242:energies and forces, emanating from those levels whereon the soul has - rightly or wrongly -Glamour, 257:condition the life of the disciple upon etheric levels. From there, they eventually condition hisGlamour, 264:for the average disciple will be found on mental levels, involving the illumined mind and a growingHealing, 31:into the centers of man from the subtler levels have oft been considered in occult books, but theHealing, 82:within himself as he functions on the subtler levels of consciousness and from the soul; they comeHealing, 88:animal kingdom come predominantly from etheric levels and from the dense physical levels of life.Healing, 88:from etheric levels and from the dense physical levels of life. The higher animals, however, owingHealing, 94:etheric, the astral and of the dense physical levels. The majority of people are helpless to doHealing, 121:may appear - controlled in these cases from soul levels, and the departure is planned to take placeHealing, 200:stimulation was conveyed through mental [200] levels via the head center to the pineal gland andHealing, 324:from the astral plane, from the etheric levels, and from the earth itself. The science ofHealing, 348:is run and controlled by the mind from mental levels, then transmutation does take place;Healing, 349:work effectively and intelligently on the causal levels whereon souls dwell, it is impossible forHealing, 361:more deeply and be predominantly on etheric levels with all that is implied in such a situation.Healing, 386:source and initiate renewed life on soul levels. This, therefore, affects the relation of theHealing, 388:plane or the continuity of life on the other levels, unseen by the average man and regarded asHealing, 394:as they also learn to focus themselves on soul levels and begin to regard the form or forms asHealing, 394:to its source - either on soul or monadic levels, according to the point [395] in evolution. ThisHealing, 395:process of refocusing itself upon the concrete levels of the mental plane as a point of radiantHealing, 395:with the soul (the oversoul) upon the higher levels of the mental plane. The part returns to theHealing, 395:by a rapport between men upon telepathic levels; men will be steadily growing in intelligence, andHealing, 395:will be increasingly focused upon mental levels. This telepathic rapport will be a common andHealing, 396:dead and the living must and will be upon mental levels, prior to the processes of integration; theHealing, 408:of expression which are found below the formless levels of the cosmic physical plane. These formHealing, 408:levels of the cosmic physical plane. These form levels are (as you know well, for the knowledgeHealing, 408:constitutes the a.b.c. of the occult theory) the levels on which the concrete, lower mindHealing, 430:most obscure, and for those on strictly human levels, as yet unverifiable. However, an acceptanceHealing, 441:saves, liberates and releases, on various levels, the imprisoned consciousness. The same statementsHealing, 487:had their place on what is today the higher levels of that plane. The mental permanent atom wasHealing, 487:focused potency; the soul on the higher mental levels is as yet "in deep meditation" and quiteHealing, 488:which enables him to contact at will the higher levels of the astral plane and the lower levels ofHealing, 488:higher levels of the astral plane and the lower levels of the mental plane. I would again remindHealing, 490:concerned, functioning upon the more advanced levels of the astral plane) sentient of outgoing loveHealing, 508:intent. The man begins to work on and from levels not included in the three worlds of ordinaryHealing, 517:correspondence is still functioning on the levels of the cosmic physical plane - the buddhic,Healing, 541:the power of his own soul (working on the higher levels of the mental plane and through his headHealing, 605:the healer and the patient and upon etheric levels. The energy of their two synchronized centers isHealing, 644:plus the techniques employed, on purely mental levels, on systems of affirmation, modes of prayer,Healing, 657:soul energy of both parties meeting on all three levels of human awareness. The expression "theHealing, 664:mankind, en masse, to much higher intellectual levels. To this the growth of education, theHealing, 665:nothing in the three worlds (the three lower levels of the cosmic physical plane) [666] upon whichHealing, 673:spiral, an ability to function freely on buddhic levels, owing to complete liberation (andHealing, 674:completed point of view - as experienced on soul levels - indicates the removal of all barriers andHealing, 682:as the urges and influences of the three lower levels of consciousness [683] weaken their hold, theHealing, 683:and ordinary aspects of form life on the three levels of experience: The stage of reception ofHealing, 684:and have their extensions in the higher levels of spiritual experience. Here we must again considerHealing, 689:the higher correspondence of the four etheric levels of the physical plane in the three worlds -Healing, 710:working scientifically and largely on concrete levels, employs all aids to bring about a cure,Healing, 711:healer who works solely on the subtler levels is like the spiritual worker who fails so constantlyHercules, 186:Can you think of a group so united on spiritual levels that letters, pamphlets, books, etc., can beInitiation, 18:of the personality and the Ego, and on higher levels still, with the Monad. The whole evolution ofInitiation, 18:at-one-ments occur. At-one-ment on all levels - emotional, intuitional, spiritual and Divine -Initiation, 19:a somewhat analogous situation on the higher levels, though the parallel cannot be pushed toInitiation, 19:to the emotional, and the four higher levels of the mental plane to the etheric. In the destructionInitiation, 55:great groups of angels work with him on mental levels, in connection with the lesser devas who
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