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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEVELS

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Meditation, 125:use; he is too interested in work on mental levels, and thus gives opportunity to obsessingMeditation, 130:to play with fire. The devas of the mental levels manipulate the latent fires of the system andMeditation, 132:may be either on the [132] emotional or mental levels but is usually on the former. One formMeditation, 136:who move practically entirely on the two highest levels (or the atomic and subatomic subplanes) ofMeditation, 136:magicians may be located on the lower mental levels, but on the higher, the White Lodge dominates,Meditation, 136:dominates, the three higher subplanes being the levels that They beg the evolving sons of men toMeditation, 151:employment of the principle of mind on both its levels, arrives at the same point. He recognizesMeditation, 184:from cosmic fire found on the cosmic mental levels. In the Microcosm you find this fivefoldMeditation, 191:or still higher to one or other of the mental levels, the Intelligence’s or Powers are enabled toMeditation, 193:of persons who have the power to work on mental levels, and to employ simultaneously one of theMeditation, 194:the use of sound on physical [194] and emotional levels was understood and practiced, beingMeditation, 198:the transmission of power and blessing from the levels on which the Buddha may be found. He acts asMeditation, 226:described? The blue of the higher manasic levels. The yellow of the buddhic level. The green of theMeditation, 227:The red, the green and the indigo of these high levels are to all intents and purposes new colorsMeditation, 244:vision. With his ability to see on emotional levels he can cooperate with the modern enlightenedMeditation, 245:subtle body, has to be dealt with from mental levels, so that it requires a mental psychic to dealMeditation, 265:in the system transpires likewise on cosmic levels, and what is mastered here must be repeated on aMeditation, 268:the causal body, he links up with the abstract levels. Until he can do this he cannot reallyMeditation, 268:in the causal body and touch the abstract levels are definitely the result of meditation, and theMeditation, 270:those downpourings from the higher mental levels and from the buddhic levels which are the resultMeditation, 270:the higher mental levels and from the buddhic levels which are the result of occult meditation.Meditation, 273:will be at first only on emotional and physical levels and on the lower mental. After the fifthMeditation, 273:within his aura these groups and those on egoic levels who are his own. This in no way prevents hisMeditation, 312:of the pupil, and with work on causal levels. One can be best accomplished in the world of men andMeditation, 340:the mental body so that thoughts from abstract levels and from the intuitional planes can find aPatanjali, 23:lower threefold sheath in order to work on high levels, preparatory to some active service upon thePatanjali, 41:the plan as it is to be found on the highest levels and is in touch with the Archetype. It is, if IPatanjali, 59:out the Word from his own place, on the abstract levels of the mental plane. He directs that sound,Patanjali, 69:and takes its possessor beyond the abstract levels of the mental plane. The things of pure spirit,Patanjali, 93:arrive at an understanding of the lower mental levels. That only when these three are seen as lowerPatanjali, 110:the spiritual man functions and the formless levels or planes of our solar system are contacted,Patanjali, 139:the body of the higher self on the abstract levels of the mental plane gains in beauty, size andPatanjali, 220:receive force also from the mental and egoic levels. Patanjali, 221:concern the dense physical plane or the etheric levels of consciousness. It will be obvious thatPatanjali, 295:lotus, the egoic center on the higher levels of the mental plane. The path from the heart center toPatanjali, 319:own high plane, via the soul body on the higher levels of the mental plane down into the physicalPatanjali, 341:on the third or highest of the three abstract levels of the mental plane. Patanjali, 353:great "Son of Mind," the thinker on the higher levels of the mental plane, is the dominating factorPatanjali, 369:the consciousness may function on differing levels of being. 16. The many modifications of the onePatanjali, 402:the consciousness may function on differing levels of being. This sutra should not be consideredPsychology1, 51:personality and working therefore on mental levels, works very close to the soul. The developedPsychology1, 52:This work goes on primarily on etheric levels and involves physical energy. This is the truePsychology1, 53:and of blending which is active on etheric levels every time a soul comes into incarnation and aPsychology1, 76:grouping of the solar lives on the mental levels whereon they appear, He brought into functioningPsychology1, 115:disciples in charge of them work only on mental levels and with the soul? When will they grasp thePsychology1, 116:consciously into the Masters groups on mental levels. You are still too destructive and personal;Psychology1, 122:he has knowledge on these matters. But the rarer levels of the physical plane lie hid and are, forPsychology1, 122:and of the occultists. The three higher etheric levels, with their [123] denizens, are waiting toPsychology1, 124:less tiring. In the human control of the etheric levels lie the lessening of fatigue, rapidity ofPsychology1, 125:devas belonging to the green group on mental levels who assist in this work, and some physiciansPsychology1, 163:is synthetic on all planes, on the formless levels and also on the planes of form, and in thisPsychology1, 283:which exist as yet on purely abstract mental levels and in the world of ideas. Even the foremostPsychology1, 296:nature; there should be a meeting on all three levels of consciousness at once - the physical, thePsychology1, 375:the shift of human consciousness on to etheric levels. Paralleling the growth of modern knowledgePsychology1, 375:bulk of human beings are polarized on the lower levels of the astral plane, but are conscious inPsychology1, 375:body and beginning to be conscious on the higher levels of the astral plane, and some few upon thePsychology1, 420:Sensation: Nose. Plane: Physical plane, etheric levels. Sense: Smell. Esoterically, this principlePsychology2, 66:plane, the astral plane, and on the mental levels, as well as in the three aspects of lower mind,Psychology2, 70:focuses through the soul body on the higher levels of the mental plane before being "precipitatedPsychology2, 71:beginning to be definitely focused upon mental levels, and when therefore his mind is intelligentlyPsychology2, 110:between the seven groups of souls on the higher levels of the mental plane which constitute thePsychology2, 111:of souls, but because it is functioning on those levels where the "great heresy of separateness" isPsychology2, 116:form: The world of souls on the higher mental levels. The Master of his group. The solar angel. ThePsychology2, 116:angel. The aspiring disciple on the lower mental levels. The personality, integrated and oftenPsychology2, 128:love demonstrated, being sent forth from soul levels, will have a potent, attractive force upon thePsychology2, 180:The work to be done is very largely upon mental levels. The spheres of daily service of thePsychology2, 182:and carried forward from the higher mental levels in the demonstration of the contemplative life.Psychology2, 187:is far more strongly felt than on the physical levels, and hence the emphasis laid uponPsychology2, 189:will be from: Soul to soul, on the higher levels of the mental plane. This involves completePsychology2, 189:completely at-one. Mind to mind, on the lower levels of the mental plane. This involves thePsychology2, 202:entity, informing a body, functioning at various levels of human consciousness, and havingPsychology2, 240:as souls, so that (functioning then on soul levels and as conscious units in the kingdom of God)Psychology2, 252:or producing soul control, both on soul levels and on the level of appearances. This is one of thePsychology2, 286:Manasic energy. The energy of the abstract levels of the mental plane, inherent in the soul. MentalPsychology2, 286:energy. This is the energy of the concrete levels of the mental plane, and is definitely aPsychology2, 309:be found upon the physical plane and the mental levels are omitted from the recognition of thePsychology2, 314:of the physical plane, of the feeling, sentient levels, and with the world of thought. InPsychology2, 327:of that form as it responds, upon different levels of the planetary life, to the impact of thePsychology2, 329:third stage of approach takes place upon etheric levels. The consciousness becomes focused there,Psychology2, 342:expression can be made possible upon the various levels of divine manifestation. We observed thatPsychology2, 367:produces a definite integration upon the three levels of personality work (mental, emotional andPsychology2, 367:concept of integration (achieved upon the three levels of the three worlds of human endeavor) intoPsychology2, 397:with those great Lives Who, working on formless levels, are busy with the development of an innerPsychology2, 419:originates in the mind and not on the desire levels of awareness, and this program is based on aPsychology2, 439:He will then work intensively on mental levels. This will prove only a passing matter from thePsychology2, 470:are just ready to precipitate on to the concrete levels of mental substance. This accounts for thePsychology2, 472:both glamor and illusion are realized on etheric levels. It is that vital, unthinking, emotionalPsychology2, 511:to know about [511] the planes and their various levels of consciousness, or about the Law ofPsychology2, 517:function actively and creatively on the three levels of human awareness. It is this dual movement -Psychology2, 529:close to the kidneys are related to the lower levels of the astral plane and let loose into thePsychology2, 567:over the capacity to see and hear on astral levels or to "work magic" from another life - fromPsychology2, 568:do not have the phenomena of the mental or soul levels. Bear this definitely in mind. The astralPsychology2, 570:happenings and phenomena found upon the higher levels of the astral plane. He comes into contactPsychology2, 571:the subsequent service rendered are on emotional levels. A great deal of this is to be seen amongPsychology2, 571:have awakened in consciousness upon the higher levels of the astral plane. They have there seen thePsychology2, 571:spiritual Hierarchy or the reflections on those levels of that Hierarchy (a still more potent groupPsychology2, 571:learnt and frequently do much good - on astral levels. They are, all the same, confusing thePsychology2, 579:and of clairaudience so that the entire lower levels of the astral plane stand revealed, though thePsychology2, 586:(and consequently of the open door to the lower levels of the astral plane) and the atrophying ofPsychology2, 586:to shift the life-emphasis away from the lower levels of the astral plane to the higher levels.
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