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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LEVELS

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Rays, 435:he has to add a growing capacity to work on the levels of consciousness involved, rememberingRays, 435:knowledge gained to penetrate from the higher levels to his physical brain. This fact (when [436]Rays, 438:to the phenomenal world and to the various levels of the dense cosmic physical plane. The MasterRays, 438:He exists as a divine aspect upon the formless levels of the cosmic etheric planes; this is a veryRays, 445:focuses through the soul body on the higher levels of the mental plane before being precipitatedRays, 446:beginning to be definitely focused upon mental levels, and when therefore his mind is intelligentlyRays, 462:devoted), the man stands firmly upon the lower levels of that mental plane; he is then faced by theRays, 463:as it is expressed and experienced upon atmic levels or upon the third plane of divineRays, 471:in consciousness. That is why the higher levels of our planetary and systemic planes are calledRays, 485:the disciple has to work also on mental levels, and that which he there constructs will be of soRays, 485:that it may not and cannot appear on physical levels. Because of his fixed orientation, that whichRays, 488:been occupied within the mind and upon mental levels, and has "looked neither up nor down." But nowRays, 493:bridge. The vibration is then set up on lower levels of divine manifestation and becomes strongRays, 493:three are expressions of response from higher levels of the spiritual life; beyond brieflyRays, 493:His life effect is registered upon the higher levels of consciousness and he is recognized as "aRays, 494:life in the three worlds), and from the higher levels a line of responsive projection of energy isRays, 502:into the center of tension on the mental levels of the lower mind. He is aware of as much of theRays, 503:whole process is carried forward upon subjective levels and in the realm of consciousness, thusRays, 507:physical plane. I would here remind you that the levels of conscious existence which we regard asRays, 547:(working in the three worlds but on mental levels) who have been admitted into the Ashram. You canRays, 588:of formless forms" (that is, the cosmic etheric levels of activity), constitute a great and appliedRays, 590:of thought-forms which are found upon the lower levels of the mental plane. It might therefore beRays, 591:from the individual and then, secondly, from the levels of planetary consciousness. ImpressionsRays, 595:by goodwill) will lift humanity on to higher levels of consciousness, thus laying the foundationRays, 602:conflict might have been retained upon mental levels, had humanity decided rightly. The fact of theRays, 604:It therefore automatically involved the three levels of human activity and was fought out upon theRays, 611:expression of conflict on all the three levels of strictly human evolution. It is a conflict whichRays, 615:evolution, which naturally includes the physical levels of experience and demands His physicalRays, 647:the ancient materialistic thought-form on mental levels; the reorientation of human thinking, asRays, 647:will have its first results upon emotional levels through the focused expression of human goodwill;Rays, 661:other approaches to truth, existent on cosmic levels. There is little more that I can tell youRays, 662:individual and is consciously aware on soul levels of the various happenings, possibilities,Rays, 677:brackets, is not yet able to think on causal levels. What is the basic goal of the initiate who hasRays, 682:them to shift their consciousness on to mental levels, and from that higher point of focus toRays, 682:major importance. The aspirant upon the higher levels of the astral plane is swept by the "fire ofRays, 682:the shifting of his consciousness on to mental levels. Then immediately the "fire" works, and theRays, 698:with the cosmic physical plane on all its seven levels of awareness, unless he has chosen (at theRays, 699:will therefore need no centers on the etheric levels of our planetary physical plane. At thisRays, 699:and always upon the fourth plane, the buddhic levels of the cosmic physical plane - our intuitionalRays, 718:I then lifted these three ideas on to wider levels and endeavored to show how the crises throughRays, 720:right choice) was "the those levels of impression, of contact and of futureRays, 732:of the Great White Lodge to subjective levels, their first great act of distortion was to implantReappearance, 26:Himself, the Father, the Lord of the World upon levels of awareness of which we know nothing (asReappearance, 28:Christ was, therefore, speaking on soul levels and not only as the spiritual man on Earth. He wasReappearance, 67:impressions from sources to be found on higher levels than those upon which He normally works. JustReappearance, 105:of this great stream, carried onto intellectual levels, thus salvaging Vyasa's work from the mistsReappearance, 128:result of experiencing "livingness" on all three levels of awareness (physical, emotional andReappearance, 178:Their main interest is on abstract, spiritual levels and they have not apparently grasped the factReappearance, 178:plane, when motivated from the spiritual levels, is of equal importance. The large metaphysicalTelepathy, 21:The inflow of the new ideas from the buddhic levels, thus awakening the intuitional aspect of theTelepathy, 23:functioning consciously on the subjective levels, and the outer form that group takes. I refer toTelepathy, 23:outer group or groups. These groups, on both levels, can be either good or bad, according to theTelepathy, 26:possible way - upon the physical plane, upon the levels of emotion, and through right thought. LetTelepathy, 28:the effort to polarize yourself upon the mental levels of consciousness. By a definite act of theTelepathy, Discip:this Science of Impression. This They do on the levels of the abstract mind, of the intuition, orTelepathy, 47:of human thought all emanate from intuitional levels; they finally condition the humanTelepathy, 49:a great shift of the human consciousness off the levels of emotional and physical life (where theTelepathy, 49:the bulk of humanity is focused) on to the levels of mental perception. You will understand,Telepathy, 70:its continuation through the buddhic and atmic levels of consciousness into the area of magnetizedTelepathy, 72:of high initiate rank or of those on the highest levels of hierarchical life. Telepathy, 85:and of preparation for initiation on to higher levels. The experiment of giving mankind the GreatTelepathy, 103:vertical impression will come from the higher levels of the Spiritual Triad and, still later, fromTelepathy, 104:to receive impressions from etheric or astral levels, as are the vast majority of astral psychics -Telepathy, 104:their name is legion. Impressions from mental levels (concrete, abstract or of a more exaltedTelepathy, 105:impression must be a direct descent from mental levels to the brain, avoiding all contact with theTelepathy, 107:and [107] concrete ideas emanating from mental levels. In this case it can be truly said that "theTelepathy, 109:the best minds and interpreters on subjective levels still confuse it with solar plexus reactions.Telepathy, 110:higher contacts and of impressions coming from levels higher than the buddhic or intuitional plane.Telepathy, 112:to realize the substantial nature of these two levels of consciousness. It is within the substanceTelepathy, 113:impression upon Beings and Lives found on levels higher than those in the three worlds. This impactTelepathy, 119:active arena for hierarchical work - the three levels of consciousness of the Spiritual Triad. ThisTelepathy, 144:physical or the astral planes on to the etheric levels of awareness; his objective will then be toTelepathy, 144:and comprehension shift to ever higher levels, his etheric body will be constantly changing andTelepathy, 150:exists in the three worlds - the dense physical levels of the cosmic physical plane. On the lowestTelepathy, 150:cosmic physical plane. On the lowest of these levels, the outer physical form reacts and respondsTelepathy, 150:energy which comes from the lowest of the four levels of the etheric plane. Gradually theTelepathy, 150:the outer vehicle as it is impulsed from etheric levels, and a profoundly significant developmentTelepathy, 151:and found on one or other of the etheric levels. That these substances, functioning actively in anyTelepathy, 153:pranic life each from one or other of the four levels of etheric substance, counting upwards fromTelepathy, 154:will be responsive to the [154] four higher levels of the cosmic physical plane - the ethericTelepathy, 154:of the cosmic physical plane - the etheric levels, to which we give the names: the logoic level,Telepathy, 155:on the physical plane, the astral plane and the levels of the lower mind. This lower mental plane,Telepathy, 155:puts it. All that lies above that on mental levels, and on up to the highest of the cosmic physicalTelepathy, 155:symbol of distinction between the higher etheric levels and the lower so-called physical levels.Telepathy, 155:etheric levels and the lower so-called physical levels. The diaphragm exists, separating that partTelepathy, 157:Then, reflecting this event, the four etheric levels become simply the transmitters of the energyTelepathy, 157:energy emanating from the four cosmic etheric levels. The channel is then direct, completed andTelepathy, 159:composed of the substance of the cosmic etheric levels - buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic levelsTelepathy, 159:levels - buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic levels - and these levels are the four cosmic ethers,Telepathy, 159:atmic, monadic and logoic levels - and these levels are the four cosmic ethers, the higherTelepathy, 159:of our etheric planes; these higher levels are the four levels of the cosmic physical plane. UntilTelepathy, 159:etheric planes; these higher levels are the four levels of the cosmic physical plane. Until TheyTelepathy, 188:works largely at present upon purely physical levels or in the medium of that type of substanceTelepathy, 188:impressing mental matter. Shamballa works on the levels of the three highest ethers whilst HumanityTelepathy, 189:process: ideas, emanating from the buddhic levels of being (the first or lowest cosmic ether) mustTelepathy, 189:ether) must be clothed in matter of the abstract levels of the mental plane; then they must beTelepathy, 189:form. An idea which comes from the intuitive levels of the divine consciousness is a true idea. ItTelepathy, 192:vehicles, upon differing planes and planetary levels of consciousness and of existence. With all
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